Censorship, Indoctrination & Media


Hi everybody, big news yesterday in my life. Bitcoingroup Netherlands have temporarily silenced me in their group! This was after a responce I gave to a journalist of NRC Handelsblad who asked if there where any victims of Bitconnect ponzi, because his newspaper was going to publish an article about it. I gave him a rant about how he and his collegues are on the wrong side of history and what a shame it is that they spend their energy on scaring people away from the possibility to free themselves of a debtslave system. How I would question my purpose in life if I would be the one writing articles like that and so on. Yes I know, very undelicate statements that are not going to win any beauty pageantcontest, but afterall my opinion and nothing more then a couple of words. Indoctrination of the highest level is how I see newspapers that spread these FUD articles about Bitconnect, similar to all the time being wasted on Onecoin, another great to story to be revealed in the future that has NOTHING to do with cryptocurrency. To then be silenced in one of the biggest dutch cryptogroups on Facebook is censorship and not for the first time have I seen my words being removed. Falscification of history and nothing less then that.

Public Relations is what we use the letters PR for today, but in times of Adolf H. and his minister of media, mr Goebbels, it where the first two letters of PRopaganda, and this is simply still what it is today. Propaganda has just been put in a different light so the sheeple will think it is ok. Just like we sugarcoat the corruption of our politicions today to what we call the lobby of big corporation and "NON-PROFIT" organisations. In the picture above you see a backdoor meetup about to start between the Dutch prime-minister and Melinda Gates of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. I may have a clue what these meetings are aboutPublic Relations is not something I'm particulary good at, although that might be the best way a PR professional would put the way how I put my opinion to words or on paper. Yes, so I'm very sorry to share my truth with you in not so charming words. I just happen to think we live in a world where we are all lied to on a daily basis by people that we trust and nothing is what is seems at first sight. Where obvious ponzischemes are a way to make a quick buck if you can stand the risk, but where seemingly unharmfull securityprograms as our elderly pensionscheme are the real criminals who take advantage of other's peoplemoney. Because where Bitconnect only did harm to a handfull of people stupid enough to risk their own money, the future of our children is being gambled away for the benefit of a few that will feel no pain when it all collapses.

So when I was invited last night to fill in a gap of Netherlands most famous flat-earther, Bastiaan Soral https://www.facebook.com/100010872871187/videos/490279744677784/ , I was more then happy to tell him about how I believe e-Gulden EFL can make an enormous impact on the way how cryptocurrency develops in the Netherlands. He wasn't affraid to tell me how he thinks all crypto is a ponzischeme and invited me back after a couple of hours talking about the subject. You can expect a part 2, where I will give him my opinion on the flat earth, but enjoy this part in english where I talk about the injustice I have once again felt after not being understood by my fellow earthwalkers.