The BIG picture


In 2014 I lost my bank account after I told my bank I was done funding wars I did not support. My bank accounts got terminated and I decided to not give into the social pressure and to move my entire economy to cryptocurrencies and precious metals. I try to think in solutions and not in problems. In 2015 I moved to Liberland, because in the Netherlands living on crypto was near to impossible. I tried with e-Gulden EFL, a coin I refer to as Bitcoin of the Netherlands, but soon found out the Dutch people had too much benefit from the double standard that controls the world today, they simply explerience too much benefit from it to just let it go.

It's been almost 10 years since then and I have found out that the goal I have set is not shared by many people. Instead of trying to break the double standard and introduce a new way of organizing ourselves almost everybody I have come across wants to find a way to create benefit from that double standard so they can take a personal profit from being on the right side of violence.

The Bitcoin community that used to be loving freedom have been overrun with people that are all about compliance. KYC and AML undermine the dream of Satoshi Nakamoto and by choosing that route the creators of debt currency manage to expand their control on society. Those that are willing to follow the path of traceable digital gold are looking to fulfil their materialistic dreams. It's for that reason bitcoin dominance stays high, because the overwhelming majority still lives in a world that is based on debt currencies and are not really ready for the change in society. 

The Liberland community focusses on 7km2 of land that they want to develop as their Libertarian Epstein Island, only for a small group of crypto elite that think, act and dream exactly like each other. To protect their dream they count on backroom deals with the old boys network and install a Veto for their president that they believe will protect them from unwanted influence and combine this by building a wall that should keep any unwanted guest away from them.

I never started my journey to become rich. I have never had the aspiration to divide myself from the rest of society based on my political believes. I have always felt that digital inventions, like the internet and blockchain, are going to allow us to organize ourselves in a different way. A way that will eliminate the need for violence and exclusion from our daily lives and that will unity all people. A way that will break the double standard so many of us have become so used to that they just want to exploit it for themselves.

In those past 10 years a lot has happened. I have started to realize I might fight a hopeless battle, that is why I have recently started something that I call Proof of Community. With enough support I can win my first battle in my war against the double standard. My goal is to buy the house of a friend who is selling his house to pay for the medical bills of his wife who got diagnosed with ALS last month. This house will offer me a stable base from which I can show exactly what different solutions I have in mind so we can start to eliminate the double standard that is present in our world today, a double standard that relies on violence and exclusion for it to hold up. 

How many more wars do we need to fight? How much suppression do we still have to endure? I have positioned myself in a unique way and use Liberland, Bitcoin and e-Gulden EFL as my tools to achieve my goals in order to reach a global audience and start a movement that will no longer accept the double standard we are born with. We need to move away from the technocratic structures that shape our society. With use of new technologies we can organize referenda and take back the control of our lives. 

Materialism and social status have held back our development until today. Some people will betray their own family to follow the rules others have created. An education system that was made to bring up factory workers has kept us stupid and debt currency has corrupted our brain. I believe we can do better and have patiently waited for the right moment to come forward. I have listened and learned from the people around me and believe I am ready to fight this war against the double standard. At the same time, I have to accept that I can't fight this battle alone.

I have created a proposal that I believe will benefit those that participate. My strategy has multiple steps and to put it in the most simple way I can, I need to take care of myself first, before I can take care of others. Yes, I can take care of myself today, if I would do that I would immediately resign and live a peaceful life away from publicity, but 10 years ago some energy in me started the story of Yoshi Livo, Your Children Live On. I thought of a life motto: YOLO + YCLO = [ :) + <3 ]² or You Only Live Once + Your Children Live On = happines + love, squared. Yoshi Livo in combination with Liberland and Bitcoin will create a new way of living that has the ability to set a new standard of living. 

The first step for me is to sell 50.000 EFL to my community so I can buy the house of my friend, those EFL's are for sale on the EFL/DOGE market on the Komodo platform. Those EFL's can be donated to me with use of this address: LTWwcY9EPQDjEy269kyA2ofzJoPAaYmvTb but you are also welcome to hold on to them after your purchase.

I will stream daily on X and twitch and I will answer any question you have, feel free to join my telegram channel, it is open 24/7

Together with your help I will fight a spiritual war against the double standard that has caused so much suffering in the past couple of decades. The ongoing war in Ukraine, the ongoing war in Palestine, protesting farmers in Europe, Kosovo, Jullian Assange, myocarditis from gene therapy, diabetes, gender dysphoria, fear of dying, racism, fake news, just to name a few examples of the endless list of problems that come forward from the double standard. The good news is, the double standard has been created by us, is maintained by us and if we would take time to rethink our options it can also be overcome by us, the people of this beautiful planet. We have to remember what being human means and learn again to listen to our inner feelings. We are being programmed to serve a system that does not have our best interest at stake, but instead wants to benefit from our obedience. Just like technological advancements can help us, it can be used against us. It's about finding the right balance for yourself so your can increase the help technology brings and minimize the risk it brings. For that reason I believe the story I bring can help us and our future for the better.

Team Humanity, do yourself a favor and take my offer, you will be amazed by the outcome.