Hi everybody, allmost 1 month has past without any update from my side, so let's change that today!

The most important reason that I have not made any update, is because I can't really share any new information. Nothing is definite yet, but along the way I will reveal some of the things that are about to happen.

After our arrival to Serbia, we first went to the official opening of Liberland office in Serbia, led by Daniel Dabek of SAFEX and Balkaneum. A full report of this pressconference can be seen in the video below:

The conference was a big succes, really one of the best things I've been to so far. There was a live Serbian translation available on headphones and you can just tell from everything that Daniel is very professional. I'm quite sure he is the right guy at the right place for Liberland, and his motivation is astonishing. 

After Belgrade, Honza and me drove to Bezdan. We stayed at this hotel, Anna cafe, and when we arrived we were told our rooms would cost 16000 Dinar, about 150 euro for 2 rooms, 2 nights. Ok, a bit more then expected but nothing strange in our eyes. We met that evening with locals whom we took out for dinner, after years of not seeing eachother. When we arrived at the restaurant, we found out that the owner of the hotel is the same as the restaurant we visited. He came to our table to apologise for a mistake, His new employee made a mistake in the price that we had to pay, for the amount we payed we could stay, not 2, but 6 nights. He wanted to refund us, but we made clear that we simply would stay a bit longer in his hotel, so that's what we did. A perfect place, Anna cafe in Bezdan, that I can certainly recommend to everybody who does not want to stay in LSA HQ.

Bezdan is just a small place though, hardly visible on any map, so after 1 week there we descided it was time to move on. By that time, we met Vladan and his wife Silvia, two warm people that take care of too many things to write down here. They have helped us in many ways, for example rent out a top class appartment in Sombor. This is the place where we are still staying today, in the centre of town.

We are now preparing the Liberland aniversary which will take place from 12 to 15th of april. I managed to get myself into that event as a guest speaker. On 14th of april at 1400h I get to talk for about 15 minutes about the help that I still need to develop my vision into something tangible. Hopefully I will make good enough of an impression to get people to endorse my ideas and support it from that day forward. 

There will be some media coverage about that, as I mentioned in one of my earlier writings there will be a team of journalists coming to film this speech and everything I do today. Dutch media will make a documentary about 6 Dutch people who dedicated a great deal of their lives to Bitcoin and I'm chosen as one of those 6 people. Quite an honour is you ask me and already a lot of recognition for something that still has not really started yet, as if they know something more is about to happen...

Well ok, enough of the hype, I just want to let everybody know the outlook is very positive. I will make my presence just after Jeff Berwick, the Dollar vigilante, who has been one of my idols for the past few years, so getting on stage just after him is a very big honour and an achievement nobody will ever take away from me ever again. That is, if everything will go as planned, because everything is changing all the time, and that's why I havn't been eager in sharing a lot of info yet. As things develop I will write again, and you can expect some good coverage of the Liberland event that is taking place. Just know that I'm doing great and found some new interest over the past weeks in the form of learning about ancient civilisations and what we can learn from them. I also met a very cute sweet lovely woman whom I very much love to cuddle as many times as possible. She is just crazy enough for me with her believe in aliens and we are spending a lot of time together the last couple of days and enjoy life without thinking about tomorrow. I am so excited about this speech of me that I'm very happy I have somebody who has completely different priorities and can help me think about other things. 

Ow, weel, there is one story I can share with all of you about my experience here. I went to the postoffice the other day to send out a letter to the Netherlands. To send out this letter I had to pay 60 Dinar, about 50 eurocent. It made me think about monetairy apartheid again, how can it be possible that sending a letter from Serbia to the Netherlands can be done for 50 cents, while sending a letter to your neighbor in the Netherlands will cost about 90 cents? It can only be because we live in a planned economy, where the value of goods and services are a reflection of the average salary of the inhabitants of that country. It was yet another eyeopener, of which I already had many in the past few years, but maybe this one will make you think about today's situation in the world in the same way as I see it for a long time already.

Thanks again for reading this blog, I'll keep you updated about everything, for now, you can enjoy this movie I made in Apatin, have a good day!