Alright, let's keep going, I just needed that little intermezzo of the previous text to explain you the new narrative. With the next special only 1 week away there is a lot to talk about. In this text I will try to explain why governments in western nations can't ever work with decentralized deflationary cryptomoney and how they managed to become so successful.

First of all, let's start with the word apartheid. It's one of the few, if not the only, Dutch word that is used internationally. It's origin can be found in South Africa, where the population had different social privileges based on their skin color. South Africa also happens to be the country of birth of Elon Musk, who we spoke about in previous texts and is a former colony of the Netherlands, which explains the reason why this Dutch word was used in the first place.

After Nelson Mandela became a world leader for his involvement in the ending of the apartheid regime, people from all over the world agreed, we can't let this ever happen again. Of course, we know that statements like these are only to spread lies about good intentions, the reality is that the monetary system of today can't function without apartheid. 

First of all, there is the monopoly on the creation of money. The monopoly on money is enforced with violence. In case you decide to print your own currency, you can be sure the police will hunt you and that your prosecution will be taken much more serious then that of a child molester for example. The monopoly on the creation of money creates a apartheid regime between the people and institutions that have access to the early money and the people that don't. Besides the occasional bankers wife that get's a extremely cheap loan with great terms and conditions to start her hair saloon, the most obvious benefit in this apartheid regime goes to the terrorist organizations that most people know as governments. Because governments are closer to the creation on new debt, they are able to spend money before inflation of the new debt kicks in. With an average inflation of about 3%, this can be seen as a extra form of stealing from the public. A form of taxation that nobody notices in western nations, because of their poor economic education.

A second form of apartheid is the possibility of exclusion. By being able to exclude certain players, like other governments that don't play enough by your rules for example, you make it possible to absolutely destroy a nations economy. Again, the most important step in getting your apartheid regime to run, is that you need to make sure you have enough weapons to shoot anybody that tries to oppose your sanctions. If you manage to terrorize the world with your violence enough, then you just need to make sure that FAKE NEWS MEDIA have a good story to lie about so that you get the sympathy of the average taxpayer. Don't forget without the people paying taxes, governments are powerless. You can for example think of flying 2 relative small planes into 2 huge buildings and make people believe some other terrorist organization then yourself is responsible. We already spoke about 9=11 enough this month, so let's also mention a couple other examples, for example the shooting down of planeflight MH17 that could well have been done by the CIA, but is blamed on Russia and lays the basis for the blockade of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in Germany. Or what about the gasattacks that took place in Syria that layed the basis for the illegal occupation of that nation? It's never been proven that Assad committed such a crime and once you investigate the event the evidence points to a much different aggressor, namely the party that had everything to gain with a war in Syria.

As you can imagine, a system that has such a instable foundation can never hold on for long. You can lie, cheat, oppress and kill all you want, but at some point the average taxpayer will find out what is going on and I believe we have reached that point in time. From here on forward, politicians need to find a way to get people to pay taxes and I believe the best way they see fit, is to take away peoples ability to take care of themselves by terrorizing the economy with unproportional mandates. Once the people are depending on your support, you can control them much better and this is what we see happening today.

In one week time the Dutch king will read out his annual state of the union. It comes in a time that the Netherlands are going to throw out their constitution and install discriminatory apartheid laws that havn't been used in over 70, the previous world war was the last time something like that happened in the Netherland, when jews where labelled and told they where not allowed to go to restaurants, cinema's etc. At some point even fishing was made illegal, life of a jew was made completely impossible and it only took a couple of years of obedience from the taxpayer to get it done. These apartheid laws are becoming popular in more western nations, we can see the same is taking place in for example France, Germany or Australia.

Excluding people from participating in society based on their medical status is discrimination and all the people that participate in the execution of these laws are therefore discriminating. I hope people can see the parallels with history and understand that the game of their government is up and if they will follow the lead of their slave leaders they will go and experience a very unpleasant end of their dreams. It's logic to me that governments want to avoid as many people like me in the future. People that are happy not to participate in most of society, but reap the benefits by being able to enjoy the services it can provide. Travelling, shopping, enjoying a restaurant dinner, all things fun are going to be limited only to the fools that risk their lives with medical experiments on a regular basis.

Why do governments participate in this genocide you ask? Well, personally I believe that their is some incentive like money for each experiment they manage to conduct. There might be a bonus in the form of debt money for young children or pregnant woman as there are not so many of those. Another reason I see is that of all people on the planet, politicians probably live the most isolated of all of them. These people that sign laws into place live in a different reality and if they can be manipulated to believe they are amazing, then at some point they will probably believe that. Look at the non existing weapons of mass destruction in Iraq or look at the models that are used for covid and climatechange, these computer models have not got even a slight notion of representing anything that is going on in the real world, but because politicians live an isolated life outside of the real world, it's perfect information to fool these people and get them to make wrong decision that hard all the people that believe in the good intentions of these incompetent terrorists they vote for. 

The system is broken on so many levels, that the only way to keep control is by installing apartheid world wide. Reduce your outreach so that you can get a better focus on what you do control. I praise myself for being so lucky to move out of the EU before the regime will change into the totalitarian dictatorship they aspire to become. I try my best on a daily basis to spread alternative information about the jab to tell people that it really is not a vaccine, but instead an experimental jab of which the long term side-effects are unknown. The daily stream picked up on popularity a bit this week, and also the Telegram chat is slowly growing. In case the followers start to work together and start to vote with their wallet, we might see a different political landscape in the Netherlands before the end of the month, but let's first focus on the words that are going to be spoken next week by the king