10 years EFL



 This week EFL exists 10 years. Reason to celebrate, or is it? In this upcoming text I look back at the past 10 years and share my vision on the years that are still to come.

A lot has happened in 10 years, not in the least for me personally. With the knowledge of today I would have made many different decisions, but I don't regret any decision I made in the past. Life is a journey and if you are lucky you will discover more about yourself during your lifetime. 

Crypto money is a very broad topic, some are in it to become rich, others only have interest in the technical aspect. Personally I have always felt like blockchain technology will allow us to organize society in a different way from what we are used to do. Changing the status quo has always been my main motivation to get involved in crypto and speak out about blockchain technology and the reason for that is because I believe our world today has been corrupted to it's core and desperately needs change. Debt currency creation has hypnotized the majority of people I grew up with to a level that I did not deemed possible 10 years ago, but with the knowledge of today I can't state it in any other way. Human beings are most comfortable living in a herd and this is being used every day to control our thoughts and behavior. In my opinion the world is not getting better from that, but I seem to be one of the few that actually cares. The majority of people is too distracted by the rat race they are participating in to even discover the most obvious lies about their existence. EFL aims to educate the Dutch population. Bitcoin by itself has proven not to be able to service the entire globe and people that share a language and live in the same location have an excellent reason to share a blockchain together. I would have thought more people would want to fight for a different economic reality, but so far the group of people that share my passion is very limited. In the past 10 years many similar project came and went, people collected 1000's of Bitcoins with the promise to deliver what EFL delivers today. EFL has never received any kind of crowdfunding, the EFL community maintains the blockchain autonomous. The community of EFL has always openly stated they are going to do whatever it takes to educate the Dutch about money, more specific, blockchain technology, this promise is not believed by many people, as can be seen in the price of EFL today. Most users of EFL just hodl, and that;s it. They are not active in sharing information. They just wait for the price to go up and start selling once it does. People in the Netherlands really have no clue what it means to live without debt currency. They are not able to imagine a world where crypto money is used p2p and are only interested in coins they can buy for euro's on centralized exchanges. You can't blame the Dutch, they are one of the most brainwashed people, but I would have expected some more participation from people that share the same vision and want to decentralize Bitcoin so it is used more like p2p cash, as an alternative to debt currency, instead of an extension with more control.

Just for the record, I don't blame anybody for the choices they make in life. I have accepted that reality is always the most optimal outcome of all decisions being made every day. I know it sounds crazy with all the wars and violence we experience on our planet, but this is the way it is supposed to go. Violence is in our nature, it is in our DNA and our consciousness and I have always realized it is going to take multiple generations for our species to deal with all our trauma's from the past. You can't change the world in an instance and I am happy to see we are slowly becoming more aware of all the lies we grow up with. I believe in the law of nature. We can bend and stretch those laws for some time, that timeframe might even outlast a human being, but we will always have to accept some form of boundaries, in case of our planet we have to accept there is only 1 earth and it has a limited size which cannot be inflated.

10 years ago I was convinced that with the right evidence people would understand most of their existence has been build on a foundation of lies, but I was very wrong on this assumption. Covid has been a blessing for me because I was able to understand my fellow human beings much better. I was unaware how fear can manipulate people and was astonished to see reality play out during that time. Parents who did not participate in the medical experiment with mRNA gene therapy were not allowed to pick up their children from swimming class. It is just one of the many examples I remember when I think back about that time. The majority of Dutch society went along with it and with just a little bit of government propaganda they started to see their fellow human beings, who did not go along with the narrative they got told, as dangerous and considered them their enemy.

Everybody is entitled to have their own opinions and act based on their conviction so I will use this moment to share mine again about the topic of EFL. In my opinion the moment I created for EFL and myself is still the biggest moment for EFL until today. Looking back at it I should have donated just a tiny amount of EFL, because those that were bidding on my soul would have maybe pumped EFL to a price of 1 bitcoin each. An event that could have posed a risk to Liberland was eliminated by me, even before it began. And even for EFL it was a risk, because success for EFL would become a media event and in 2020 we got shown how eager people in the Netherlands follow fake news. 

Let's say I was aware of all these dangers and backed out of that deal because I followed my feeling and knew that EFL as decentralized platform would be the way to get the job done. I still believe that today, but Dutch people are not acting up to get the job done. Since forever EFL Foundation invites Dutch citizens to become friend of their electronic gulden. They will receive 2.20371 EFL for their effort, the same amount as 1 euro would cost in guilders on the day the euro was introduced. These day lobbies of commercial banks have been so successful people are cheering for paper banknotes. Be FREE!, CASH Liberty!!! Just how enslaved to war can one become before they themselves are the driver of the war because they want to keep it going? If individuals want change they can create it, for example we can create a movement that pays back all the debt, making central bankers lose their influence while we are doing it, but reality learns us the majority of people is not interested to fight for such a solution, we currently prefer to give authority to various centralized institutions and accept all the wasteful consequences that are part of it. Just think of the hours wasted on covid, or climate change and imagine how our lives could be different is we could not endlessly print debt to influence the preferred way of thinking.

Bitcoin by itself can't service everybody. Lightning will see the same scalability issues. Endless scaling happens by communities committing themselves to the Bitcoin standard. People in the Netherlands need bitcoin as one of the most from all, because they have saved up huge piles of debt. It's those. Crypto is being targeted from the regulatory angle and Bitcoin is taking all the heat. Based on ECB blogposts regulators take the most repercussive measures. More Bitcoins get locked up in ETF's and people like Michael Saylor are calling for Bitcoin to replace gold. Be my guest, because I would love to have my economy connected to those principles, but I am interested in p2p cash, because the people around me are caught in a group hypnosis and something needs to wake them up. EFL will be the perfect tool for the job.

Let me just say, based on that one moment on 6 years ago, I am convinced EFL still is that tool, and it is heading in the same direction, towards fair value to Bitcoin. Let maxi's believe everything dies to Bitcoin and talk about alternative crypto as if they took a crash course from from the banks, I believe hyperinflation of crypto will come to an end and we will trade closer to fair value, in fact, the fair value principle is the biggest sell point and ofcourse the fact that hardly anybody is actually using crypto directly to pay for goods and services. If you want the advantages of Bitcoin, but not pay 100.000$ to do so, you want to be able to afford those fees with a different coin and free yourself out of the war creating debt cycle. Let me repeat some people currently fight for their freedom by promoting debt currency. This topic is highly controversial in all my stories it is the creation of something we should get rid of. We can beat the cycle by introducing a different one and use that moment in time to finally conclude those cycles don't even matter. If we want to, we can pay down all that debt, if we really manage to replace our debt addiction with crypto and introduce coins in a smart way. 

By the way, did you know I'm currently crowfunding myself with use of WoWN3R0? I made a entire "Proof of community" attempt and you can also have a look at my "Go Fuck Yourself" videoseries on Rumble because as long as the house of my friend is for sale I have opened some special EFL orders on the komodo platform if you want any of my preferred value in return, but until today nobody is willing to share this common group, to fight for a local extension of the Bitcoin standard and start to live from a different perspective and reality, a reality in which bitcoin exists. If I manage to fill those orders I could create some amazing reality on my current location, but even without these orders filled I am happy to announce I have completed all steps required to obtain another 5 years of Serbian Visa. I have not yet received documentation that confirms it, but I expect it to be ready in the upcoming weeks as I have completed all required steps to obtain the serbian card. A last shoutout to all communitycoins that try to reach the same goal as EFL, to connect people with blockchain technology and set a different standard from the regular debt cycle we are born in. 

With the rising debt to GPD ratio's around the globe I can see the shit hit the fan. Will it happen in the upcoming 5 years? Atleast I now have the opportunity to sit it out a bit more, I'm just helping a friend sell his house and if I don't manage that goal and he sells it on his own, I got a good reason to start thinking about doing something different with my life. Just to put it in perspective, I own enough EFL value to cover for that house, but my attempts to communicate with different communities has so far been unsuccessful and people do not grand me with the luxury of having it my way. The market of EFL today doesn't allow me to buy that house. The offers I have opened on the Komodo platform that are active 24/7 since a couple of months do not spark any interest, the outstanding development EFL has seen to allow for this technology to be available is looked down upon by the crypto community as central bankers look down on Bitcoin. Not a single bank is going to provide me with the required loan and so far the crypto community is doing an excellent job at pointing out each others weaknesses, instead of uniting and explaining why a different standard of value is required to keep reality in balance. 

Anyway, I also don't know, that is kind of the point. This text is 1 week overdue, Happy 10 years of EFL everybody! But who is celebrating? I wrote many texts about people that collected multiple bitcoins, in the 1000's of bitcoins, selling the EFL story, but with a different blockchain. They all could not accept EFL as their standard as bitcoin of the Netherlands and instead of embracing that standard, people fight it from every different angle, even if you just try to use that standard in a practical way, for example if you perform multiple transactions per day and need to find a solution to that problem, people will fight you for it. I regret to inform everybody if my friends house gets bought by somebody else then myself I will not care to speak out about daily reality any longer. I will focus on my own life and take care about myself first. It's not even such a bad outcome and I am so far happy with the way how my life is going. I'm happy to sit on a crazy EFL position that could blow up any moment, what a journey I have made until today, it is so beautiful and I can't say enough times how happy I really am, regardless of the difficult times we are in. I am in EFL to educate Dutch citizens. EFL is my crowdfunding platform, I have a million more ideas I could develop if I manage to get enough people to support my mission, people that understand how rich the Dutch citizens still are and how much need they have for a tool to help them avoid inflation. Plenty of money can be made, fair value will help us get there, but the real goal is to adopt cryptocurrency as a nation. The Netherlands has enough quality to get it done, but until today EFL is a scam and people prefer to do business with debt currency that are backed by violence. That is what they know and that is what they will go down with, unless we can point the citizens of the Netherlands to a different direction. 

And again, people don't see that EFL is my leverage and with enough will of people we could find that different standard and decentralize bitcoin, by using community coins to extend the use of one single blockchain. In this case it is not about one to rule them all, but together we stand strong. Too many different people exist to fully comply to one single standard, but by accepting that standard and changing some preferred options you can find a way for everybody to be happy. Let's celebrate our efforts so far, I really mean it, look how much has already changed. A lot of options are open, but the field to play has become bigger. Once we score it will be the greatest goal ever, if Yoshi Livo is not going to do it I am still convinced it will happen in my lifetime. We can pay back all the debt!

Up to 20 years of EFL I would say. I still got some years to go and at some point I will find a place to run a stable node myself. Let me just end with the statement that this is all real. happening, right now. So look around you and ask yourself how far it should go to enact upon that new standard and take advantage from mass delusion for as long as fair value did not come into play and we are experiencing hyperinflation and mass economic undereducation of society.

Wait actually, let me share this video:

The first time I spoke to the public was recorded by somebody that started referend.app and I would love for my EFL to make a difference in its development. If only I could use those EFL's, right, or well, i'm kinda using them at the moment, by writing about it once again, you know what, let's stream this new highlight to our public and spend a couple of minutes to explain them why reality hit so hard.

I have confidence in my fair value approach. We are currently experiencing hyperinflation of crypto and everybody is able to collect their fair share. Soon a different value will be dominant, it is still happening and I hope you enjoy the transition, Regardless of how dominant my vision is perceived by society today, if enough people would want to participate, that reality can change within 24 hours. Tik Tok. The Komodo orders are still open, 2000 people, 250 doge each.

EDIT: With recent price action, komodo orders have been adjusted.

Total funding goal adjusted to 500.000 DOGE, this means 2000 people will now complete the goal at previous level. Komodo orders adjust to new funding goals 

50.000 EFL @ 10 Doge per EFL

50.000 EFL @ 0.0025 BCH per EFL

50.000 EFL @ 0.015 LTC per EFL