Xeggex EFL


Some positive news today!

In the month of November 2023 a successful crowdfunding took place within the EFL community. 

A new exchange, Xeggex, has listed e-Gulden EFL, the Bitcoin of the Netherlands and added USDT, BTC and DOGEcoin to EFL pairs to their platform!

I will come clean right away, I made the final donation to complete the funding. Not because I endorse the Xeggex exchange, but because I am happy to see some people creating action. It's nothing personal against Xeggex exchange, but I have experienced MtGox, Cryptsy, Cryptopia, FTX, and many smaller unnamed events that all show what crypto is lacking, an actual userbase.

Hello Bitcoin maxi's that promote the lightning channel. Last week a transaction costed over 10$. Why is it so hard for you to understand that if I want to add bitcoins to the lightning channel once per month and a merchant needs to pay his taxes every month, 2 transactions per month are still too much for bitcoin to service the entire globe. 

Before I donated to the crowdfunding campaign I wanted to make sure a EFL/DOGECOIN market was added. Dogecoin is the most successful communitycoin in my opinion and I would like to fully support Elon musk in his effort to keep crypto cash. I believe we need 1000's of community coins to create a workable alternative next to the traditional dollar system. If I wanted to extend and empower a fiat control system, I would start an ETF and use customers funds to make BTC transactions cost a minimum of 100$ to process, creating a digital gold with fiat inflating debt as counter value. 

I would like to propose a new DOGEcoin standard, calculating bitcoin value in doge instead of in dollar. Bitcoin dominance is nothing more then a DXY for bitcoin maxi's and only shows how little the crypto community actually uses crypto. I have set myself many goals, and I probably have been early to the party. I like to trade my EFL with use of Komodo, and to celebrate a new DOGEcoin/EFL pair I have opened a sell order with 50.000 EFL selling for 20 DOGE each, or 1 million DOGE in total, and you know the best part about this offer, is that you don't have to be Elon Musk to take it!

Since Elon Musk his involvement in DOGEcoin the value has marsrocketed, for me it's pretty obvious what is going on, Elon is scalping DOGE like a boss, good for him! When bitcoin goes up in value he can lower the satoshi value of dogecoin and DOGEholders will still make a profit if they calculate in dollars. There is 1440 blocks of DOGE per day, each rewarding 10K DOGE, that comes down to over 10M doge per day, I am offering you a deal of 1M Doge, that is a one time event, vs 10% of daily DOGEcoin inflation. For me, e-Gulden EFL is the Bitcoin of the Netherlands. Sure, the Dutch population has no clue until this day, but out of all cryptocoins it comes closest in many aspects. Instead of using Bitcoin as a traceable store of value, of which you don't know what the transactioncost will be when you receive it, lets decentralize bitcoin by adding 1000's of communitycoins. 1M DOGE would be another achievement with which I hope to be able to show what different values can lead to. My presence 20 miles out of Liberland will certainly help to spread the message and just imagine the support I will receive for launching my interpretation of ethical currency once EFL reaches the value of more then 1 euro each. 

I have plenty of projects to develop so I'll be happy to send my EFL over to the next lucky owner, sure, I know 20 DOGE per EFL is nothing near the value today, but Elon will keep on scalping Doge well below 100 satoshi each and 99.99% of EFL's inflation is already behind us. The Dutch citizens are only just now waking up to inflation, and if that herd mentality kicks in we could be in for some fireworks. I think it's a win win situation for both parties involved and I can remain full of honor if I offer such a trade. At some point something will happen and this will have only been the start.