Yes, it's me again, I was reading back the previous text and saw me mentioning my lack of discipline. Well, this time I want to make sure that is not what is holding me back. There is still a couple of minutes to go until my birthday, so let's try to give it my best this time and really prove my point.

To really go into depth, you need to understand where I come from. It's a beautiful town called Breda, located in the South of the Netherlands and known for being the first residence in the Netherlands of the family that would later bring forward the king of the nation. It has a castle and a protestant church and because of it's history both the air force and the ground forces are located there, the navy of the Netherlands is of course located at the sea side. I was born in a normal Dutch family and both of my parents worked for the government. We had an average Dutch life and celebrated Sinterklaas each year, with a Zwarte Piet visiting us. Something was different though, then before I mean. When I started to be able to walk a new invention came to be, the personal computer and it came with something called the internet. You needed to dial a phone number and you could find all sorts of information, .mp3 files on napster and if you clicked that .jpg-file button you better be sure that nobody else was watching. I was around 8 years old at that time and everything I searched for was 100% my own imagination.

I was still in elementary school when we where asked to make a project about a nation. I chose Russia, but that's beside the point. What it's about is that we where asked to make our project on the computer, in a text editing program... No, not just A testediting program, but in Microsoft Word. I wrote about 20 pages of text for that, but at some point I pressed the insert button by accident without knowing what it did. It was at this moment that I went back halfway the text I wrote to make a correction and my text started to over write itself. The more I typed the more I fell behind, I'd never experience such a stress and started to freak out from the experience. My parents heard the noise and came looking what happened, but when I explained them the problem, they also had no idea what to do. Look at the young age trauma I got from Microsoft Word, I remember it to this day after 20 years. I came to realize that this personal computer was new to everybody and nobody really had any experience with it yet. 

Fast forward to today I am preparing myself a nice sandwich with a sausage that I bought with e-Gulden EFL. I write on the internet sometimes and when I feel lonely I make a stream on twitch. Life is good on the other side of the EU border, but what a terrible reality is looming. When I set sail to Liberland I couldn't have imagined what is happening today. Sure, if I would have made my donation to Liberland in the right time I would have known beforehand, but according to the FAKE NEWS media, I made a mistake and that's why the plandemic took me by surprise.

It's incredible to see how many people want to believe their television today. They are so used to be told what is real that they can't live without it anymore. It's scary to see people fighting over toiletpaper, but lining themselves up to have their qr-code scanned. Are those the people I grew up with? Is that what internet porn brought us? Ow sorry, maybe the best invention in the world is a dildo, but internet porn cums pretty itchy pinky close. How far away from my ancestors did my virtual genes just reach?? Is that thought connection still real?? 

I used to work in a fancy hotel. In time of the second world war it was the Nazi local headquarters, they had some good taste back then. If you celebrate your wedding there you had 2 options, either you payed in advance, or you payed afterwards. In case you payed in advance, the company wanted to sell fewer drinks. In case you payed afterwards, the company wanted to sell as much drinks as possible. The tactic is very simple, if you want people to drink a lot, you welcome them wholeheartedly with a big smile and drink ready to be consumed. If you want people to not drink so much, you stand still in the corner with some water glasses and wait for the order to come in. People are so easily manipulated, they really all feel the group pressure as they know that all by themselves they are worthless. 

What would you do with too much money to spend? You buy toy's for some fun, right? I mean, a toy, that is pretty harmless, right? Basically every Disney character loves toys. You know, Disney, with the mermaid and such, she is pretty. What I'm trying to get at is that after some sincere thought I made up my mind and I believe gender confusion is not equal to nation confusion. People are born with chromosomes and they matter, it's a lot different from a mindset. Virtual reality can be tricky, sometimes it's ok if it takes over your "natural" way, for example if you are talking about paper gold, it's nature already, but that paper with metal strip is not anywhere close the value we are forced to take it for. It's a much better solution to replace that paper gold with some deflationary crypto money like Bitcoin or e-Gulden EFL. I believe all people are born bisexual and that the way they are raised, their habits, their values, determine their level of acceptance in the future. In today's time suxuality is hijacked to a level where you are not allowed to post about it on youtube. Television prefers to show the throat of somebody sliced right open instead of a female nipple. Anybody that believes his thoughts are his own needs to start to realize some impressions are imprinted and the real question is who put it there...

Anyway, about Liberland and e-Gulden EFL, it's really going to be alright. As Bob Marley used to say, you can fool some people sometmes, but you can't fool all the people all the time. I'm born in such an amazing time, look at me writing away my time with some songs streaming in my headphones. 

I managed to explain bitcoin to my grandmother, really she understands the principle of key's and scarcity. I also explained her about covid, that the Paris agreement on the climate is going to inflate away that previous wealth she build up. She got it, like me. It was simply too much. Not eveybody in the planet can be raised like a Yoshi Livo started his life 35 years ago. Sure, for some period of time it's possible, create some paper gold and such, make incredible progress with all that oil can bring you, but oil is finite. Yes, that's right, we only got one planet and regardless of its shape, we all need to get by. But last month my grandmother got a stroke. She was injected with MRNA juice, but at 95 years she might be one of the few groups of people that statistically could have benefit from that experimental injection. 

Anyway, I guess I'm sorry for taking your time. It's 2 am now and in 9 hours I'm going to talk to Toine Manders. Ow damn, I wanted to post these texts online and run a stream to get the show going... I better let this brainfart go and do something productive.


The birthday stream was a great success, but this specific story here needs a little extra text. The point I wanted to make by mentioning my grandmother is that everybody can learn anything, as long as they are willing to put time and effort in achieving their goals. It took me several months to answer all her questions and to explain her what a euro is in the first place, because also my grandmother, just like me in the first 18 some years of my live, didn't knew the workings of out money system. She used to work as a cashier at a grocery store and is very good in calculating numbers, but never understood how the money system worked. People that are born without internet really had a different life then the current generation, for example in the time my grandmother grew up the was no toilet paper, people used old newspapers or something similar. I explained before how paper gold brought our society to a different level, but that really all happened in just the past 50 years. A lot of people don't recognize the different reality they live today and are unable to critically think about their own habits because they are dumbed down by television and told that their way of life is normal: "Look around you, everybody is doing the same." The tricky thing about the half truth's on tv is they they a true for some portion, so yes, everybody around you is doing the same thing, but that's only because everybody is in the same group-thinking mass-hypnosis. 

Because people have confirmed each others illusion for the past couple of decades it has been possible for it to grow and stretch the planet to an immense scale. The illusion was so powerful that it has been possible to defend it with the greatest military tools in history. Today soldiers can kill from their home by flying a drone on the other side of the planet, now all you need is to motivate these people, but like I've repeated forever in my texts, it has been proven to be very easy if you can control the information stream that people connect with, which brings me to the other topic in this text that needs some extra clarification, internetporn.

Since religion was invented, peoples sexuality has been suppressed. You would be a sinner if you would enjoy any of it, because it's so sacred that it's only meant for reproduction of your genes only and it should not be used for self pleasure. What a evil and unjust thing to imprint on people, because just like learning a language, or for that matter to learn anything, one needs to make mistakes. The more mistakes you makes the more you learn and learning about sex is not just about getting a pleasure out of it, but my personal believe is that every orgasm gives you a slight insight at the whole of everything. At the moment of orgasm you are completely isolated and a pressure within you get's released and it's at that moment that you are connected to the universe as a whole, at least, that is my conclusion after 35 years of life experience. This divine still is a very unknown part of our understanding, maybe it's even more misunderstood then the money system and that in and of itself is already too complicated for most. I hope that parents from the future will guide their children more into embracing both their spiritual and sexual energy so they can be free from oppressive believe systems.

If you are fortune enough to not have religious parents that hijack your believes for theirs, you can search for your own spirituality. But that game changed forever with the arrival of internet porn, because the system of scarcity has to make people believe they are useless so they can be exploited and that's why a new level of mind control got added, in which the people are made to believe that you are not on this planet to reproduce, but instead to just have fun chasing paper gold. Giving people insecurities about themselves is a great distraction that buys you a lot of time. Instead of looking at yourself as complete it is thought in schools these days that you need something so you can fit in to the rest of the qr-models. People that are willing to accept such propositions will be more easy to convince to then also get medical experiments injected to themselves, because we can only be strong together.

Before I'm done writing for a while I would like to make the statement that since I started to investigate the covid distraction I've become so anti vaccine that I'm not afraid to write it down. With bought science, for example governments only giving subsidies to prove global warming, mass-hypnosis and paper gold incentives, it has become possible that in today's time the majority of people have their facts COMPLETELY WRONG!! Pfew, what a relief such a text, I think I will sleep well tonight. I do believe politicians lie when they say their policies are for the benefit of all people. I turned down a hepatitis-b injection and ended up getting hebatitis-b. It influences my life until today, but the lifestyle of that moment, which was basically a half year orgy, was just at a pace my body could not keep up with, so it gave me a sign. I don't know what would have happened if I would have been immunized beforehand, but I probably could have gone a little further until it really would have been out of hand. I learned that nature has limits, and you can put any amount of drugs in it for some period of time, for example in the form of paper gold. but in the end something can only stretch so far until it breaks and then it finds a new balance. I think the way how we treat this planet is outrageous, but the best way for me to change it is to say no to things I myself don't want. I sold my car 3 months before the pandemic started and didn't leave town for over a year., it's no problem at all, because it is beautiful here and there are not so much people who also don't make as many moves per day. If you keep life simple you don't need a lot to have a great time and once you notice you live in harmony with nature