Let me start this hot topic with saying that sexuality is something very personal and can never be done wrong, that is, as long as you don't use force when you express it to somebody else. The thing with sexuality is that I believe some of it develops even before birth, but that every experience in your life contributes to what your sexual preference is today.

I personally grew up very openminded, since childhoof I've spend most of my vacations on naturist campsides, meaning that the people there do not wear any clothes, I've literally seen 1000's of people nakedd this way. There isn't anything sexual about being naked for me, instead I often think that the package itself, how people dress, is what makes someone sexy or not. Because I've spend a lot of time in nudity with others, I'm very comfortable with my own body. I know everybody looks different, but I personally try to not judge people by their appearance but instead try to be attracted by their actions and words.

I also want to state here that I've had sex with both men and women in my life. Both are 2 different experiences but I can't say I prefer one over the other. It's like going on vacation to one country or the other, if you do it in the right way you will simply have a great time.

Having say'd all these things I'm now going to take some stance on sexuality that hopefully will not hurt anybody, because that is not the reason why I write it down, I just want people to think about today's situation in the world. 

The Netherlands was the first country to accept gay marriage in the world in 2001. I do not see any correlation between a legal contral and love, but for some people it was very important to have this acceptance, and ofcourse if a man and a woman can get into a contract together, then why would it not be the same for 2 men or 2 women? 

I think sexuality has a great deal to do with spirituality. As I see al human beings as divine characters, I believe that the act of sex should be seen as a prayer, where an orgasm can be seen as the closest to god a human being can become. I believe our brain develops itself every time we have sex and it does not matter if that is alone with yourself, with somebody else or even in a group. It is an experience that will form your personality and will change you every time again. I also believe  everybody can love anybody and conduct some form of sex with eachother and that only our prejudice limits us in our capabilities of doing so.

But let's see now how things have changed over time. Our sexuality has been held back many decades, centuries even, mostly by religion. Masturbation was a sin for all people not too long ago, and for some people it still is. The same goes for sexuality as lust, if you do not plan to reproduce you should reffrain from having sex, according to some. I accept all those different points of view, but what I am not willing to accept is when fear and lies are spread to change peoples behaviour. Saying to someone he will go to hell for loving someone with the same sex, or the fairytale that you go blind when you masturbate are both two good examples of way's how, again, some religious people try to scare people with and make them change their behavious. 

I don not have to change peoples behaviour. I just see that my values are completely different then what is average today and try to explain myself hopefully in a good enough way that people respect my points of view because i want to be part of a group too and feel left out in today's world. The way how I try to do that is that I give information that will make people think and hopefully afterwards people allow me to have these thoughts on certain topics. Sexuality is one of them, but as you can read back on other day's there are many more topics and many more will come in the future. It can be about sexuality, but it can just as well be the way how we treat eachother, or the money that we use.

A recent study has shown that semen from Dutch men is becoming less and less furtile. Since a couple of decades the number of good spermcells of 1 ejeculation is decreasing at a rapid rate. I personally think this has a lot to do with the food we consume. Today we eat a lot of processed food, food that has been manifactured in a factory, instead being cooked and grown by ourselves. Next to that the Netherlands is one of the leading countries in GMO (genetically modified organisms)  research and to conclude, the amount of pesticides used to grow our food is also growing at an increadible rate. Study on rats have shown that after 7 generations these GMO crops cause complete incapability of reproducing with the animals and another study has shown that the amount of toxics in a strawberry for example has grown to unprecedented levels. I know this is not any proof that homosexuality is in a relation to that, but another test on frogs have actually shown that animals can develop homosexuality if they are exposed to certain toxins.

Next to these chemical foods, there is also media and internet pornography. A human mind is easy to fool. It was Coca Cola that in the early years of last century experimented with subliminal messaging during movies. They showed a bottle of their product for less then 1/24th of a second during movies in the cinema and the outcome was that a lot more bottles where sold during the break. In this same way we are still influenced by media daily. Take Bitcoin for example, when it goes up it is supposed to be a hype and when there is a correction the tradition media outlets write about a crash. When I talk to sleepers (people who are still in full trust with the system) they alway's mention Bitcoin goes down, or that it has been going down and that it is best not to have one because you would lose money with it. I am personally involved with Bitcoin since the price of 10 dollars each and although there have been strong corrections, I can guarantee you that Bitcoin has been moving up ever since.

Now, if we can accept that a lot of people will believe what they are being told by media and change their behaviour over it, then all we need to find is a reason as to why media would actually guide people in that direction. This reason is simple if you want to believe it, there is a program going on to depopulate the world with the name agenda 21. What better way to make people stop reproducing then giving them the idea that they are so special to be homosexual? The people will be happy with their lives and at the same time not be able to reproduce.

The currently propped up transgender discussion is one of a little different matter. I believe it is a discussion to distract us from what it is all about, and that is who is in control over your life. If we are too busy with ourselves, we can't think of other things as clear as we could have if we where in peace with ourselves. Transgenders have in my point of view a too egoistic reflection on the world, where they put themselves in front of all others. How can you be so unhappy with the body that you are born in that you want to change it? My explanation is that it can only be because you have been made to believe that you, as the person you are born as, are not devine by nature. That you are imperfect and that you need to be perfect in order to be able to function and be happy. Instead of changing your image or body, I believe changing your mindset would solve the problem. Simply accept that you are perfect the way you are would solve it. I know this point of view is not going to make me loved, but I really believe we are being deluded so we will hand over our energy at free will to the current powers that be. That is what these people live from, our believe that we need to be governed and have to pay for the services they give us. That's why they first make us believe we are imperfect, to then offer us a way to perfection, all we have to do is thank them for it.

To conclude this story I want to emphasise again that I do not mean to attack anybody with my words, all I try to do is show my perspective on issues that are currently discussed in society. I accept everybodies choises in life and try my best to respect everybody equally. You can be transgender and we can still be friends and I still respect you as a human being and the choises that you make. The same goes for any other form of sexuality you might feel within yourself, yes this includes pedosexuality. I believe your feeling is yours and only you can describe it best and I actually respect you for being able to know yourself that well. As long as you do not force another to be bothered with it, I'm perfectally fine with it. Personally I prefer to live next to somebody that is able to peacefully talk about his feelings without doing anybody harm, instead of having a neighbour that wants to harm or disrespect somebody that peacefully talks about his feelings.