Warning! This website will soon be labelled misinformation. I have a creative mind and try my best to explain to you why I am so convinced by the end of February we've successfully completed our Proof of Community. I am fighting a war against the double standard of our world and am at a crossroads in my life. In order to make it to the next level, I need your help.

If you are completely new to the "Go Fuck Yourself" series, I will give a full explanation of what it is that I want to achieve with the completion of my Proof of Community.

Let's start it off by stating my initial goal has been to sell 1 million DOGEcoin worth of EFL, to buy the house of my friend who is selling his house to pay for his medical bills. 1 Million DOGEcoin is about 10% of the daily DOGEcoin emission, I think that makes a good comparison to show I'm not asking for the end of the world. This unexpected news about a house sale came forward about 2 months ago and has helped me to develop a new way of looking at things. This is my latest update.

For about 10 years I publicly speak out about the problems I have with debt based currencies and the solutions I find by looking for alternatives. Looking at the situation today, a Bitcoin ETF was created in the month of January, introducing professional scalpers to the Bitcoin community. These professional scalpers are most likely going use volatility to create arbitrage opportunities, and because we still live in a dollar based system, it is just a matter of time before the Blackrock's of this world can temporarily control the story that is being told on the markets and I predict, if we don't manage to inform enough people about the need to step away from debt currencies, control the price indefinitely. As long as people are unable to transact peer 2 peer, and require trust from centralized institutions, peer 2 peer cash looks more far away then ever before. Profit is not the main driver for governments, their main driver is control. Blockchain technology can be dangerous as much as it can be helpful and because blockchain technology is still very early in it's development it can still be hijacked to create a perfect tool to service the control system. I'm trying my best to educate a larger audience, I believe that is my talent. In the past 10 years I've been able to bring myself to this point, but I've started to see how serious this war is going to be. If I want to continue my fight it has to become more professional. I understand calling out a war is not popular, nobody wants to fight a war, the only problem with that mindset is that the war is being fought against us regardless if we recognize it as such. That is why I've openly started to speak out that I believe we need to see it as a war and treat it as such. Sure, it has all been fun and games, at least for me until today. I have managed to position myself in a unique way and I can see how my battle can have a global impact on the eventual outcome of this war. At the same time I have to be realistic and understand that my lack of professionalism so far has created a situation that does not give me a chance to success if I continue on the same path. That is why I'm stepping up my game to see what my situation will be like at the end of February. To give you one more detail, I am free to go where I want. I really love this location near Liberland and the people that I live with, but at the same time, I've got 1000 different options to choose from. I write this text because I want to try and fight for the outcome I think fulfills my potential in the most optimal way while in the same time inform you about my need for help and my realization that I can't take all the risk by myself. 

Soon texts like these will hurt your creditscore and ESG score, just because you visit a website that is labelled to contain misinformation. I don't think somebody today can start again what I've been doing for the past 10 years. I've shared all my information publicly, without any cost and that knowledge has already been used by those in power to make crypto less useful when interacting with debt currencies. I've recently added a EFL/BTC order on komodo, for a total of 10 BTC. Yes, Proof of Community for 1 million DOGE is great for my friend and me that will trade a house together, but the plans I have are a much bigger then that. You can't receive what you don't ask for, and if I manage to explain myself well enough in this text, I am convinced you will understand to take part in my request for help and enjoy the benefits I will create along the way.

Let me start by explaining that all my trades are open on the Komodo platform. It introduces specific computer technology to exchange 2 forms of cryptomoney that use a different blockchains. The reason why I started PoC with use of DOGEcoin is because cryptomoney is still in early development and DOGEcoin is an excellent example to use when trying to convince people the need of the direction I'm steering towards. First of all, DOGEcoin is a POW coin that has managed to beat bitcoin in price because of the investment of Elon Musk. He has stated DOGEcoin is his attempt at keeping crypto usable as peer 2 peer cash and that is also my mission with PoC. I know, my timing is terrible, at the start of a bull market, but because of the steady inflation of DOGEcoin, I am confident I could one day show a profit on that investment, because unlike DOGEcoin, EFL has a hard cap of 21 million units in circulation and because EFL serves a specific niche market as Bitcoin of the Netherlands, the price compared to DOGEcoin can exceed the value I am currently selling my EFL for today.

I've added more orders over time, for different forms of crypto I had some interaction with. The most recent order of 10 BTC was because I could all of a sudden see the outcome of such an inflow of money. I do want to point out investing in EFL with another currency then DOGE or Bitcoin is going to be more insecure to return a profit, because a lot of coins have been subject to hyperinflation and serve very small communities, but those communities can grow and that hyperinflation will end, which makes it more difficult for me to predict the direction these alternative forms of crypto could go. I am going to make the statement that even Bitcoin has a fairly small userbase. Crypto need to grow, massively, but doing so will form a problem. I often joke about digital scarcity being 1 MB per 10 minutes, but that bottleneck is really a problem for me. I want to put my transactions into a layer 1 of a blockchain, not with of a token that was created on top of the chain, but a transaction on the blockchain itself. Blockchains get full once they become popular, I do not believe one single blockchain will ever be able to service the entire globe. My solution is to let human creativity do it's job. If a group of people they believe their community has advantage by using their own blockchain, let them create that blockchain and service that specific community. Let them maintain their blockchain and connect themselves with Bitcoin, we will both decentralize Bitcoin by doing so and have the ability to scale blockchain use to infinity. By letting additional communities add their community projects, they will decentralize Bitcoin while at the same time, add a group of motivated individuals to communicate with their community about why blockchain technology is important to their lives and I believe we are going to need 1000's of those people to educate the billions of people that don't understand the benefit of blockchain use..

Before I really start off I want to make one more statement. After you have used the komodo platform for the exchange of DOGEcoin to EFL, you end up with EFL. The upcoming month of February I will host streams, my only accepted form of donation is EFL. If you want to donate me, all EFL's are welcome on EFL address: LTWwcY9EPQDjEy269kyA2ofzJoPAaYmvTb if the EFL's that are sold on Komodo are not received as a donation 1 week after the exchange occurred, I will donate the remaining EFL's myself and the EFL's that are acquired in the komodo trade can be used for future investments, for example as investment of the Liberland Harbor, or just to trade back against DOGEcoin once the story I am telling is understood by Dutch people.

The orders that are currently open are:

1 Million DOGEcoin for 50000 EFL

10 BTC for 220371 EFL

1000 Litecoin for 50000 EFL

2500 Dash for 50000 EFL

350 BCH for 50000 EFL

If you want me to open orders for different coins, feel free to contact me. I have been preparing to build a harbor near Liberland. Not on Liberland soil, but close, feel free to contact me and I will send you a brochure with some extra information. Please note I open these orders and hope that somebody will complete 1-10% of the full amount. Larger amounts are possible, but personally I wouldn't recommend owning more then 1/1000 out of total supply of a cryptocoin, in the case of EFL, that means 21000 EFL. The entire strength of PoC comes from individuals working together. Specifically for Bitcoin I want to warn for high transaction costs, and to participate for 0.1  BTC as a minimum, or use a different coin. The following story is to show you as to what I would make happen if I manage to sell out on all these orders and how simple math is going to make some profit for those investors that didn't donate EFL, but bought them for a later moment.

Since a month or 2, I don't mind to pinpoint it down to Alex Jones' X account being reinstated, I start to feel like a different vibe is in the air. I'm proud to call myself a outspoken member of Team Humanity for over 10 years, you just can't imagine the difference that today makes with 10 years ago, but at the same time, nothing really has happened yet, we are all just waiting for what is going to happen next. Let me shake you up just a little bit here, because the fight for freedom, and more specifically, financial freedom, is being lost as we speak. No, it's not the technology, and no, it's also not the individual that knows how to use these new technologies to their advantage. The problem I see are the large amounts of people that refuse technologies completely, or at least, for as far as their comfort zone allows them to. Nobody in today's society is really living a life without technology, but yet, when it comes to money, nobody seems to be willing to trust a digital form of it yet. This is the problem I will solve with an investment of 10 bitcoin, that is why I opened up a larger order then the initial PoC goal. 

I write that down very easily, I will solve that problem, but it's not as easy as that. Over the past 10 years I've talked with many people, some of them formed groups, most of them had their own specific crypto they believe in. Hyperinflation, in combination small communities and market manipulation has cause most coins to lose value against bitcoin. A lot of these coins are currently experiencing all time lows against Bitcoin, but the people that believe in these projects and often perform work because they feel its the best thing they can do with their lives, these are exactly the people we need to get people educated. We need 1000's, if not millions of people speaking out, that is exactly how Bitcoin managed to make it to this level of today. If we want to establish more freedom, our first step is to want to get that freedom. Those groups of people supporting crypto have been taking a beating for 10 years in a row. Called out as scammers, referred to as shitcoiners. Let me make a very clear statement, the only shitcoins out there are debt currencies that obtain their value because their use is enforced with violence. This period of hyperinflation in crypto is the perfect legitimization of owning a bunch of any random coin, by now everybody has had the chance to get involved, even if you don't know anything about computers and have not been receiving mining rewards in the past.  In the upcoming years the resilient coins will emerge and if they manage to hold themselves, in 200 years from now they will all trade around fair value, which means in the case of EFL to Bitcoin a ratio of 1:1. That is why those trades with EFL are going to make everybody a profit in any currency I offer my trade for today, because with my energy and attention, that EFL coin will survive that period of time for long enough for it to trade closer to fair value then what I am selling for today. That is why this PoC is going to turn out to become something really big and in a couple of years people will ask themselves why it took me such a long time to get my message across and wrote about my offer for over a month, because the story we as a community are going to empower is that of hyperinflation and fair value, a story that is not on anybodies scope today. Let me just write this down also while I'm at it: "We are currently living in VERY special times". With that I mean, really everything is possible, as long as enough people want it it will become a reality. 

People create value, that is my message. EFL will be a perfect proof of it, and like EFL there are many more projects with qualified and dedicated people that want nothing more then include people in the blockchain economy. If bitcoin becomes traceable gold, the price will be capped at some point, especially because of the BTC inflation that is still coming in. We all need to spend dollars, right? So whatever you put in must come out at some point. Only if we manage to add real value to blockchain transactions will the value of crypto grow. If we only play moneygames with those that can print it, a very tiny amount will take all the profits and the average person will be blocked out because of high fees. I would like to see local markets exist and for them to have their own currency, but if I see people worried about their reality of cash, what I refer to as debt currencies, I can't help to think how big the task really is going to be. I believe those last 2.5 BTC out of that 10 BTC order are equally important, because I will use them to try and buy back 225000 EFL and ignite a friend campaign with use of a 3 million EFL premine that is still available to the general Dutch public, at what pricelevel do you think that money will become interesting for them? I would like to tell the Dutch public to use that extra blockchain space to fill up some local needs and the way how things move today, with regulations about to become serious, I feel like my proof of community is the right step forward, also for me to prove myself a point. Here I am, for the full month of February I will reach out to find 4000 people completing proof of community for 250 DOGEcoin each. I currently have 1000 followers on X, just to give you an idea of what I'm doing, this is again going to be an attempt to prove the impossible, after Liberland and Bitcoin, I have finally realized that I am the one actually doing all these things. Believe me, you are going to want to have your part in what Yoshi Livo is doing, because I am still only getting started, actually, let's call this the start and let's see howmuch success I can create in the month of February. This is my first time I stream live to X and Rumble and the first time I call for Team Humanity to do themselves a favor and to take my offer. 

Money has always moved in tranches, the concept of using additional blockchains to make use of Bitcoin more convenient is as old as silver being complementary to gold. I believe all my proposals are natural and instead of fighting them we should try to look at the problems we are facing and use available solutions to our benefit. Look at Canadian truckers that got their bank accounts closed, just like me 10 years ago when my bank closed down my bank account because I used Bitcoin. Look at the farmers in Germany, the farmers in the Netherlands and then combine that with a blocksize of Bitcoin that is stopping us for almost 10 years from servicing these people with a solution they can be helped with right now. There will be pain, the reality I project goes against a lot of peoples understanding of what is real, but money and politics is really just the first step and not my end goal. We need to create our own story, instead of reacting to whatever current thing is brought forward by traditional media. 1000's of people are needed to educate people on topics they believe have just one answer. There is a different way to look at the economy then what Keynes has thought us and there is a different way to look at health then what the Rockefeller institute is teaching their students. Instead of people looking for solutions at centralized institutions we need to explain them a decentralized network of people can help you even better, just like I am trying to show with my PoC today. If I manage to complete my goal with success it will help other be empowered. It will be a difficult task and we can expect a lot of resistance, but again, try to zoom out from the current situation and see how debt is exploding, together with the vast amount of bombs that are required to enforce the use of this debt globally. Our enemy is learning, governments might be slow and inefficient, after all these years I feel like the ETF will give them the power to manipulate prizes within their range. Are you ready for the next burst of the BTC price? Around the halving the price will peak and all media are going to FOMO the unknowing taxpayer into Bitcoin, just like they did late 2017. Probably around the time workers get payed their vacation money the price will reach it's peak and the unknowing masses will buy overpriced bitcoins, so that in the next 4 years to come those bitcoins can be bought back at a lower price point and everybody who bought some on recommendation of their trusted news outlets will once again end up with the experience and idea that Bitcoin is only losing in value and you are a bad person for wanting to participate in it's economy. 

I believe the story of Yoshi Livo, Your Children Live On, is what could help people to look at things different, but as stated before, I am taking a huge risk and this is quite a task ahead. I can't and won't perform this task all by myself. The risk I can manage, because I know what I am getting myself into, but the task itself is too much for me to handle alone. Yes, I will be responsible for my own actions, but I've been doing that for 10 years now and so far it gave me exactly nothing, besides a couple of nice stories I could tell or write down in a book. I need to make some big decisions in my personal life and being able to use my EFL in this moment would give an answer to most of these questions. I am trying to work with people. For example these orders on Komodo are an open invitation to participate with Bitcoin, yes, in my way, I have my own idea of how things should go and that is the reason why I often end up not working together with people, because they want to turn my way into their way. Sorry, but I think for myself and make my own decisions. I am trying to build a different value system because I believe people will make different decisions if they would have different priorities. 

Let's just say I would like 4000 individuals to each buy 12.5 efl with 250 DOGEcoin on the komodo platform and then donate the EFL to my stated EFL adress LTWwcY9EPQDjEy269kyA2ofzJoPAaYmvTb, but I am glad my open orders also take larger amounts and I have located myself near Liberland. Specifically for BTC I require 6 confirmations for the transaction to occur, so please allow the network to do its task. Wallet to wallet transactions are important, I don't need to know the identity of the owner of that counter wallet, let the money do the talking. My personal advice, for all the Saylor fans, would be to never buy more then 1/1000th of the total of a coin, as soon as you can buy more, you should diversify and find something else that's good. Money in itself has no value and is not the goal, only people can give value to money. The goal for me is explore human creativity and our connection to a greater good and find similarities amongst people so we can find a new way of living together, without the double standard that is enforced with violence today. The open orders on komodo are priced to pay for a 2btc house, so that at least 2 people have to participate in my proposal to reach my funding goal. The spot price of EFL will only be affected if I manage to sell out on multiple orders and for now that spot price is significantly less then my open trades on Komodo. All I try to do is to show how I can make my reality grow and in which direction I would focus. To end, I would like to make an exception for WOWnero and allow 1 million WOWnero to substitute for 1 million DOGE. I feel like openly speaking out about the need to take responsibilities in your own hands can be combined with a coin like WOWnero, and by putting this massage out there, I feel like the WOWnero community might understand my battle with the double standard of our world today, and because you can't trade wownero for EFL on Komodo I will open WOWnero donations to this specific address:  WW2LZZUQwKg8qxAf9eKbFwfpYx1NezgSxNj2R2nQQRFTR6a8CRsFk2PEyPMCj8xj43fpnwspuk9fvgWzCQ1t6mvT2Qfxa1WaP 

Hyperinflation, hardly anybody sees it coming. Soon the hyperinflation of crypto money will be over and a lot of people havn't even yet noticed it is currently taking place. Enough years went by for people to enjoy their increase in wealth from a computer project they got interested in a were allowed to spend coins at a profit that all end up in control of large financial institutions. A large amount of Bitcoin is still being mined every day, although in the near future the supply will halve, At this moment block#826319 is mined, so it's halving is less then 14000 blocks to go. I believe my timing is perfect and this PoC is a great way for me to know where I'm at. I believe my location near Liberland, in Europe, but outside of the EU can create a lot of opportunity for communities that join me in my mission. My mission is not to convince others of my truth but instead, show them my truth is real and empower their imagination of how traditional problems can be solved different. I'm Ready!

In this most impossible time, with everybody being bullish and with high expectations of a Bitcoin price going up, I am going to complete my proof of community and put #YCLO as a compliment to #YOLO in the spotlight. With use of community coins we will stay ahead of the regulatory curve and keep ownership to ourselves. The end of hyperinflation in crypto in combination with the hyperinflation of debt currencies is going to create a perfect storm. This story will help us in our fight to eventually win this war for freedom and to abolish the double standard that is present in our reality today. It's a fight I can use a lot of help with. I've brought it up to here, now I want to hear from team Humanity: "We can do this!"