The DREAM that was.


Hi everybody, June 2022 right now. I'm not sure when you are reading this, but it must be at a later moment in time than me writing this down. If you are watching live, make sure to share your sBCH address and receive Yoshi NFTs!

I just want to confirm it to myself one more time, I'm living thru the downfall of an empire. Pregnant men gave a hint, but at the same time, how beautiful they exist.

Anybody questioning what my parents would have thought, they come to visit me once again, 20 miles out of Liberland, and they understand why this atmosphere suits me better then the asphalt roads of the Netherlands. The jungle of Europe is full of beauty.

I don't want to make this too long, because in the end, this website already has thousands of lines of text, but I'm very happy on my right side of the NATO border and I believe the upcoming time I will be able to fully enjoy of all what has been done. 

As expected (by me at least) the system of debt money would collapse as soon as the post WW2 internetless generations go into retirement. With use of mass media, the prehistoric brain of humans has been caught in a group hypnosis that uses ISIS or AZOV to clean up society from radicalists while seeking legal justification for the theft of national resources through corruption.

I have to protect my reality, YOLO + YCLO = [ :) + <3 ]² , or You Only Live Once plus YOur CHIldren LIVe On equals happiness and love squared. That's the equation I came up with some time ago and that I keep on fighting for.

My Dutch heritage is a blessing and a curse. I could have been avoiding taxation for McDonalds, but then I would have had to participate in pride month, or vote for Ukraine during the EU songfestival (yes E,U. vision of Europe songfestival) to keep my job. I'm so glad my parents are accepting my feelings to leave behind a broken society that became so obedient they locked grandma out and invited some stranger to live with them.

e-Gulden EFL is the Bitcoin of the Netherlands, a country that has helped to maintain a global appreciation system. At this moment in time, this system is still the most dominant on the planet. It has been this way for so many years that, after many generations, it has managed to evolve to a society with pregnant men.

Many people fail to see the historic context of what is going on and are unable to zoom out from their ego, it will be exactly those people that will cause the greatest destruction to society once they find out how evil it has been. 

I will try to enjoy this summer and not be too hard on myself, catch some sun, maybe even build some muscles, why not? The computer is the last thing I need and as a good friend of me likes to say: "NO SIGNAL, NO STRESS".

Let the others catch up a bit and as long as EFL is not 1 euro in value nobody is listening anyway, so who cares?

I gave Itchy Pinky an ice cold bath today, but let's shower some golden Jungle Juice for good will, so KING KONGspiracy can enjoy the jungle of Europe for at least another month or 2. 

Best summer to you all, see you when the rain indicates flu season is about to kick off.