9 years Liberland



Today Liberland celebrates 9 years of existence. A great moment to look back at that time and give my prediction of what is yet to come.

I remember it quite well. I was in a student protest in Amsterdam when somebody told me Liberland soil was claimed as a sovereign state. After the riot police ended the protest in Amsterdam I started to read more about the Liberland initiative and the biggest selling point for me was the promise that Liberland would function without a central bank.

I believe debt currency is the foundation of many misconceptions in our world. The majority of people, I guess over 90%, does not have a single clue about the history of money and what debt currency represents. Value of debt currencies is derived from violence. Sure, many people will tell you it comes from trust and in a way these people are correct, but that trust is build on the promise of violence. All debt is created with contracts. As soon as somebody signs for a debt this debt is being created and because that loan needs to be payed back with interest the debt cycle is bankrupt as soon as the first debt is signed into existence. The only way to keep the debt cycle growing is to expand it, adding larger numbers every time a new cycle is started, history learns us that this always results in hyperinflation after some time.

The debt currency standard is not so old, only about 50 years. Central banks don't exist for much longer, a little over 100 years, yet, everybody in today's society takes these standards as given facts. Sure, life of many humans have seen a positive development from the creation of debt currencies, just look at the nations that have benefitted from the monetary apartheid which debt currency introduced. At the same time, look at the devastating effect debt currencies have on those who are not lucky enough to be on the good side of the double standard. Endless wars, human trafficking, pollution of the environment are just a few examples of the price we are paying to have a debt based society.

Full of enthusiasm I arrived near Liberland in July of 2015. I was pretty early to the party. It took me less then 24 hours to get arrested on Liberland soil. Because I don't pay money to terrorists, I did not want to pay bail for this misdemeanor. However, it was reassuring to know that I could just pay off my sentence in case everything became too much to handle. It turned out to be not such a bad time after all, I will never forget the horrendous processed cup of pink processed meat we were handed out once a week. The brand name "PIK" still makes me chuckle when I think back of it, but I guess you need to be Dutch to understand that joke and to those who are unable to speak Dutch, if you replace the P with a D you should get my point.

After I was released from prison my enthusiasm did not last, unfortunately. Because of my Dutch background I could sense I was not as welcome as people from different nations, more specifically I noticed how having Czech roots was of great benefit in the Liberland group, simply because the entire operation was build around one Czech guy and he was more comfortable speaking his own language. During the summer it became clear to me the group of people willing to fight for Liberland was not large enough to make an impact. I traveled back to the Netherlands and connected with different groups, such as Wonderland in the Netherlands or the Reichsbürger movement in Germany.

A couple of years later, 2017, the price of Bitcoin exploded. All of a sudden those Bitcoins everybody in the Netherlands ridiculed me about were sought after by everybody. I let the Liberland administration know I would be travelling to Liberland and wrote a message about it on Bitcointalk. My effort was picked up by Dutch media and during the 3rd Liberland anniversary they came to film me for the Liberland celebration in Novi Sad, Serbia. Liberland did not change much during those years, I still was not feeling like a welcome character. I prepared a 10 minute talk to introduce myself on stage but a couple of days before the event that moment got cancelled by the Liberland administration, they had decided I was not interesting enough to talk on stage.

I stopped my preparation but on the day itself I still was being called to the stage. I told myself to follow my feeling and do what I feel would be best and it resulted in the following moment.

As it turned out, those 10 second were my 10 seconds of fame. If I would have transferred EFL's to Liberland at this specific time the media of the Netherlands would have used the moment to convince all Dutch viewers how my reality turned out to be right. It was a huge moment for me, I was willing to dedicate my life to Liberland and if Liberland would have taken the time to have some proper communication with me about the opportunity I created for them the project would have seen a breakthrough moment. Liberland didn't care about my efforts though, too busy with themselves. Ofcourse, taking money from people is an important part of the Liberland project and on Bitcoin pizza day of that year 2018 I was still able to donate a considerable amount of BTC & EFL to Liberland, it made me a top 5 contributor of the project at that time. If I would have donated during the anniversary celebration in Novi Sad I would have had the same position like all other Liberland contributors, but because I had time to prepare myself I managed to sign a contract with the Liberland administration about my donation, giving myself a different position compared to all those other who send their money with terms Liberland created,.

I have written about it many times before on this blog, in the months following this event I learned a lot about the intentions of those who sent the Dutch media to film me in Novi Sad. With influence of that same group of people, I refer to them as NCTV, which is a mix of NSA and CIA in the Netherlands and the abbreviation of the bureau can be translated as the National Coordinator for prevention of Terrorism and Security, both Liberland and EFL got infiltrated and declared me persona non grata of those projects. Today I understand how lucky I was to follow my feelings and not get involved into that fight for power. I really believe the reason I was offered that opportunity in the first place is because the NCTV had cooked up a story in which they could use me. I would have been captured by my own success and looking back at the covid period and how easily people can be manipulated with fake news it would have only been a matter of time before my expiration date would surpass and I could be thrown under the bus.

I have learned so much since that moment and I believe my choices have changed me for the better. I am living a beautiful life today and I have full confidence my crypto investments are going to service me for many more years to come. Yes, I have missed out on a huge opportunity in my life, but I clearly wasn't ready for such responsibility and the people around me did not care to empower me so we could share the burden of fighting against the double standard. I am convinced the Netherlands understands the trouble they are in and how the debt cycle is running to an end, otherwise they would not put so much effort in following me with all these journalists I spoke to over the years. Because of the influence of the NCTV I am censored to this day in many communication channels. I have not been able to build myself a strong network and toxic lies are spread about my personality and intentions. It has really been an eye opener just how easy it is to manipulate the narrative and once you are on the wrong side of the double standard your life becomes increasingly difficult as you are constantly fighting against lies instead of having the ability to achieve the goals you aspire to achieve.

I still wish for Liberland to establish itself as a nation because it is a great example of how our reality is a product of our combined efforts. At the same time Liberland is trying to get benefit from the double standard I have always revolted against and I do not see myself living in a 15-minute-city like open prison celebrating my freedom. Our world is in terrible shape. 100 years of central banking has corrupted basically everything and everybody. Liberland has fallen victim to it also by trying to select a couple of happy few that are allowed to service the new world order as the new crypto elite. In my exp[erience Liberland is not in any way interested in making our planet a better place for future generations, they could not care less about anybody outside of their small group. As long as they get their Libertarian Epstein island for themselves they are willing to shut up and play nice. I do not believe the 15 minute city they want to lock themselves up in will be a place of freedom, instead it is probably going to be one of the most regulated places on the planet and the only freedom you have is to decide if you are going to sign all the contracts required to interact with them. It is a small step forward from all those people who are registered in a nation at birth, but it's still a fabricated reality that can only exist through the use of violence.

This month, april of 2024, I will most likely receive new Serbian documents that will allow me to identify as Serb for the upcoming 5 years. Sure, I will be happy with this time. I will have all day to enjoy my crypto profits and do whatever I feel like doing, but this is not why I am writing this text. I have a different reality in mind without a double standard and based on different values, this reality is highly controversial and not accepted as reality today. I try to focus on the money aspect of things, because that is what I know most about, but I have a different vision about a whole lot more series of topics. I have been sharing my knowledge freely, for example on this blog, for example with 1000's of streams. Currently, a friend of mine near Liberland is selling his house. I can't afford this house by myself at this moment in time, this is why I started a "Proof of Community". So far my call for action has not activated enough people, but for as long as the house is not sold I have opened several EFL orders on the Komodo platform to get me to the desired goal.

I believe the world as we know it today is in a lot of trouble. Debt to GDP ratios have risen tremendously over the past couple of years, and I believe we are on the brink of a full societal collapse. I also believe I have taken all the required steps to lead the way into a different direction. As much as I love Bitcoin or Liberland, I have come to the conclusion these projects do not longer stand for the values I want to live by. I care about activism, not about compliance. Recognition will not be needed from a regulatory aspect. If we build a society that is able to understand it's own financial tools the recognition will come from the people who use the best options they see available to service their financial needs. The direction to which both Liberland and Bitcoin are moving towards is one of which I believe it has a dead end. Instead of using the double standard for your own benefit, I am interested in setting a completely new standard and I do not believe the solution can be found in the old structures that got us here. Giving into wasteful corruption to gain recognition is not going to help us.

I am once again speaking out how I am ready to be that change and how I believe I have made all the steps required to live my life in the way I desire. I understand the uphill battle I am fighting and this is why the outcome of my Proof of Community initiative is a great way for me to understand the scale to which I can propagate my message. I am happy with any outcome of my Proof of Community initiative and adjust my expectations of my achievements accordingly. Life is a blessing and the most important result after all these years is that I am finally able to experience my life like that.

No longer do I have to feel bad about the direction in which the world is moving, I can now accept that the decisions I have made resulted in a small community and heavy censorship and misinformation, but the steps to join my efforts are available to everybody and when the time is right I am still convinced my moment will come, if I would just have 10 seconds to prove my point it's not a point worth proving anyway. I will be stronger then ever before when it happens and although it will always remain a very tough job, I am better prepared now and have needed all the time to prepare myself for the serious task at hand. 

Yes, the house of my friend is still for sale, but this text will be the last one I will write about it. The orders on the Komodo platform will stay up for as long as the house is not sold, but with this text about Liberland being written I feel like I have explained myself enough for everybody to make it's decision. I will not endlessly repeat myself because I believe it will not help the message I try to send. Instead of clinging onto my dreams I will start to live the reality I envision on the scale I can maintain it. I am incredibly grateful towards all people I involved myself with over the years as they have thought me a lot about myself. I am going to enjoy the freedom I managed to create for myself and try to bring my ideals into reality to the best of my ability. Life is short and you need to enjoy it, the past couple of years I have experienced as a struggle, for example with covid and all the new wars that have come around. It has not been easy to believe to have a solution to the death and destruction people are manipulated to believe for reality out of fear and propaganda indoctrination. I am ready to accept my message is too far out of many peoples reality and looking back at all these years I have now learned I have made the same mistake as I often blame others for making. I was too much zoomed into my own reality and not able to look at the bigger picture. I am now better able to zoom out and count my blessings, I really have created an amazing view on this world and I will enjoy it to my full ability even if I have to take a step back and dumb myself down to participate in the fake reality all the people who are stuck in the debt cycle are. If people want to empower my message on how to set a different standard of living, away from violence and with an equal playing field, they can join the initiatives I use as my platform, EFL as most prominent example, but I am not going to hold myself back from enjoying life as it doesn't help anybody and certainly not myself. With enough participants this message will grow and if participation does not increase I am happy to live the dream on a smaller scale. Again, those who do join by buying some EFL will be rewarded equal to their participation, the story is ready to be told, it is open for all to join and I enjoy the creations I have made so far. Most people are stuck in fear and I wish them all good luck with discovering their addiction to debt currencies which causes death and destruction so they can provide themselves with their basic needs. Just remember we can do it different, all it takes is for individuals to combine their powers and take on the challenge.

Thanks again to everybody that have formed my opinion over the years and the interactions we have shared. I have learned from all of you and am looking back at a great source of information, it is now time for me to bring that information into practice, I wish everybody good luck with the upcoming collapse of debt currencies, please try to enjoy yourself during the transition.

Friendly EFL greetings from near Liberland,

Your Children Live On.