Taxation = Theft


As previously stated, the basis for the value of money is extortion and violence. Because the control of peoples minds has been so successful in the past 80 years, most of western citizens do not recognize this image of reality. Our brain has evolved from a time where we had to take care of finding food and keep ourselves warm and although life around us has made an incredible change, the same can't be said about the grey mass within our skull. With use of social engineering with in the form of television and other media propaganda, a lot of people have been hypnotized into believing a certain reality, of which gold back money is a part of. Another part of that reality is that 9=11 and that a medical experiment with gene therapy is a vaccine.

After the second world war, a lot of power was centralized in the USA. An agreement was made to allocate large amounts of gold of European countries in the USA. By making the dollar into the world reserve currency and releasing the peg to gold, all government debt got the value of the paper it was printed on, nearly nothing. But because nobody ever really cared and people generously payed their taxes, they managed to build their own prison. It's true that the delusion was also cause for a lot of progress, because for half a century it has been possible to motivate people with gold, without actually having any of it. We have seen a tremendous amount of new inventions, look at the way we communicate today and experience our lives. In 100 years time, the way how people live their lives has completely changed, but what didn't change was out brain and we get fooled on a daily basis because of it.

It's great to be able to print your own paper full of numbers and have it accepted as if it was gold. You can now pay other people to make you things and that is exactly what happened. By the year 2000 most of the USA industry moved abroad, the only thing that remained was the army. What to do in a world where you make money if you fight a war? You have to find a good reason to fight a war I guess, preferably somewhere with a lot of natural resources so you can add that as a bonus. To sacrifice some old building for it and a couple 1000 people would be worth it, the future of millions is at stake. What a perfect timing for the towers in New York to go down, and what a perfect reason to make taxpayer money be spend on the bombing of foreign nations. It's also perfect to distract a lot of people and focus their mind on nonsense details, like how many people died that day. Fear is a great, if not the best, tool to confuse the brain and that's why after so many years, the televisions of today solely scream fearporn into peoples faces. We are getting to the end stage of a slave system that finds it's basis in lies and deceit, oppression and exclusion. The ones that profited the most in the past are the ones that will have the most difficulties by adjusting to a new reality.

What has managed to save our future is the internet. The system was really well designed to have vital information always separated from people, only the ones that could be blackmailed where allowed to find out more. After information got more available because of the creation of the internet, people like me started to find out about the lies and managed to build solutions like Bitcoin to evade the state terror. It would have never been possible for people to find out about the blatant lies of 9=11 if it wasn't for the internet. Or they would have maybe found out, but because the internet makes all researchers synchronize their data, the pool of knowledge grows exponentially and result come in much quicker and with much more detail. The control on information got lost, but not for everybody yet. Young people that are born with internet, might already be able to use the invention for their advantage, but the older generation is not getting along.

Because of different sources of information, the reality of people starts to come in conflict with each other. How can you still pay taxes to a club that continuously commits war crimes? Are you not aiding terrorism if the terrorists wear your countries flag? And what if people don't know? At what point can you start to blame people for looking away and becomes their choice to stay ignorant something that they choose for? Not only is taxation theft, it is a highly immoral act as you are aiding a terrorist organization. On top of it, it is also incredibly stupid, because you are directly aiding your enemy, you give them a stick so they can hit you with it. 

Governments are not your friend, but it has been a necessary evil that we have used to organize ourselves. I believe this organization can become so much more efficient that we will all live in abundance because of it. If you know the money is spend on the right things, participating in a community becomes a whole lot attractive. We are far away from a turning point, but at the same time closer then ever before. New streams are coming out on a daily basis and today I made a new youtube account that I will start to use soon to hopefully grow the amount of viewers with an exponential rate. In the meantime, feel free to join the Telegram chat and speak your mind and remember, if you are part of the small group of people that is reading this, consider buy some e-Gulden EFL, bitcoin of the Netherlands, because once we manage to gain traction, there is no way to stop it.