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Good day beautiful people,

Today is the first day of the last month of 2022 and the first episode of a new season of our stream on twitch: King HONKspiritSEE. We know that last episode we have said goodbye, but Itchy Pinky came up with an idea that I, Liberlander Yoshi Livo, thought was such a good idea it would be a shame to not bring it into action. First of all Itchy Pinky, let me shower you in some golden Jungle Juice as a token of good will and to get us warmed up for what is coming and remind our viewers this is the time to claim your Yoshi NFT's by writing your sbch address in the chat.

Let's get straight to the point, The idea of Itchy Pinky that got this new season going is both easy and inconceivable, but let's start with the easy part, that sounds about right for a kick off. In January of this year I hosted a Bitcoin Birthday party, the video's are available in the highlight channel on discord, and I recently added a Q&A section to the server that can be used for asking questions and I will reply to in future episodes of the stream. One of the guests was Willem Engel, a Dutch guy that started a foundation to battle the covid restrictions in court and who got a loud voice amongst the government critical people. That group of Dutch people grew rapidly in times of covid restrictions, but is now passively waiting to hear from their elected officials how a programmable euro has already been decided, without any government approval.

Regardles of my own opinion about fighting courtcases, which I will write more about in a future text, in that Bitcoin birthday party of last January, I promised to pay out 1 million EFL to a variety of initiatives that could use the money without any restrictions. e-Gulden EFL is a cryptocoin that I like to refer to as 'the Bitcoin of the Netherlands' that I will talk about more in a different topic. I made some conditions to that giveaway I promised to Willem, half of that million EFL went back to myself for example so I could start to work on my ideas, which I think was the biggest issue and the reason why the promised tweet was never send out. I have to guess, because I did not have any contact with Willem, only some brief communication with some non-saying names that tell me things are complicated... You wouldn't say so...

It's only that we are repeating history and making the same mistakes in the process. The only difference between those gladiators of the past is that our current football heroes, that run around the fields with gps tracked shoes, while participating in a game of Russian Roulette over who gets myocarditis the first, are filtering out all the non pink from the rainbow to boost their ESG score and thus, their transfer value. Its the largest heist for freedom in our history and the majority of people have been hypnotized into false beliefs by fake news media and simply follow the herd that, until today, obediently sacrifices their children to a system of total control and domination. Just to get a couple things out of the way. Covid is just a distraction, ment to keep you from understanding about this enormous theft. Let's be more clear, I specifically talk to the people that started to find anomaly's in the Matrix since covid. We have all, always been slaves and covid has not changed a thing. The only reason why covid mattered for you is because you experienced discomfort in your life, but all those years in which you obediently payed your taxes, that currency in which you payed your fair share, has been funding the most cruel wars based on the most bogus lies. The reason why, if you are born within NATO territory, like myself, you experienced such a blissful life, is because the misery that was involved in facilitating that experience was exported outside of your reality bubble.  

You can already see how a simple item can spiral out of control and that's why I was talking about 1 million EFL. Whatever happened, those coins never got claimed, but I spoke to Willem about the year 2022 that could make the difference and Itchy Pinky reminded me that the year still has one month to go and you know what my dear cactus friend, you are completely right on that! By dividing everybody their reward into half, I got myself half a million EFL of budget that can fund the momentum that I think is needed to make a gigantic impact on todays reality. If fact, I think that only 2.5 Bitcoin is needed to achieve our goal, which is to push e-Gulden EFL, the Bitcoin of the Netherlands, to the value of 1 euro each. I have been saying for years that this event will change everything, on a global scale, and besides one brief moment when Elon Musk pumped DOGE into new hights, the value of EFL has never really reached that point untill today, which makes me believe that prediction is still active today. What change over the years was the world and more specific, the perception of it by the people I grew up with. I really still do believe my prediction is alive, actually more alive then ever, because todays time really is a totally different life then just 4 years ago, when I left NATO territory and moved close to Liberland, a subject I will talk about more in the upcoming month.

In order to reach the value of 1 euro, there needs to be a pump in the price of EFL, it's as simple as that. At current market conditions a total of 2.5 BTC is needed to provide enough liquidity that will make that a reality. I understand nobody wants to be that guy, but I hereby announce that I will be that guy to make that happen. For the duration of my show, and that will be all of the month of December, until the year ends, I will open a trade on the decentralized BTC/EFL market, accessible with the AtomicDex platform. 250.000 EFL will be offered for 2.5 BTC, which makes for a total of 1000 satoshi per e-Gulden EFL, or 100.000 EFL per BTC. Once I the EFL and BTC change owner, I will use the BTC funds to buy all the EFL that are for sale under 1 euro each, buying back around 60.000 EFL in the process. I believe the 125 minimum confirmations that are currently used in centralized exchanges will give me enough time to frontrun that centralized marketplace over whoever I made that deal with, but I will now give you the reason why that other half of the trade wants to give me the time to do my thing.

This is not just some pump and dump, I am trying to grow a community of government sceptic cryptolovers and EFL is the perfect coin to make a huge impact on global society, for a couple of reasons. First of all, Netherlands has a great record build by fake news media. Go somewhere as a Dutch person and most people tell you Amsterdam is one of their favorite towns to visit one day. Netherlands has been in the centre of power globally, with the currently popular WEForum being nothing more then some progressed Bilderberg conference and besides being member of NATO and the EU its leading role in global policy making can also be seen as the UN-peace palace in the Hague. But besides those influences on an international level, I want to tell you why out of all cryptocoins I decided to pick specifically EFL as my preferred tool to start a discussion about values. 

EFL is not started by me, in fact, the first couple of weeks after its creation I did not know about its existence. What got me into EFL was the moment when the original premine was transferred to community members that started a foundation to distribute those coins as a welcome bonus. That distribution still has not completed. After almost 9 years of trying to give away over 5 million EFL, more then 3 million coins still have not been redeemed. The friend of EFL campaign pays out a maximum of 10 EFL per new friend and all people need to do is to share their social media info and make a post about becoming friend of EFL. In the past years, we have had to block many people from participating, during times of crisis we have experienced large number of request, for example from Venezuela, but even if you manage to translate all those Dutch instructions, and regardless of how much all EFL team members want to give you some money to eat, that EFL fund is reserved for the Dutch people that do not blink when 10 EFL is worth around 50 cents today. But, the psychological border of 1 euro per coin is what I believe is going to change peoples mind. The same goes for the entire list of people and initiatives that I wrote to or mentioned about in my initial offer on January of last year. All those people will still be able to claim their part of the giveaway if the offer with 250.000 EFL for 2.5 BTC on the AtomicDex platform will be filled before the end of the year. Without that order being filled, giving those coins away will be futile, as the liquidity and turnover speed of the current EFL market conditions would just crash  the price, but if we get more people to become friend and grow that market, people will be happy to buy 1 million coins and those people that receive them will be happy to sell some of it, all of it, or maybe when enough people participate they can actually find ways of USING their money and I just so happen to believe after a new capital injection of 2.5 BTC into the markets, we build enough trust to get people to engage with EFL.

That 2.5 BTC is currently valued at around 40.000 dollar and that is a lot of money. At the same time, the same amount of EFL value is exchanged back in the transaction at a rate that is 100.000 times less then the Mike Maloney calculation of fair value that would be 1:1. Crypto has been heavily manipulated over the years, this website is full of explanations as to why and how. The most recent FTX topic point is a distraction within crypto about crypto, just created to manipulate the peoples feelings towards cryptomoney. Climate change, terrorism, it will all be used to put a bad name on crypto and all we got is a very small group of decentralized people that really want society to benefit from this invention. It is not about making a profit in dollars for me, you can only eat so much and if you got a nice place to live, then what do you need that money for? I decided to travel to Liberland, because I believe it could, just like cryptomoney like EFL, show people that a different way is possible. My first vote was a Dutch referendum and the Dutch overwhelming majority vote got trown away like an old newspaper. You don't have to settle with the options you are allowed to vote for, you can vote with your money or your feet instead. I am making these efforts because I feel that this time things will go different. I live in a special time with a lifestyle more luxurious then a king of only 2 centuries ago. The innovations are evolving so rapidly that never in history have opportunities been greater then today. I know things might look impossible or lost, but if I can reflect on my own choices, I believe that my chances of making it have only been increased by the fact I am still trying. I've been pretty close in making it to the next step once before, but I can see now how my ideas of making it on a global scale were maybe a bit too much for me at that time and my feelings about rejecting that moment have been right. Since that one moment that changed my life, I've come across many new initiatives and I am planning to roll out a local currency and bring Liberland to life. I've got a plan of how to make it and I will go into this topic more in a different text.

This new initiative needs to incorporate Bitcoin as it has brought the world so much. People that leave out Bitcoin in their analysis of the world of today have something to hide and do not speak in your best interest. At the same time, Bitcoin is not capable of global adoption and while bitcoin maxis would like you to believe that you need to open a lightning channel, I like to bring to the table we should decentralize crypto in smaller communities. All these communities value themselves in bitcoin, but can have their own local currency to store the data involved with these transactions into their local database. In case you have still never heard from Bitcoin, or don't know how it works, feel free to ask your questions in my Q&A channel on Discord, or join one of the livestreams on twitch, because while I am playing RISK and try to conquer the world, I could be answering your questions. 


For the ones that read this first text, you are already included in my story and all I ask from you is understanding. I don't understand myself sometimes, but the story that I am chasing and that I am trying to bring across is simply too big to ignore. I would not be able to live with myself if I don't follow my feelings, but even I can't always explain why I do or act in the way I do. All I can say is that I can't change the past and to those that say I have failed them, I just took my time to learn. I can apologize, for taking too long, but look how time has working in my advantage, my opportunity today is 10x bigger then before, as I've always been transparent about everything I ever thought or felt. I can only state to those that talk bad about me that you maybe had the wrong expectation and that is why I will communicate my goal for season 9 of King HONKspiritSEE very clear. The goal is to find extra liquidity for the EFL markets by selling a part of the unclaimed 1 million EFL. This extra liquidity will work as a marketing fund to promote EFL, because a rising price is the best promotion. If the current powers can manipulate, then so can we and that is why I will now sell EFL to a price of 200 satoshi each so we can set our benchmark for the series. A total amount of 0.01 btc is expected to trade on this pricelevel, but exact details will come now, as we are about to make that click. If you happen to have some crypto on the exchange, this is your moment to open a trade as it will be filled soon. 

Since the 1 million was left unclaimed I have announced I would start to begin to sell my EFL more actively on the market. An expected 0.75 btc flows into EFL each year because of it which is enough to live from, but not enough to build with. Time is passing and I feel the need to try again to make the most out of the opportunities I've been given, but even better, to try and make my own. The frontpage of this website has not changed since it was started in 2017 and states very clear that money is simple an appointment between people. Because of my announcement of selling the market changed and has been systemically short of its savingsfund promise. At the same time it is logic if your act on behalf of people that save over a period of 10 years that you do not want to pay too much for your coin, and thus the price is in decline with a volume of under 1 cent per week, which is still plenty of money to live from, even when the price is under full scale attack, like we currently see happening. I believe this is a good moment for fresh money to enter the market and if you want to take a whale position and believe in my ability to get the Netherland on board, this is your chance to get hold of over 1% of total circulation of coins with a 10 million % potential, not in terms of actual coins, but in its value towards the crypto GOAT bitcoin, that despite it's many disadvantages has shown us a path to freedom we can work with, if we manage to work together. 

To round of this kick-off, Itchy Pinky has added the giveaway list of January of this year, 2022, with all the people and initiatives that have been mentioned. Please be aware that all rewards should be cut in half to get the actual current payouts and, because 1 Christiaan Huygens, the satoshi equivalent of EFL, can't be divided in half, so the only person that will receive the original reward will be Sywert van Lienden. What do you think Itchy Pinky? Just imagine all those people having a part of their economy exposed to some EFL, what a different world it would be. Will we manage this time to get our plans into action? I promise you, if we manage to get this Komodo trade completed we will make the best Bitcoin Birthday party you have ever experienced, it might even come as a Christmas surprise if we manage and I really do believe we are going to make our best attempt ever to get this deal done and put our plans into action!

1.000.000 (1 Miljoen) e-Gulden EFL zal op de volgende manier worden verdeeld:

453780 e-Gulden EFL : Yoshi Livo. Dit geld zal worden gebruikt voor het bouwen van een veilige haven voor Liberlanders en anderen met interesse om deze lokatie eens te komen bezoeken.

220371 e-Gulden EFL : Sven Hulleman, voor het initiatief natuurpad.com.

96.934 e-Gulden EFL : Huig Plug, indien hij onder curatele wordt gesteld bekomt het geld toe aan een stichting die opkomt voor de rechten van Huig Plug.

22.037,10 e-Gulden EFL : Blue Tiger Studio

22.037.10 e-Gulden EFL : BLCKBX.TV

22.037.10 e-Gulden EFL : Cafe Weltschmerz

22.037,10 e-Gulden EFL : Viruswaarheid

22.037,10 e-Gulden EFL : Arno Wellens

22.037,10 e-Gulden EFL : Keuzevrij bij mij.

22.037,10 e-Gulden EFL : De Andere Krant

22.037,10 e-Gulden EFL : Gezond Verstand

22.037,10 e-Gulden EFL : MEAS LAW

2.203,71 e-Gulden EFL : Yorn Lukaszczyk

2.203.71 e-Gulden EFL : De Haan op youtube

2.203.71 e-Gulden EFL : V for Valentine

2.203.71 e-Gulden EFL : De Nieuwe Wereld

2.203.71 e-Gulden EFL : Sietske Bergsma

2.203.71 e-Gulden EFL : Maurice de Hond

2.203.71 e-Gulden EFL : Raisa Blommenstijn

2.203.71 e-Gulden EFL : Jan Bonte

2.203.71 e-Gulden EFL : Nationale Bond Tegen Overheidszaken

2.203.71 e-Gulden EFL : Marijn Poels

2.203.71 e-Gulden EFL : Mordechai Krispijn

2.203.71 e-Gulden EFL : Frank Ruesink

2.203,71 e-Gulden EFL : Potkaars

2.203,71 e-Gulden EFL: Sid Lukkassen

2.203,71 e-Gulden EFL: Rypke Zeilmaker

2.203,71 e-Gulden EFL: Doutzen Kroes

2.203,71 e-Gulden EFL: Eva Vlaardingerbroek

EFL media platform: 45.378,- EFL

Mattias Desmet 2.203,71 EFL

Lange Frans 2.203,71 EFL

Ben Jur 2.203,71 EFL

Kees de Kort 2.203,71 EFL

Ferdinant van der Neut 2.203,71 EFL

De vriendin van Toine Manders 2.203,71 EFL

Robert Jensen 2.203,71 EFL

De Ommekeer 2.203,71 EFL

Hans Teeuwen 2.203,71 EFL

Wim Hof 2.203,71 EFL

Sywert van Lienden 0,00000001 EFL (1 Christiaan Huygens)