The Big Picture


When in doubt, zoom out! Before I'm ready to write my next text I first need to make more clear to what it is we are talking about. Last 9=11 special was amazing and I want to thank all participants for showing up, but lovely planet, we need a whole lot more people to make this happen.

Let's start off by introducing the next special, on 21th of September, the third Tuesday of the month to be exact. The Dutch state of the Union is planned for that day, and all the future 3rd Tuesdays of September in the future, if you have to believe the statement of the Dutch government that is... The third Tuesday of September is the day the Dutch king reads out his annual speech to address the nation, it will be streamed live on the HonklerHangout stream and that day we will also hand out some Bitcoins of the Netherlands, e-Gulden EFL, to the people that join us. Because of this event the upcoming texts will be slightly more political and Dutch based, please bare with me, after the 3rd Tuesday of September we will start to count down to my birthday and touch other subjects.

Ever since I'm born in the Netherlands, I've always been interested about money. I used to play shop or casino with my parents and make calculations of howmuch something costs and what people get back in return. I studied to become auditor but never did I really find out about the history of money, until I did my own research. If you look back at it today, on 9/11 2001 we almost achieved world peace. Yugoslavia was torn apart so the USA, that only had one export product left, namely their military industrial complex, that USA was looking for something to military industrial complexalize and Tim Osman made it all happen. It's too bad we lost the body in the ocean, but I'm focussing on the Dutch narrative, better said, my own. I was 15 years old in 2001 and the event and it's consequences have now been part over half of my living life. To understand the events of the past 20 years we have to understand how depending many Western citizens are on their television to give them a opinion. 9/11 was perpetrated by Tim Osman, better known to the TV watchers as Osama Bin Laden. Because of his involvement and the unwillingness of the Afghan government to hand him over to the USA there needed to be repercussions to what happened that day. Ofcourse the oil fields nearby and the lithium and poppy fields in the country had nothing to do with any of it.

If you would watch television in the Netherlands in these times, just before Bitcoin came to be, you would be told the international community has conducted a peace mission. Sure, I will pay some taxes to that cause, let's bring democracy worldwide! And a rainbow flag!! Our brain is a computer that can be hacked in many ways, but television is a very effective way of doing it, especially if you have some form of authority and bring a message first, people just have a weakness that they like to believe a story they are told. Exchanging bombs for dollars is great, but capturing oil by spending is even better. To keep the pyramid scheme growing the profit needed to be bigger and bigger. Take some in Libia, imagine some weapons of mass destruction, but the Western taxpayer did not get the overall victory. In Syria they met their match, what a shame for them. Regardless how many weapons where left behind for ISIS to operate, Assad seemed to be a bridge too far. Now we are seeing the end of an empire, the USA is on retreat and this is of major concern of the crown countries that have created the USA to be their warmachine and bank.

The current times are history in the making, but so far not a lot of people seem to have found out about it yet. Especially in the Netherlands a lot of people are unaware of what is going on, because their television today is telling them scary stories about virusses to an extend that they have lost the ability to freely think and are captured in a fear hypnosis where nothing the scary virus story counts. So far in this month none of my stories mentioned this virus all to much, but don't worry, we will get to it at some point. The thing is just that from my point of view, it's just a total distraction from what is really going on in the world. You don't need extra toilet paper people, you need to wake up from your television dream that is turning into a nightmare. You need to accept that for many years, more then half of my lifetime, you have been aiding terrorists into fighting their holy war. I just say half of my lifetime, because the first half of my lifetime I could not really think for myself as I was a child, in reality this story of suppresion is going on ever since the second world war ended. 

The bigger picture mean that some moves in the world extend the timeframe of a year, they are gradual happenings and don't occur overnight, The price of bitcoin rizing to 1000000 dollar is one example and to that same extend we can mention the end of the dollar as world reserve currency. Look at the video's of USA today, Chicago at night for example. Sorry cryptobro4, RNEW admin and follower of the stream that lives there, your town is in pretty bad shape. As always, the Netherlands is not as extreme as USA, but it does follow close. I mean that what I'm trying to say is probably that the Netherlands today is in pretty bad shape. Because the Dutch state has been very helpful to it's citizens in the past, people rely on it to come by. There is not 1 person in the Netherlands that goes without benefits, yeah, maybe me and a couple of similar people, but those are exceptions. The majority of Dutch people receive money from the government and need it to stay alive. Inflation over the past 50 years has been high and wages hardly rose, so who made a good living at my time of birth has difficulties to come by today.

The Dutch state needs it's oil sponsor Shell to pay the bills, in december 2019 the Dutch court decided that Shell needs to take the Paris climate treaty more serious. Let me first make clear that I believe it is possible to pump more oil then there is created and thus that there is a limitied supply of oil available on this planet. The invention of oil as a product, and all the side product that come from it have changed out world forever. I also believe that oil is a product of our planet that we should use to work in our advantage. What I do not support is that violence is used to steal oil from other people to use it for yourself, while these people you stole it from could have used it for a different way. I've felt pretty bad about paying taxes to a NATO state when I found out what you pay for. I believe it is justified to give up all foreign oil exploration of multinationals. Yes, I am a Liberlander, comments like these make my status impossible, but this is how I feel about the world. 

I think it is ridiculous that we force oil producing countries to pay for their oil in Dollars, I think it's ridiculous that anybody wants to participate in this blood dollar at all, ow sorry did I say blood, I mean, DEBT!! Ofcourse, my perception of reality is heavily influenced by Satoshi Nakamoto and everything that his invention made possible, but still, how come so people manage to find out what is going on?? I just have to accept that my stream has an average of 4 people watching that are born in some place of the world which has been not as fortunate as my place of birth and that the majority of the people that i try to reach are calling me a lunatic that you shouldn;t take serious. Sure, I know, I'm the one wearing a clown nose, but does that mean that you can't take me serious??

Thanks for your attention everybody, I dont know where this story is going and before I'm going to lose myself in it I will end it here today and finish the story that I stopped writing tomorrow