You Only Live Once


I was about 3 years old when a wall in Berlin fell down. I did not have any influence, but history was made, according to some. Media is a tool to convey a message, communication is difficult and one can easily be misunderstood because everybody is different. 

I am Liberlander Yoshi Livo and from 25 miles out of Liberland I want to thank you for your interest in my blog. sgulden.nl has 2 different explanations. First off, schulden is a Dutch word for cumulative debt, outstanding to more then 1 opposing counterpart. sch and sg are phonetically equal in Dutch pronunciation. Since some time, sgulden.nl tries to explain the clownworld surrounding the paper reality of our time.

Materialism is inferior to spirituality, but that is something you can easily forget when you are driving the lambo. According to some I should leave it at that and forget about clown. Life is precious and it's too valuable for me to explain it to people that do not share the same values. I am confident my time will come. I live in the country of Djokovic and the city of Jokic, I will be fine. 

Vote with your wallet, buy EFL, vote with your feet, travel to Liberland. I am ready.