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Good day beautiful people,

After a successful start of our new series of streams it is now time for our first individual topic of this season. Since the goal of our current series is to instigate a trade between BTC and EFL on the AtomicDEX platform of Komodo, I thought it would be a good idea to take some time and dig into that topic first. 

You've probably heard me say it before, but I like to refer to e-Gulden EFL as the Bitcoin of the Netherlands. I have a couple of reasons to call the coin like that, most notably because of the circulating supply of 21 million units and because EFL was the first alternative form of cryptomoney that focussed itself on the Netherlands. Just like Bitcoin, it was introduced as a tool for personal banking, in order to empower people in claiming back their freedom and sovereignty that governments have taken over the past couple of decades. The Netherlands is a country that fuels the paper reality the world has gotten obsessed with over the past couple of decades, so I thought it would be a perfect combination, but man, I was so wrong.

Lets go back to the moment that EFL was introduced to the masses, back in March of 2013. Oh well, masses, more like the platform of Bitcointalk, but not much later the news had reached the Dutch mainstream media and a couple of newspapers and the Dutch radio channel 1 reported on the creation of EFL. For the ones that are unaware, it is quite easy to buy influence in media, if you know the tricks and got some money to spend, it is not difficult to get your story published as news. That moment was the moment I heard about e-Gulden EFL for the first time. I did not contribute anything to its launch, nor was I involved in any of the decision-making in that period. 

As can be seen on Bitcointalk, it took about 2 months for the initiators of the coin to walk away from the project. Its still unclear to me what happened exactly, but to my best understanding, the initiators payed themselves in EFL to cover some of the costs that they made. These coins got sold to litebit.eu and their trading algorithm crashed the market, because it was not expecting those coins in such quantities. That is the moment when I managed to buy a large amount of EFL, because I believed that regardless of possible bad management by its creators, decentralized money means that you can start your own independent initiative and if enough people join forces, that news intention is going to be dominant over the other. If I look at it today, the risk I took back then was enormous, because it wasn't for another couple months until the remaining pre-mine was transferred to an address that was in control of a foundation that me and a couple other people instigated.

I thought the easy part would follow, because who doesn't want to receive some money for free? The e-Gulden EFL foundation has always made it clear it was their goal to be dismantled as soon as the citizens of the Netherlands would be able to properly manage their blockchain. The main driver to get people to interact with the protocol is the Friend of EFL campaign that pays an amount of EFL to anybody that meets the criteria. These criteria have been tightened over the years, for example after some people in Venezuela managed to translate the Dutch written instructions on how to claim EFL coins. The intention is to reserve the funds for Dutch speaking people that are located within the territory of the Netherlands and because of those requirements it is possible that after almost 9 years, there are still over 3 million EFL left to be given away.

I have always felt that I would be able to take on the task of promoting this coin. I would say that today I am best described as a crypto politician and I use e-Gulden EFL to crowdfund myself and my ideas. Unfortunately those ideas are not so popular today and even within EFL itself the community is thinking they need to spend their precious time and energy to oppose my proposals. It was about 4 years ago that I took my EFL's to Liberland and created an opportunity for myself to show exactly what I mean when I talk about voting with your wallet. When I took the stage the livestream was running and as you can see, all I needed to do was to send my EFL's to the Liberland representation and it would have been the perfect moment for me to be rewarded a huge amount of Liberland Merits and get some recognition for my efforts. I would have been captured right there and then and I'm sure the puppet masters already had a couple of nice tasks planned out for me. I'm grateful to my guardian angles that for some unexplainable reason kept me from sending out those coins at the moment when I could prove that all my previous assumptions where right. Since that moment the world has changed a lot in my favor. It has become a lot more easy to claim the need for the existence of Liberlander Yoshi Livo, because governments world wide have started to use the invention of cryptomoney against their population and by doing so, they make it much easier to see why you would want to fight for your independence a bit harder. Or at least, that is what you would think, because the reality in the Netherlands is a bit different. Once people accept the notion that the government is not your friend, they link that information that innovation and technology is not your friend. The amount of people that started a personal vendetta against the QR code is both sad and frightening at the same time. The QR code is what can set you free from government control, because it gives you the opportunity to organize yourself in a superior way then what your government has to offer. A QR code is nothing more then a carrier of information, just like a book, and it scares me to see how that small group of people that oppose government covid sanctions are calling out to ban QR-codes as if they want to burn books. 

Ever since I started to be involved with EFL I've experienced a huge amount of disbelief and the amount of obstruction and sabotage I've experienced has been amazing. If all these individuals that just want to talk bad about me or a coin like EFL would have changed their behavior, things would have been very different today. We create our own reality and if people want to see me as some scammer that is pushing shitcoins for his own profit, then that is how history will remember my attempt at adding my personal believes to the discussion of freedom, but if people would like to follow my lead and accept my money as theirs I would build them a society that does not need a paper reality to be enforced by violence, but instead would find a voluntary solution to everyday problems, like money and security, without the need of an ever expanding government that overregulates everyday life to keep control of its citizens.

I am aware how heavily smeared a coin like EFL already is. Next to the terrible start it has seen attacks and manipulation that have made the coin even more bad looking then it already was. The current way of security of the coins is not optimal, but the OERU-shield offers the protection that is currently needed and is nothing more then a temporary solution for a moment when people start to make proposals on how to improve. Because EFL is a copy of Litecoin, with a couple of differences, for example the 21 million outstanding EFL, vs the 84 million Litecoins, you can use a traditional litecoin address, with a public address that startes with L, to store EFL's and be able to import your secret phrase connected to that litecoin address into your EFL wallet. This way of using Litecoin addresses provides for an extra layer of protection that is not like any other in cryptospace. 

Regarless of what people claim about how alive a coin like EFL might be, this article already proves them wrong. On top of that, blockchain explorers prove that the last blockupdate is never more then a couple minutes away and we have seen that over 2 million successfully found blocks have been chained together over the course of almost 9 years. Because of the savingsfund that will stay active until 2026, I am sure that I will be able to cover my bills, but those 3 remaining bitcoins that will flow into the market could also be taken by somebody else at a higher price then today. I the previous text I wrote how I would sell off my EFL's to a price of 200 satoshi per EFL. I ended up trading 7000 EFL for a total of 1,7 bitcoincent, or 0,017 BTC. Since that selloff, the price corrected back up with an increase in price of 75%, to 350 satoshi. We are currently trading around 300 satoshi and that is still 50% more then the bottom price I set a couple days ago. A little over 2 Bitcoins in EFL value is offered for sale below the price of 1 euro on the 2 centralized markets and if I manage to find a buyer for my 2.5btc value worth of EFL, I will use those funds to buy that amount of the market and cause a pricespike that will give the buyer at the bottom price of my dump a 2500% return on their bitcoin. 

Over the years EFL has seen a large amount of service providers, that for their own reason all stopped to offer EFL their services. Mostly because of lack of interest. Next to that a large amount of EFL has been bought by opposing forces to be able to manipulate the price. We can also expect that most Dutch citizens will simply sell their EFLs and will not show any interest in it ever again. Regardless of all the hurdles that are still to come, I know that when enough people come together and act as one, there is no stopping them. I believe that a price of EFl of 1 euro each will have a much bigger effect then meets the eye and I am willing to spend some of my own money to prove that point. Regardless of how people portray me as the bad guy, I am just looking for one individual that can see past the bullshit and recognizes that a much bigger story is being told then just some talk about money, or how to start your own nation. The reason why people say I cause trouble, is because I ask difficult questions, but an alternative reality is only possible if new initiatives manage to connect and so far everybody is too focused on their own to make it happen. When 1 euro per EFL becomes a reality, all those people that said this would never happen have the perfect excuse to rethink their ideas. You will see how easy it will be to get people to accept EFL, if only the community would show there is some activity and thus, some money to be made for their trouble.

On the 4th of December 2022, the day I write this text, the main stream media is distracting the Dutch masses with the world cup football. While governments worldwide are being penetrated by the WEForum and discussions about a new pension system for Dutch citizens, and a programmable digital currency have started, the main stream media joke with the prime minister and the people let themselves be distracted, to the extend that a fringe minority pretend like they care, for example by screaming out loud they would like to pay their bills with paper debt, which they refer to as cash money. What an impact would a one euro per EFL price make to the Netherlands. In all that time that I've been trying, I don't think there was a moment that I could make a bigger relevant impact then today. On top of that, the Bitcoin price is currently valued below 20.000 dollar, a price that we first saw in 2017, and while the total money supply has expanded exponentially during covid times, the price of one Bitcoin is at the same price-level as before the clownsworld started to unfodl and compared to just one year ago you currently pay less then halve the amount of dollars, making the timing even better.

In a next text I will mention what will happen after the price of 1 euro per EFL is a reality, for now Itchy Pinky and me want to thank you for your attention and if you know of somebody that could potentially take the RISK and take this story to the next level, please do share our information around. A last little mention goes out the the Dutch Libertarian party that has started to accept EFL donations this week. I must admit that my weekly giveaway of EFL on freedom radio might have has something to do with it, because from what I understand about the situation, the host has asked the LP if he could pay his annual fee in EFL and ask people to donate with use of EFL, and they took his request and implemented EFL in their political party, great news!