It happened not too long ago, 48 hours maybe, when somebody asked me abbout my outlook on 2020. Well, let's give it a shot.

First of all on a personal level.  I moved to Serbia, although many people adviced me to do different. They adviced me to keep on traveling and live that free lifestyle, chase your dreams!

But by chasing my dreams I ended up here, near Liberland. I wake up every day a bit more happy to know I left the Netherlands behind me for a while. A couple of days ago a judge in the Netherlands ruled that the state has to take more action in controlling the environment. In 2019 we've seen maximum speed on the Dutch highway been reduced to 100 km/h. We've also seen mass protests by farmers that don't accept the narrative where they are portrayed as people that commit ecocide. This ruling has turbulence 2020 written all over it

For me the ruling shows how much of a facade the democracy has become. You just need the right jurisprudence and can get everything done with that. You can easily aquire such thing with a favourable scientific explanation and even as (or maybe exactly because IM) a converted satoshist, I have difficulties to believe most science of today.

To stick to crypto, I believe since  april 2017 we've seen a successfull crypto-stress test by financial institutions who are now able to, temporarily, manipulate the prices of most coins in the way they want. We see that gold and silver so far show the most similarities to the crypto markets, which indicate that is project as such in the narrative of the status quo that still manage to sell the succesfull story of the inusefullness of crypto.

You can't blame the Dutch people for not thinking out of the box, because the box brought them quite a lot. On top of that, bitcoin is allmost the biggest shitcoin of all and performing a transaction is difficult, expensive and slow. The most tech savvy guy's, who held the most btc in the past, didn't mind. In a way, they where right, because the more btc you move, the less expensive it gets and let's be honoust, it's a damn ingenius invention.

I don't believe adding a 3th party, like the lightning network, is the solution that will bring what Bitcoin needs. First of all, that statement is highly depending on your desired outcome, but lets say you want to enlighten people about their BEing, because you believe when people get closer to themselves, they can better understand the catch 22 they are in. Let's say those people are now provided with allmost free banking services 24/7 and all payments are close to instant, made possible by the relative small area and sample in which we operate. Adding the lightning network to Bitcoin will create all kind of, soon to be updated, new legislative limitations. It will make the cost of entry for new participants so high that it is almost impossible for you to trade because the number of participants are reduced to the same player that offer the current services and who knows, their fractional reserve banking might tempt them to do the same with btc. 

To stay on a btc level, it is allmost unheard of to talk about, but there is a chance satoshi nakamoto might get a face for the bigger public. Not that moving the tulip fund really proves your name, but it's easier for AP to spin it that way...