Timing is everything, isn't it? Not everybody loses during a hyper inflation. Once paper gold get's exposed it's going to be difficult to remain calm. When I started all this adventure, I was convinced the Dutch people would participate, but what I didn't realize is the sacrifice it would be to make it. 3-some years ago I was selected to represent a power I was actually fighting against. I am grateful until today that the journalist that day didn't push me into doing something, it was 100% all me and I'm blessed with some top-notch guardian angle.

You see, the problems in my life are all so relative, as they are only with fake entities that call themselves governments. On the first hand, we got the Dutch government. Since I'm able to think for myself I've spoken out against the status quo. The more research I did the more I realized how bad it really was, but never did I realize that I am the one that creates that reality. Not per say all of those things that happened, but in a way I always participated and wanted to be part of the group. I still don't understand why I care about it, why not just be happy with some job somewhere and raise some children with a woman you love? 

Let's just say that without Bitcoin, none of it would have been possible. I just happen to grow up in a time that all these inventions come to light and it has caused an amazingly beautiful experience, every time again. For some reason I found myself a way out and currently, on the other side of the EU border, I'm enjoying the movies in a full theater, unvaccinated and the place is completely packed, because nobody is afraid from the flu. Well, that's not 100% true. Just like Netherlands has been corrupted, the current global shitshow shows us how powerful our combined consciousness really is. Is it so hard to see, when all the government computer systems use the Microsoft operating system, and that when this system is nothing more than a patent on stolen computer code, that something is not copyright? The terrible reality of this moment is that the transition towards voluntary consent is going to be the most painful for people that receive power from force. They have become used to their habits and that's why it will be more difficult for some then for others. 

Then my second issue I have, also with a government, but the one from Liberland this time. Liberland in it's current state is maybe even worse then Netherlands, because they aspire to become a more sophisticated version of an old concept that is currently being exposed for being the most perverted ego-trip orgy of our common existence. The game that is being played has only been able to play out because of the limited self knowledge these fake personalities represent. Please don't get me wrong, we are all learning, but that is being done thru communication and sharing experiences, not with censorship.

I try not to worry about these problems too much, in the end, it's really those entities that need my help, not the other way around. I can look at myself in the mirror with a straight face and that is what is important for me and I come to realize more and more that you can only change the world you can reach out to and I have to accept that at this moment in time, with the choices that I've made so far, that reach is still very limited, which in a way is such a shame, because it's such a good story. Sorry for the shameless self promotion, but how many Yoshi Livo's from Liberland do you know? I live nearby the soil, but so far the amount of people that came over for a visit, let alone try and really become part of the surrounding community, not so many, but when I mention my problems with governments in all honesty, it creates all kind of obstructions in my every day life that I could also avoid, so at some point I have to accept that at this moment in time not enough people care to really be able to make my point. Life can be so easy if you don't worry too much. Just have faith in the whole of humanity and accept you can't change everything in 1 day anyway. In the bigger scheme of things a couple of years is not so much and it allows me to have all these beautiful experiences to a much more intense level. In the end, it is about voluntary consent and as you can expect, that is something that cannot be forced.

Fortunate as I am, I found myself the perfect scaling meter to see where I'm at, and it's the ticker of e-Gulden EFL on Freiexchange. Just like Bitcoin, the Dutch Bitcoin has 21 million units and once people start to recognize they can profit from the paradigm shift that is about to happen in the Netherlands, I will be able to make my point on Liberland. I payed for the domain registration of this website with EFL today. Not with the company that gave me the bill, but instead I found somebody that was willing to pay the bill for me in exchange for EFL. Another success for the Bitcoin of the Netherlands and maybe it's nice to mention I payed 883 EFL for a 190 euro bill, let's see if the hosting company made a good choice on rejecting my offer when the contract expires in 10 years.