Who is Yoshi Livo?


This is me, Yoshi Livo, in front of a miniature version of the UN Peace Palace in the Hague. I'll be clear about it: Yoshi Livo is not my real name, I made it up when I was in Liberland for the first time about 3 years ago. The name I was given at birth is Niels Harmsen and in this story I'll explain how Yoshi Livo came into excistence.

The first 18 years of my life where very comfortable and without any problems. My grandfather's grandfather had started the first import company of the Netherlands that made use of quantity reduction, so they bought no matter what in bulk at reduced prices. They combined the buying power of multiple small businesses to be able to get goods at cheaper rates. The company was called Samen Sterk which translates to Strong Together. When my grandfather sold his company in the 1980's it guaranteed a warm bath for my childhood with nothing but joy and happiness.

I'm very glad nobody ever tested me on ADHD because I'm quite sure it would have been a positive test and my creativity would have been destroyed by patented drugs. I managed to finish highschool without trouble and then started studying to become an auditor, a study I never finished. Never finished, because by the time I was getting to the point where I could finish it, I came in contact with Bitcoin and basically saw right away that it is going to change everything we see as normal today.

Getting in contact with Bitcoin did not just came falling from the sky. it all started when I wanted to know what a euro actually was. I had millions of euro's that I gave a place for clients, but nobody ever explained me how these euro's came into excistence. I had to find it out myself and my of my was I in shock. I never felt so much anger as the day I found out that all fiat is debt money, untill that time I was in the understanding that gold had something to do with the equasion, but I couldn't have been more wrong. It was all build on a web of violence and force, my world collapsed. 

I had problems with doing my job, because I felt as if I was aiding the enemy with my good will and energy, I started to follow youtube channels that talk about economic meltdown's, gold and silver and these channels where the ones that made me look at Bitcoin, it was 2012 back then.

After reading Satoshi Nakamoto's whitepaper I didn't understand a single paragraph from what was written, but people like BrotherJohnF and Max Keiser kept on telling me this was very special and definitely worth every second you put in, so I descided to take a gamble and buy some Bitcoins, also because at that time Wikileak's bankaccounts where closed down and I felt like giving them some support, I really like what Chelsea Manning managed to achieve because of them, and when you tell me I can't do something, I'm the kind of guy that get's motivated by such statements. It wasn't that easy by the way, I costed well over 150 euro to open a MtGox account, I bought my first bitcoins under 10 dollar and after I did my first transaction and was able to see that transaction on some random webpage that hosted a bitcoin explorer I understood that this technology will change the world. It took me not long to basically put all my money in Bitcoin, also because I did not have that much of it, Bitcoin was still under 100 dollars back then. 

In that same year the Bitcoin price exploded to 1200 dollar and I felt like speaking out about my great bet. I wrote a letter to my bank, asking them if I could maybe deposit my Bitcoin with them, because I'd lost all confidence in the euro and actually felt conscientious objection when I use euro in my everyday life. The message I got back was astonishing to me, my bank told me a relationship with them is build on trust and with my letter I had made clear not to trust them. They therefore saw only one possible outcome, terminate all my accounts with them, I had 30 day's to clear my account. Living in the Netherlands without a bankaccount is kind of impossible and this reaction from the bank definitely made things a lot worse. I got so angry that, no matter what, in my lifetime I am going to make the world understand that bankprofit is society loss and working for traditional debt-banks is not  job to be proud of. I want everybody in the Netherlands to understand they unequally benefit from monetairy apartheid and their lack of interest about the subject will make future generations think they have the same morality level of a SS-soldier in the second world war, I want to make sure nobody in the Netherlands can say, Wir haben es nicht gewusst, like the German's said after WWII and means "we didn't know".

Ok, let me somewhat come to a conclusion, because I can write many more stories, but i shouldn't make it too long, because people don't feel like reading that much. To cut it short, I've made my entire life become an act of rebellion. I try to live within the rules that are given, but I try to bend them as much as possible. When I first came to Liberland I wanted a new name that was in line with what I stand for. I hope everybody is familiar with the phrase YOLO, You Only Live Once. I believe this lifemotto has a lot of shortcomings and therefore I've invented my own lifemotto YCLO, or Your Children Live On. When you take the first letters of those words you get YoChi LivO, but because I played a lot of Super Mario when I was small I descided that Yoshi would be better. Yoshi is the one that helps everybody further. In Super Mario people jump on his back and he is the one giving his life first, so the mission can continue. Yoshi also means blessed/happy/best in Japanese and that's what I hope to show, that the Yoshi way is better then the way of Super Mario Draghi. Those reasons combined made me go with Yoshi Livo. I hope that one day I will become the Dutch ambassador for Liberland and I can use my bitcoin profits to build a Liberland embassy in the Netherlands. If you want to support me on my mission, please buy yourself some e-Gulden EFL, it is a cryptocoin like Bitcoin that focusses on the Netherlands, the coin is traded on various exchanges like Bittrex. I see cryptomoney as politics and my campaign is always running, allmost close to 4 years now. I've tried in many way's to get EFL in the attention of the media, but unfortunately they prefer to misquote me with articles like these: https://www.ad.nl/economie/cryptomunten-loont-het-nog-om-in-te-stappen~af57d3dc/  You can imagine I made quite some money on my bitcoin bets, actually more then I think I can spend, that's why I like to share, people around me will hopefully tell you the same, one of the people I helped this way was Toine Manders, he used to be the chairman of the Libertarian Party in the Netherlands, you can visit the site www.helpmanders.com or see a hearing with him last year that went viral.  

Toine advises me now sometimes on money issues, he doesn't believe Liberland will work our for me and he thinks I should move to Dubai, but this opportunity comes only once in a lifetime. I would regret it the rest of my life if I just take profit and not care about anything else, I have an idea in mind to work out a system of voluntary taxation in a way that I believe can work and hope to meet Liberlandians that are willing to help me to achieve my goals. Ok that's it, feel free to comment or ask questions, because that way you make it more easy for me to write the next episode. To finish, I got a picture of my Liberland citizenship certificate, hope you all like it!