Statement regarding overall progress


Recently the administration of Liberland issued general amnesty. 

It's also about one year ago that I wrote a text and posted a video of me reading that text out in a little boat near Liberland. With the upcoming censorship that we can expect from the digital services act of the EU I took some precaution to make a back-up of my previous videos. Even with the freedom we experience in present time, I've had to endure some fair share of censorship in my life and that's why I believe it's a good moment to give an overall update about my state of being and put out my line of thought once again. You never know how many Liberlanders did not hear about the existence of Yoshi Livo yet, they might want to hear how he survived the last 3 years as the Liberlandian persona non grata and support his mission to make everybody alive aware of the existence of Liberland..

Let's start with the subject of Liberland. After I managed to sell part of my Liberland Merit and became the first Liberlander to make a profit on his Liberland position, I introduced to the world. At that moment the communication with the current Liberland administration was reduced to a minimum and the same goes for my locked Liberland merits that got confiscated around the same time. In the past couple of years this silence has allowed me to rethink my position and about the optimization of the YOLO + YCLO* = [ :) + <3 ]² project (*YCLO = Your Children Live On = Yoshi Livo). 

Since that video was recorded we see more and more of my predictions come true and I don't have to take any action for it to happen. Who remembers the texts when I pointed out that ISIS gets sponsored by the Dutch taxpayer? That seems like a lifetime ago and there are plenty of new distractions today. I enjoy to see the commitment from the Liberland administration and to see them work towards international recognition. I have come to the realization that if you want to gain recognition and fit into what I call "the old system", you have to adopt to the old standards. As much is true for Bitcoin, where one coin maxi's today scream for regulation so they can make a profit in debt currency like dollar or euro. The result is that the state of society deteriorates in the process and peer to peer cash was never so far out of reach. If the wall around your island is high enough you can just make a contract for every risk you can imagine and call yourself free to follow the rules within the little bubble you've managed to create for yourself. However, that does not sound like freedom to me.

I see the future a bit different and believe that new technologies are going to allow humanity to step away from the traditional values of violence, suppression and exclusion because after they discover the fundamentals that build their society, people are no longer going to be willing to collect the karmapoints you gain if you benefit from monetary apartheid. I did not come to Liberland because of my love for Frederik Bastiat. Instead, I'm a refugee from a totalitarian dictatorship that commits warcrimes on a daily basis. Allowing my taxation by my country of birth means my participation in meaningless wars based on lies and deception. I believe governments are terrorist organizations and instead of fighting to fit into the regulated guidelines they force upon us, I want to break those imaginary limitations to find our true freedom. Just like money, every border is an invention of the human mind. Over the years I have learned that I only recognize the border of our atmosphere and it is time for humanity to recognize the web of lies and deceit that has been build around our reality. If that is not clear enough, it means that all those freedom fighters that demand to pay in cash debt are financing wars, pedophilia and their own suppression by accepting their value is priced in an inflating debt currency. When I became Yoshi Livo I told myself I would try in a non violent way to explain exactly why I see my old family and friends as war criminals. It was back in the day when a coalition of the willing brought democracy to various oil-rich countries well before the covid narrative got introduced to the world. It is for this reason that it hurted me to discover Liberland aims for backroom deals during a miss contest hosted by the current old boys network to penetrate the paper reality that governments construct to legitimize the force they use upon citizens. 

What I can bring to Liberland is a different narrative that will reach a different and much broader audience. There is no opposition in Liberland today, because the people that disagree with the current state of affairs are vit-o'ed out if they don't walk away by themselves. Which country on the planet do you know without opposition and would you enjoy to live there? I have never understood why communication with Liberland had to be so difficult. If they would have invested just a little bit of time to understand me it could have made a big impact in how things progressed. Today I can just say I am grateful that I was allowed to become a top 5 contributor of the project at one point in time and I want to thank myself for travelling to Liberland and spending the last five years nearby it's soil because it has connected me to one of the most beautiful locations on this planet that I know. After all these years I am looking forward to settling myself to a location I can call home. I would love to show the world how different money lets you make different decisions and that becoming Liberlander Yoshi Livo is something everybody can achieve if they are ready for it. Internet allows for a different communication. I broadcast to the world and AI helps me with translation so that I really can claim a global audience. I have everything on offer in public display and am convinced people by themselves will one day figure out exactly what the message is that I try to bring. Liberland has already proven itself to be a great platform to educate a mass audience about the choices they have in life as Liberland allows to create a new narrative that could set free those people that have been stuck in a group hynosis for decades. This group of people don't call themselves Liberlander today because their scope of attention has been distracted since birth. They will not visit a Liberland event or have means to donate, but there is a much greater value they can produce, which is the power of a crowd. 

I have my own solution to what I believe is the problem, and that problem is a lot different then many people predict. I am my own biggest problem in a way, but that is only because I can't function in a society that is based on violence, abuse and exclusion. I just can't enjoy myself knowing that my participation in the greater good aids to child trafficking and funds unjust wars. Bitcoin is a great step forward, but the world economy is too complex for one blockchain. Next to that, a different purpose for your money could incentivize to agree on different standards. The real problem of today is that the social contract of governments is nothing more and nothing less then slavery, where people are forced to trade their life energy for inflating debt currency. The success from the past was only possible because of massive indoctrination and delusion and required endless wars and fear-porn. Evidence to that reality only became widespread knowledge because of internet communication and that is why my situation of today is different from any previous experience. These wars, propaganda and censorship are still forever lasting as we speak and hundreds of millions of people willfully pay their fair share so they can be protected from whatever danger their governments signals. I believe that Yoshi Livo from Liberland can show to many people the discrepancies of their paper reality and make them question their core values. The current reality is only possible because decades of indoctrination and propaganda has created soulless and immature beings that can only complain to their overlords about their entitlements, but lost the ability to act for and care about their own needs. Sitting out on the persona non grata bench for all these years might have as a result that my timing is now better then ever and in these years of learning I became better prepared for the job that is at stake. Not a job to find likeminded people so we can build a wall around ourselves that should give protection from the wicked, but to explain why our current way is flawed and broken and create a totally different way of organizing ourselves in a way that eliminates the need of walls completely. I know it might all sound overly ambitious and if you would not know of Liberland before I started to speak you would most likely call me crazy, it has happened to me in the past decade too many times that I can could, but I feel I can do it. That is exactly why I am here today and speak out the words that I do. What if everything until today happened in perfect fashion and it was all ment to go this way from the start?  We can create a reality of mutual benefit and help eachother, there is nothing that is stopping us. 

I hereby offer most of my remaining Liberland SLP merits so I can make a start with the ethical currency I propose. The job that needs to be done is quite substantial, and so far I'm stuck on a lack of liquidity. 27.000 USD will make quite an impact on my budget and will give me confidence I can take development to the next step. I try not to blame anybody for poor choices as I got quite a record of it myself and I just want to share I have found a way to accept my poor choices in life. It is not up to me to be the difference, I am just a terrible guy and in a way I really hope all that I say does not come true. I don't want to be right on my prediction of a broken social contract. All I see is that if the people would pay more attention to their lives and live more consciously, it would create the same chaos to society that I believe will benefit Yoshi Livo and Liberland. I prepared myself and am ready, there is no other then me, and that is why I am not eager to perform. Sure, a little provocation of Liberland amnesty got a couple of people sending me a message and that's why I write this story as a response. For those that believe in my goals I make some great offers, for example a limited 10% off on Liberland merits, so everybody can benefit from the changes that are happening. My actions from the past have their influence. It's ofcourse not helping if you are trying to sell 30.000 Liberland merits for 90 cents on the dollar and the Liberland website still shows the political witch-hunt that was perceived to be over in the opening quote of this text. No statement has ever been made about the status of slp merits and how to swap them if a different versions of merit comes around. I have received close to 100.000 dollar value in Liberland Merits and managed to cover my cost of purchase by selling a healthy amount of it when bitcoin was at a lower dollar price then when I purchased my merits. I have sponsored Liberland events, have tried to be of assistance when asked, but I have never felt like my story was allowed to exist. After I asked questions about accountability I never got to reinvest the profits I made and I was removed from all communication channels. I have blacked out the comment that was made around the time the WHO declared a global pandemic, out of respect to the flag of Liberland and to show some good will, because the delusional text that I covered is treason to the flag of Liberland and, just like the amnesty veto, confirms my point of view. I feel strengthened by my beliefs turning into reality and see how things can change in my favor if I can add 27000 dollars of liquidity to the development of my interpretation of Liberland. Building a Libertarian Epstein Island so I can dictate the rules to a couple 1000 of likeminded friends is not why I joined Liberland. Please forgive my language sometimes, but atleast I try to give a clear message. I'm thankful for the apparent unity within the Liberland delegation and congratulate them to have made an impression within the group of people that I believe are causing so many problems. Religion, politics, money and wellbeing are all at stake and Liberland is just a great platform for me to put the lives of a mass broader audience to question. Lets accept our differences and look to see if we can detect some common ground. Everybody is already a Liberlander for me, most of the people just have never received the information that is required to make an informed opinion. Let's give the people something to talk and think about and try to reach those people that are currently stuck in a mass hypnosis. I will offer to sell 30.000 LLM for 90 cents on the dollar on until 24 hours before my birthday 29 september I will update the price a couple times per week and will keep a record at the bottom of this page.

I believe my offer on the BTC/EFL market of Komodo is a much more profitable one that will also help to make big steps towards a global Bitcoin standard that Liberland will be a part of. You can still join Telegram for a chat if anything is unclear, but I think it is safe to say that I am done with streaming and making videos for now and for that reason Twitch and youtube will not be as active. I've shared many times how I see the world and what values I strive for. The time for talking is over, it is time for action. My actions will include to prepare myself for a loss in this war, because for the past 10 years I have tried to be the difference and have shown how I am exactly not that. Jullian Assange is still in prison being tortured for exposing exactly what debt currency leads to and have you looked into Fukushima lately? Just a couple of examples that show there is a good reason to act today, even if it doesnt concern yourself directly. I really do believe that on your day of judgement it matters how you handled every situation in your life and once you understand the destruction that is required to create a temporary freedom, I believe that most people will understand why I hold so much passion for this topic. I by myself am not the difference and that is why I travelled to Liberland. So far I believe I dodged many bullets and from my experience people are more interested in capturing or controlling then they are in co-creation. I am fortunate again for being able to speak my mind in a period when I feel a need for it. EU regulations should have no effect near Liberland, on the other side of the river. I'm glad I made my memory for later in relative peace and found myself a nice drawing alternative to spend my time on. The message I bring is a tough one to process and I happen to bring that message, because deep down inside I feel that technological advancement will change society as we knew it. I think it is safe to agree that it will, but I also see how an opportunity can be lost forever. Instead of adjusting Liberland or Bitcoin to fit into, service and improve a traditional control system, we have the ability to find a different option and think out of the box. I believe our rediscovery of spiritual power will be stronger then any flag can imitate. A growing number of people will start to understand fake paper realities require force to be maintained They will be in mass numbers and they all learned 1 thing, which is that nobody can force you to be part of a club, as long as you are willing to pay the consequences of that decision, because most clubs are not so welcoming to persona non-grata type behavior. You can decide to start to discover the power to vote with your wallet and feet, and discover how your actions and decisions have a consequence on society around you. The time ahead will probably be chaotic, the perfect one for Yoshi Livo and Liberland to thrive, so lets give them a story to remember and make something out of it. At the same time I have the luxury to be insignificant by myself and I do not have to be Yoshi Livo from Liberland, that is just as much of an imagination as controller Niels Harmsen that helps McDonalds squeeze out a bit of extra profit. Regardless of my legal status in any nation I can create an offer that I will feel is just. The reason why I did not back down, regardless of negative experience, is because all I have to do is follow my feelings and hodl a little bit of hope that I'm wrong on everything. This all just comes natural to me and it does not feel like an achievement. Did you believe I was a criminal when a courtcase was promised to expose all my so-called illegal actions? And now that a facebook post has appeared that talks about general amnesty, do you believe my legal status has changed in any way and shouldn't amnesty come after the moment you took the required action to correct your previous political witch-hunt? 

 If you believe money is the problem, you should just invest with the same central point of failure that brought us where we are today, but personally I believe spirit is what is the cause of many problems. The extreme times of our present have gradually build up so that nobody can really be blamed for not noticing the absurdity. Even after the moment when you have the time and setting to inform people properly and they can adjust their believes to the new information they took in, you need to be patient for them to understand what you are talking about. Some people accuse me of running a ponzi scheme, others portray my actions a hype, but I'm making the most serious decisions for my future and wellbeing in which I believe we will see the collapse of a worldview that has been dominant for decades, this is nota hype but a global revolution that is going to change society forever. To make people willing to learn they needs to be curious and I believe Liberlander Yoshi Livo can do exactly that. That is why I live without a bankaccount, that is why I moved to Liberland more then 5 years ago and that I why I write this text today. Some people like to portray me as persona non grata, but I like to see myself more like a patriot of patriots and no, I don't need a medal for that or become a minister of any sort, just do yourself a favor and buy those 90 cent priced Liberland Merits before my birthday happens on the 29th of September , so I can show you exactly what I'm talking about.

218 usd per bch * 1.1 = 240 usd 1/240 = 416666sat per LLM 30-8-2023

215 usd per bch * 1.1 = 237 usd 1/237 =  419200sat per LLM 31-8-2023

208 usd per bch * 1.1 = 230 usd 1/230 =  434782sat per LLM  1-9-2023

200 usd per bch * 1.1 = 220 usd 1/220 = 454545sat per LLM 2-9-2023

196 usd per bch * 1.1 = 216 usd 1/216 = 462962sat per LLM 3-9-2023 tm 8-9-2023

189 usd per bch * 1.1 = 208 usd 1/208 = 480769sat per LLM 10-9-2023

the merits got sold 11-9-2023