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Hello W0Wn3r0 community,

This week I decided to join your telegram channel. I discovered WoWnero in december of last year, just a couple of months ago and like the idea right from the start. I have faith in the future, because I own some wownero today, but something is going on in my life that I would like to share with you, because I believe it can create a win-win situations for all parties involved.

You see, about 5 years ago I traveled to Liberland. I like it a lot here but a couple months ago a friend with a house near Liberland decided to sell his house because his wife was diagnosed with ALS. My friend and his wife sell their house so they can travel together and enjoy the good years they still have got with eachother. I would love to buy that house and host daily streams about my life on crypto, you should have a look, for example on discord, because over the years I have made quite a collection of video's. To get the funding of that house complete I started something called Proof of Community, but after a couple of months I have only got 3 out of 4000 positions filled and it looks like I am not going to buy that house, but hey, this is wownero and everything is possible.

I am looking for 1 bitcoin to buy that house, I have calculated it to be 500.000 WoWnero. I tried to upload the text below yesterday to but some error occurred and I did not manage to get it done yet, but I will try again today and next week so I can share my proposal properly, this is just a little introduction to the reality of Liberlander Yoshi Livo, Your Children Live On. I believe the story I have created over the years suits WoWnero perfectly and if the WoWnero community funds me a stable basis I will stream on a daily basis and inform my viewers about whatever is happening in the wownero reddit, telegram and discord channels, this offer has no end, as long as I am alive I would like to speak out about how I see reality a little bit different, you can read for example this blogwebsite to see how I believe we can improve our value system and create a new social contract so that society can function in a better way then today.

Thanks for tuning in today, feel free to ask me questions, for example on Telegram: @yoshilove or X: @infoliberland I will end with sharing the text I prepared for 

# W0WN3R0 Liberland community house

Hey everybody, new member here.

I got something I think could be golden, but I will just try to write it down to the best of my abilities and let you decide for yourself.

## House for sale

A couple of months ago my friend decided he wants to sell his house.

It's a [**house located near Liberland**]( and I would like to buy it.

I set up something I called [**Proof of Community:**]( and introduced the ["**Go Fuck Yourself**"]( video series on Rumble:

### Funding goal

If the wownero community completes the full 500.000 WoWnero, I will be able to buy the house and host it as [**wownero accepting airbnb**](,19.0952119,16.26z/data=!4m15!1m8!3m7!1s0x475cb590d0545f03:0xe7cfa5c7aea6c69b!2sSombor!3b1!8m2!3d45.773295!4d19.1151469!16zL20vMDFwc3Bm!3m5!1s0x475cca92eae24149:0x5162dbd77de5f9df!8m2!3d45.8022338!4d19.0961663!16s%2Fg%2F11bzvcpj73?entry=ttu) for future [**Liberland**]( visitors. I can also run a miner from that stable location and I will manage with the owner that I can keep like 10K - 20K WoWnero as discount, with a budget of 10 wownero per day I can run 3 to 6 years of streams from that location, give away 10 wownero per day to viewers and answer questions from them while I'm at it.

I will have to sell crypto to get ownership of the house. Even if I would have all that crypto available it's a terrible moment to sell now. I did not make up for this moment, my friend did with his decision to offer that house for sale. I've been going at this for a decade and have made a million mistakes, but speaking out about this offer is not one of them.

#### Stream announcement

If you own wownero you understand that the best way of dealing with them is to stay anonymous.

At the same time, if you never talk about it, how are people going to know wownero matters? I have made my steps until today and this house matters to me in my life. Whatever community is going to help me will receive my lifetime achievement reward, I was not kidding about what I wrote in my [**reddit post,**]( we can do it and Team Humanity, Let's GO!

The upcoming days I will host streams to show what I have to offer, and because I am the King of Honkspiricies you can follow me to receive a notification when I go live at [****]( and maybe you will win 10 WOW on my "Wheel of Fortuyn"!

Yes, half a million WOWnero is a lot of money, but [**a couple of weeks ago**]( I spoke about 1 million WOWnero, I try to adjust the price while we are going, but my friend deserves a fair price for that house and you as a WOWnero community really want me to be able to live in that house for the upcoming years in my life. I spoke about it with my friend and if I manage to offer him 1 bitcoin for the house he will take it. 500.000 WOW will be offered for sale at a price of 200 satoshi per WOW on to get there and I think WOW can get it done. I am also disappointed I am not able to buy the house directly with WOW, but if this transaction comes true I have all the reasons not to shut up about it and give WOWNERO all the credits it deserves for the community effort.

##### I will share pictures of the house with people that show interest, contact me on X: [**@infoliberland**](