Travel to Liberland: Budapest


Hi everybody! This is the start of my journey to Liberland. After I heard Liberland is looking for marketing volunteers: I descided my time in the Netherlands is up. Some years ago I also tried to enter Liberland, and after spending some time in Croatian prison I even got into an argument with president Vít Jedlička about him telling people to come to Liberland, but me having the experience that getting there wasn't possible.. Disappointed from the experience I even tried to start my own country that I called Wonderland: but unfortunately i could not make my motives clear enough and without enough people the idea ended in a big nothing.

Since the start of 2016 I then travelled around in Europe, without a real home, but staying at friends places, or working for food and shelter. In order to keep my bitcoins I've done the craziest things and put myself in some extreme conditions. Keeping up my motivation was the hardest part, especially because most people declined my help and openly questioned my mental health. Most of my time I was in the Netherlands, but i also stayed in Germany, Belgium and France, always trying to get more people involved in Bitcoin and more specific countrycoin e-Gulden EFL (traded on bittrex and others). Now that Bitcoin surpassed $ 10.000 each last year I felt like my call to action became outdated. I descided to stop telling people about Bitcoin when it's price rose above 10K, and apologise to Vít Jedlička. He then rewarded me by giving me my Liberland citizenship, you can read more about that in another article i will write in the future, because this post is just about my first video I made today. I hope you enjoy my footage and feel free to comment on everything. Have a wonderfull day, love an peace to all!