Strawman / Natural Person


Ever wondered why you receive mail with capital letters only? It comes from the Roman age and is called Capitis Deminutio, which literally means, "decrease of head". You have different forms of it, going from maxima to media to minima. The greatest, maxima, involves the loss of liberty, citizenship and family and was used for slaves or prisoners of war. And that is what it is still used for today. I believe we are all slaves in this system. In my opinion this came to be, because many years ago the first patent was claimed by the Vatican. To be more precise, I'm talking about the patent on GOD. Only the Vatican and no other entity is allowed to deliver the descendant of Jesus Christ on earth, a guy we call the Pope. All law systems in the west are based upon it: IN GOD WE TRUST. 

In order for governments to be allowed to use this GOD, they have to pay taxation to the Vatican, this taxation is the reason why we pay taxes today, forget about building roads or paying for heathcare, we are mandatory to pay our contribution to the Vatican every year and this is the basis for all taxation.

So if you now look at countries as companies, then their product becomes very clear, it is the natural person, or better the strawman they create out of it and are able to surpress because this strawman is bound by the rules of a country. We are seen as product from the see, when we exit our mothers womb we enter dry land and just like all other lost goods at see we then have to be declared at the government. After this declaration, the government owns the strawman and is allowed to force it to pay taxes, if not voluntary, then by force. This violence is what is backing up our FIAT money today, because if we do not trade in our time and energy we will be punished and put into a small box we call prison.

Countries are kind of Apples Premium Resellers. Within the defined borders, they are the only one allowed to sign up new debtslaves. Yes, debtslaves I call them, because as soon as they have created a new number, your government goes to the central bank to borrow money on that contract. Because it can be expected that after 18 years the government can force you to pay taxes you are worth something in the system, howmuch is dependant on the amount of taxes your parents payed and the parents of your parents. This causes great inequality in the world, a Dutch person for example will always be worth more then your average Hungarian, simply because of the history of our country as good tax payers and the fact that the monarchy in the Netherlands have shared their Shell Oil profits with their slaves to guarantee continuity of their power in the long run.

Please understand me right, I do not see the King of the Netherlands as a slave trader, he is simply born into a system just like us and therefore just as innocent as somebody who is paying taxes, I only call out the system for what it is, a slavetrading system.

Like always I am very curious how you see todays time, do you agree with my words, do you even care?? In today's clip I talk about the words written above. Please forgive this strange setting I'm in, but last night became a bit late and I'm having this dinner date with a very cute girl that was smiling at me in the metro when I was returning from one of these movieclips I made, so really I've got more important thing to do then write about slaves. I someday hope to find somebody that is able to love this crazy mind just the way he is, so if you now please excuse me, I'm going to pay the barber a visit :)