SAFEX StageNet


Hello dear SAFEX community,

This is my first attempt to use SAFEX Stagenet and I have thought of a special offer for this special occasion.

Let me first write a small introduction and welcome you on my website Most of the content of this site is in Dutch, as I'm born in the Netherlands. Since a year I moved to a location closer to Liberland. I'm in crypto since 2012 and joined this game for freedom, much more then I did it for monetairy gains. I'm still finding my way in my new hometown, but I can tell you that time moves slow here and I'm really happy to have moved out of a crowded Netherlands. Since March of this year I feel more motivated then ever to make my story into a success and I can tell you that life has teached me more in the past 3 months then in the 8 years of crypto together.

The local economy here is very informal. People on average make approx 350 Dollar per month, if they have a job. There is no safetynet of the government, or atleast it's very thin. This makes the locals a very diffent mindset then I was used to, their values are way more community drives then the individualistic mindset that I was used to in the Netherlands, or the various crypto communities that are out the there on the internet. Here, it is all about family and also religion play's a much bigger role in society then I'm used to.

There are many artists who create a endless variety of different forms of art and for the start of my interaction with SAFEX I've chosen one of these artists as my first partner. He is a great friend of mine, called Goran Sujica, his birthday was last weekend and he turned 47. He created his own micro cosmos and within his realm nothing but positivity exists. You can find back pieces of his art here:

With this first offering on Stagenet I needed some help from other locals that have a bit more computer knowledge then me, but if you are reading this, it means that it worked out and I was successful so far. I'm currently using my old laptop for this listing and it's far from optimal. Also, I would like to start to mine SAFEX Cash because the energy is quite cheap in this location, so let's try and make that work in our advantage. Finally, I'm currently in the first stage of the development of a project I like to call the Liberland opportunity zone. We need to finalize our mandatory paperwork for the project to be secure for future development. Once we got our legislative requirments done, we will go into the stage of making a public offering for our project, but it needs a bit more funding to get us there.

For the first listing I would like to try and realize my Liberland goals with the opportunity that lies in the SafeNet marketplace, this is why I thought of the following idea:

I will offer a total of 7 wood carvings of Goran Sujica for the price of 220371 SFX per carving. Each carving can be ordered to your wish, send me the picture and Goran will create you a unique piece of art. As an example I can show you two carvings that are can also be bought and are ready today.

First up is this carving of Bob Marley, his last album Uprising was released 30 years ago, one year before this legend passed away. Bob Marley would have turned 75 years old this year and his music is still loved by many and continues to inspire the mind and soul of so many people of all ages today. The picture on the left can be used as an estimation for the dimensions.

Second carving on offer is the most famous Serb in history, Nikola Tesla. I've told Goran Sujica to start making the second one of this hero of science, because I expect it to be one of the more popular ones that we can sell more then once, they are for example great gifts for business relations. Size of this carving is similar to the one of Bob Marley.

I it possible to request any other kind of woodcarving from Goran. Simple make contact with me and send me the image you want to immortalize and I will pass it forward to Goran who is then going to create your unique carving.

The first 7 orders will come with the special prize of 220371 SFX, this money will be used to pay the artists that would like to receive 500 euro for each of his art pieces. The remaining of the money will be used by me to buy 2 computers, one for the purpose of creating new listings of Safex' SafeNet, with this computer I will go to other local artists that I can show the recent success and explain them the workings of the SAFEX marketplace, the second computer will be a mining computer that will strengthen the SFX network. The remaining of the money is used to complete the budget for the Liberland Opportunity Zone so we can go and crowdfund the project.

For the extra costs that are added to these carvings, the buyer will receive the following items:

Each of the 7 woodcarvings created by local artists Goran Sujica will be shipped worldwide free of charge and will include a necklace with Liberland sand, harvested from the white beaches of Liberland. I've created a video that proves I really went out there, to the promised land, and risked getting arrested by Croatian police.

Next to the necklace with Liberland sand I will include a handwritten thank you letter. I will sign each letter with my authograph and it will clearly state you are part of the first 7 to ever receive this letter. Each of these letters can be written with a special text that you can instruct me with, in case you want me to thank a special somebody for you, let me know and I'm sure we can work something out.

Thirth, is that people who receive the thank you letter will participate in the Liberland Opportunity Zone project. We will not register you in our lists of participants, as I'm not sure what the legal implications of it will be, but if you ever visit the location of Liberland and bring your letter with you, we will credit 1000$ worth of shares to you. The Liberland Opportunity Zone will be a safe haven for Liberlanders globally as a place they can visit and feel comfortable with. In the future we will live stream the coast of Liberland from this location and the Liberland fleet will have a harbour for it's vessels.

This is the first on chain interaction I have with SAFEX and I really hope that this listing turns out to be a success. I'm sure it will be the start of many more listings, as people in this location are very creative and always looking for new way's to offer their products. I'm thinking of making video's that explain the workings of the SAFEX marketplace and give lectures to locals who are new to crypto. I hope I made it clear that all SFX involved in this first listing will be sold in order for me to pay the artist and make the investments needed to get to the next level, but I do intend to use future income to become more active on the buy side of the marketplace as well.

Thanks for your attention and I hope to be writing you a personal thank you letter from Liberland very soon!

Best regards,

Yoshi Livo