Liberland Merit

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Today, the fifth of april 2019, is a big day in the history of Liberland. It might well be the most important day since the Liberland flag was put into the soil of our newborn nation. Today is the launch of the first Liberland Merit market on the exchange. I've been personally involved into realising the creation of this market and with it's creation I hope Liberland will reach the next stage in it's existance.

With the creation of the Liberland Merit market, the Liberland project will finally have a value, because untill today the money of Liberland could not be used and was just a number you could look at. In case you are Liberlander and have Merits in your account you can now start trading your Merits for USDT (Tether) BTC (Bitcoin) ETH (Ethereum) and XQR (Qredit). Because of this event Liberland will now be able to implement a transparant budgetting system onto their website. 

Untill today all donations are collected by the Liberland administration and they spend it without accountability. There is no way Liberlanders can controll or check the way how their donationmoney is spend, but with this important step we are getting one step closer to bringing Liberlanders the government they deserve, a transparant and open government that acts in the benefit of all Liberlanders.

With the creation of the Liberland Merit market the Liberland website can now offer Liberlanders the best price for Merits available on the free market. Personally I've bought my Merits with a Bitcoin price that is higher then todays price, so I'm offering a limited number of 10 citizenships with a discount, we can all share some profit in that way. You can see the offer here:

10 people will be able to get their Liberland citizenship at a discount, if you want to profit from this offer you need to take action, because once it is sold out it won't come back. After this discount 1 citizenship will always be available for buying on the original price of 1 dollar per Liberland Merit. The dollar market of Liberland Merit can be found here:

After the Liberland website implements the free market principles, the next step will be to start making budgets for our projects. Liberland has many things going on at the same time. Right now for example Liberland is preparing it's next anniversary, our fleet is under maintenance in Serbia and the e-residency program is being rolled out as we speak. All these projects require money, but untill today there is no transparancy on howmuch money is still needed and howmuch we already have gathered. By implementing a transparant budgetting system on the Liberland website Liberlanders can chose to which specific project they want to donate their merits to. Also, if Liberlanders themselves have a good idea that can benefit Liberland they will be able to list their project on the Liberland website and start crowdfunding their idea.

In the upcoming weeks this website will create more news about the long anticipated changes that are needed to get Liberland to the next level. Keep on following for the latest Liberland news!