Your Children Live On


I've written many texts over the years. Some about me, but most of the times about my experiences and perceptions of events. This new text is long overdue, because it is time for me to write exactly what "Your Children Live On" means to me, Liberlander Yoshi Livo, or Niels Harmsen from Breda in the Netherlands. Which name you give me is up to you and tells me more about you then it does about me, because both names belong to one and the same person.

I was born in 1986 in a beautiful place full of opportunities. Anything that you liked to try was available and every opportunity you like to challenge is waiting for you. If you got sick you could go to a docter with enough skill to make you feel better and if you worked hard enough you had an endless amount of different restaurants you could try out. From a very young age you go to school to learn how to read and write, but when I was about 8 years old, something new got introduced that no other human being in history of mankind had ever experienced, the internet.

At the start of the internet, it was hardly usable and quite expensive, it really took some time for it to take off, and that makes my life quite unique, because I grew up with, AND without the existence of the internet, there is basically just one generation with that kind of experience and I feel blessed I have experienced both because it has been of tremendous value to my life.

The thing is, that if you are young, it is easy to learn and you are also more eager to do so and because I was still of adolescent age when internet really took off, I learned to use the new technology as a tool to make my life easier and discovered that hardly anybody of older age was doing the same. I often had to step in to help out with simple computer tasks, because those that grew up without internet didn't want to take the time to learn what this new technology had to offer. And oh my, did it have a lot to offer.

Today's society can't be understood without knowledge that the internet exists. Visit the restaurant? Just press a button and the food is delivered to your door! But a different reality still exists, a world outside of the matrix wonderland of today's modern society. In fact, the majority of the world is still in that pre internet fashion and it's just the highly populated areas that have committed to a life built around the internet, but here comes the interesting part, since about a decade there is money designed for digital use. The name is Bitcoin and I'm sure the majority of readers have heard from it by now. The problem for modern societies is that Bitcoin is build to challenge the foundation of their existence, which is the debt currency all participants of that society trade their life-energy for. Debt currency, you heard it right, created on the birth of babies that will be forced to pay extortion taxes as soon as they grow up, but without any real tangible value except for the violence and exclusion the participants agree upon.

When my bankaccount, that was opened on my name when I was just a couple days old, got terminated because of Bitcoin in 2014 I made a decision that would change my life forever, I made the decision to make as little use of debt currency as I would be able to handle. Luckily for me, in 2013 Bitcoin saw a price increase from 10 to 1000 dollar each and this has helped me to become quite successful in avoiding unethical forms of currency. But, even today, I still am not able to go completely around it's use, for example when I pay my taxes for a visa. A visa of a country near Liberland, because that is ultimately where that journey has taken me. I live and let live, some 20 miles out of the promised land and do this since a couple years now. 

Some 24 years ago NATO bombed and sanctioned the town where I live today, the economy came to a complete standstill and because of that it sometimes feels as if time has stopped. I really felt as if I was traveling back in time when I first came here, but in all honesty, since my arrival I can see a lot of changes. Last year, for example, all companies were required to include mandatory QR codes on each bill they handed out. Still, it must be said, the economy is quite informal, there are no large offices of multinationals and the majority of people grow at least some part of their nutrition themselves. Out of all possible variations my life could have evolved in, I ended up in this place, because of Liberland, and I'm forever grateful that the project has come to my life, that is why it sometimes is so laughable how that project is progressing.

I managed to make a profit on my Liberland investment, so their announcement in 2019 that I was reduced to status of persona non grata and the confiscation of a healthy sum of Liberland equity never really bothered me, because that equity doesn't hold any value anyway and I have learned that I dodged a bullet in wanting to be part of the life they propagate. I was close to learning exactly how the pedoclub blackmails their puppets and since covid I can see, more clear then ever before, exactly how dangerous a totalitarian control system will be to freedom and because of lack of participation and a conflict of interest, the world is rapidly becoming a prison in which each narcissistic psychopath builds his own wall to dominate the people foolish enough to live inside of it. 

Bitcoin is a beautiful invention to undermine the power of the state. It is created to build trust in a trustless setting, but because of choices from the past, Bitcoin by itself will not be capable to serve the world with its financial needs. Die hard Bitcoin maximalists don't worry about that though, their biggest problem is to get Bitcoin regulated so large financial institutions can make the dollar value go up to 1 million dollar per coin. These maximalists are the people that use mastercard or visa services to use their coins and live a happy life from it, while calling out community crypto coins as centralized scamcoins. Bitcoin as only form of cryptomoney next to a dollar is the perfect tool for future generations to get ripped of their financial privacy. Instead of a centralization around the paper reality in which the dollar and other debt currencies operate, my decision to not use unethical forms of currency has been motivated by the idea to build a better world for future generations. For that we need to decentralize Bitcoin, not by regulating it to create centralized liquidity hubs in the form of Lightning nodes that will require you to follow their KYC procedure, but instead by adopting a second layer of blockchains for any usecase human creativity can think of and to connect those blockchains as layer 2 with Bitcoin.

The amount of corruption in today's society is unprecidented in the world history, for those that don't know what I'm talking about, just go back in time a couple of months to the moment where every television, radio, politician or newspaper was trying to scare people with the flu, mandating them to participate in a medical experiment if they wanted to travel for example. Forcing parents to risk the fertility of their children, just to be part of the so called collective. For those that believe that a collective like that really exists, yes, it does. An enormous amount of people have lost the ability to think critically about the information that is presented to them, because they have never encountered babylonbee in their lives and get all their information from only one source. It has lead to a mass formation hypnosis and those that suffer from this mental condition are unable to see the bigger picture of their existence. These people can be ordered to have any kind of emotions about basically anything, as long as the message is repeated often enough and they are being scared enough to allow those messages to be imprinted in their brain. It has shown to be highly effective, some countries even got over a 90% participation rate in that recent medical experiment.

When I heard about You Only Live Once, YOLO, for the first time, I felt like it was missing something and that something is Your Children Live On. It took a fair amount of time, but since about 5 year I live my life as Yoshi Livo, a way to remember myself about my goal in life, to make a better future for all human kind. I wake up every day with the idea that what I'm trying to achieve is the most important subject I can spend my time on. Bitcoin is nice, and local initiatives can certainly help people that share a language and geographical location to organize themselves outside of government influence, but even with those local initiatives the spectrum is not wide enough. We need different forms of money for different use cases and although Bitcoin and similar altcoins are a great store of value, their deflationary character makes spending them a costly activity. The highly speculative feature also doesnt really suit itself as a currency and for that reason I would like to introduce an ethical currency that pays each wallet a certain amount of value per hour and demurrages those coins at a fixed rate to induce spending.

I am crowdfunding myself with a cryptocoin called e-Gulden EFL, which I like to refer to as the Bitcoin of the Netherlands. I believe that the herd mentality of Dutch citizens will kick in when the value of one out of 21 million EFL will cost 1 euro per coins and all those that will support me will generate a healthy profit if I turn out to be right and if I am not right, because even after a breakout above 1 euro per coin the Dutch people are unable to see value in different money, then by the time the price of 1 EFL reaches 1 euro per coin, I have sold around 2 bitcoin worth of EFL, which should be enough at today's value to give me enough security to believe I stand a chance to introduce this new currency with success. I will spread this message to a variety to crypto communities that are connected with Komodo's Atomic Dex, because I accept more then just bitcoin to crowfund myself and will use the funds from the crowdfunding campaign to buy EFL to the price of 1 euro myself, accepting a loss to see if my prediction holds true and a breakout above the price of 1 euro per EFL will get the Dutch population to rethink their options. I will sell my EFL at a value of 1000sat btc per EFL in a cryptocoin of your choice, just contact me in role as administrator in a Telegram group I created, or visit my Twitch streams when I'm live and we can talk about it. 

Almost all inflation of EFL is behind us, out of 21 million coins 20.99 million have been brought into circulation. The team behind this coin has shown over the years to be able to manage a blockchain project and all they are waiting for is a community to adopt it, so their help would become obsolete. I'm trying my best to speed up that process of adoption, because if hyperinflation kicks in an huge advantage will be lost and the safetynet we can build together today will become less strong for when we need it. Liquidity is the biggest issue and the one that is willing to provide it will see an enormous return on its investment once the Dutch population, that is one of the wealthiest in the world today, start to accept EFL as their local Bitcoin.

I'm often wondering if my experience of this clownworld is really real. The amount of crazy events in my lifetime is astonishing, but all the people around me seem too busy to really stop for a moment and ask themselves what it is they are actually doing in their lives. I'm proud that I have managed my life in such a way that I can write this text for you today and all I can say is that I'm ready to take a bullet to see my dreams come true. Even without any support I will enjoy my life regardless and at some point the opportunity that I hold will pass on and be over and done for. All I can say is that if you really want to create change, you need more then a good idea, you need to be able to provide evidence your idea is working and create a nice story for people to listen to. The majority of people simply want to follow the rest and only if we manage to change the narrative towards our interests will we be able to really generate change, with that in mind, here I am, Liberlander Yoshi Livo, at your service, now who is ready for me to take on the biggest challenge of our lifetime, which is to explain people exactly how much the media and governments have defrauded and lied to them in their lifetime?