EFL 9 year anniversary


Good day beautiful people and welcome to the 9 year anniversary celebration of e-Gulden EFL, here on my stream on Twitch.

Today is the 19th of March and exactly 9 years ago the genesis block of EFL was created. Since then, a continuous stream of new block seen the daylight and today that result in a blocknumber of close to 2.4 million blocks. In this upcoming text I would however like to focus more on the future then on the past. In the end, the past is behind us and everything surrounding the history of EFL is public knowledge and can be found back online in public forums or on video's that are available on platforms like Twitter or Youtube. In case specific questions from the past require more explanation, you are always welcome and invited to my broadcasts or to visit a location where people will be able to answer your specific question, but thanks to the hard work of a relative small group of people we have managed to get where we are today, the question is how will we proceed from here?

Lets me start this celebration by telling you exactly why I believe EFL has a great future ahead of itself and can be of great value to the development of a sustainable crypto ecosystem. My personal reason why I got involved into crypto is not because I wanted to get rich from it, but because I want to create financial freedom for the world. If I look at the direction that crypto is evolving today I am deeply concerned that we might lose the biggest opportunity in the past couple centuries of achieving that goal. Many Bitcoin maximalists will tell you that the lightning network will be the solution to bringing that financial freedom for the world, but if I look into that solution I highly doubt that will ever be the case. Lightning requires large centralized liquidity hubs to be established for it to really work. Lightning is meant to be implemented for recurring payments, so opening up a lightning channel for a single transaction to a merchant does not make any economical sense. Instead of doing business with somebody directly, proponents of the lightning network advocate for a third party intermediary to step in and relay your transaction. Large lightning hubs will become a central point of failure and governments will install all kinds of regulations to control the flow of money. Another issue with lightning is that Bitcoinblocks in and of itself will not become any bigger and 1mb per 10 minutes will still be the amount of data we will be able to process, I simply do not see how that will ever be sufficient for a complex world economy with billions of people that all want to perform multiple economic interactions per day. My solution to expand the available data is by growing the network with a multitude of coins for every specific community that human creativity can think of. With use of tools like Komodo's Atomic DEX, those coins can be traded directly from ones personal wallet without the need for a third party to intervene or relay any coins. 

Now, what specific communities could there be that would want to use their own form of cryptomoney? There is no limit to that answer, but personally I strongly believe that people that share a language and live in the same location have a good motive to share a blockchain. This is the main reason why I believe EFL will one day be accepted as Bitcoin of the Netherlands but since my involvement with EFL started about 8 and half years ago  I will honestly admit I grossly underestimated the pushback I received in speaking out that vision. First of all there are those Bitcoin maximalists I spoke about earlier, that call everything but Bitcoin a centralized scamcoin while using a VISA/Mastercard solution for them to be able to transact with their coins today, but second I really underestimated the willingness of the Dutch population to accept there is a problem with the debt currency they are working for today. Even 3 years after covid, the majority of the Dutch population is unable to digest that there might be a small possibility their government is not honest about its intentions. What is even more worrying, is that those people that did wake up to a different reality because of the government lies surrounding covid have been blown so far by the lighting that they refuse any kind of materialism and have started to see digitalization as the root of all evil. Instead of celebrating a useful tool and trying to take benefit from innovation, the people that oppose the government covid narrative in the Netherlands now start to adopt a system of unbacked debt currency to solve their issue with their government debt currency. 

I'm baffled by the way how things are going in the world today and would have never expected reality of today would actually happen in the way that it is, but yet, here we are and I can pinch myself 1000 times, I am not dreaming and this is all really the way it is. All I can do is to speak my mind and try to listen to arguments that are put forward to see if somebody can convince me to believe I have been wrong all along, but since I started my journey into the unknown about 15 years ago, I did not come across an argument that made me put my beliefs aside. I really do believe the story I have to offer is going to have a great impact on not just the Netherlands, but the world as a whole and am patiently waiting for people to pick up on the future I project. Unfortunately my reach today is very limited and one day I might have to give up on my dreams, because reality has gone too far out of reach for my dreams to be a feasible outcome, but recently I got some new hopes that things are turning my way and the time for my story is coming closer. In the past couple of weeks the stories in the news start to shift and it seems like the world is being prepared for a different reality. Anthony Fauci wight one day become the scapegoat for the covid genocide and those that used the events of January 6th of 2001 as a tool to warn for the dangers of misinformation might be exposed as being the ones that have misled the public.

I am using e-Gulden EFL as a tool to crowdfund myself and build a bigger platform for the words I speak. I noticed quite early on that our current system has been so corrupted that changing is would require some sort of crowbar to break the fake news hypnosis of the masses that has been going on for decades. I have always stated that 1 euro per EFL would be the moment when the narrative will shift and until today that price has not been reached. I have spend countless hours talking to people of which the majority simply can't handle my explanation of reality and for that reason simply ignore the words I speak. It doesn't get me down and only motivates me to keep on going. The reward I wake up for every day is the knowledge that what I am doing today is simply the most important thing I can spend my time on. I voluntarily give up all my time and energy because I feel in every fiber in my body that I am on the right path. I am fortunate that I have found out what my personal skills are and can work so passionate on something that I believe is really going to be so big that even I can't really imagine the outcome of my actions. I accept the laughs of people that portray me as a narcissistic psychopath and feel blessed that my critical thinking created the mindset I have today. I don't care if you took a vaccine, or not. Whether you support Russia, or Ukraine. If you vote for Biden or for Trump or what kind of pronounce you give to yourself. I can accept each and every confused mind because I know the world has suffered from a very one sided global dominance for decades that corrupted the mind of almost every soul on this planet today and as long as EFL did not reach the price level of 1 euro each it is up to me to prove my own vision and I am the crazy one.

All I need to do is to find somebody that seems the same future as me and is willing to support my vision by buying a couple of those e-Gulden EFL coins. For those with a smaller wallet there is the market on Freiexchange to do so, and for those with a somewhat bigger wallet I have made an offer on Komodo's Atomic DEX for the total amount of 2.5 bitcoin. That is the amount of bitcoin required today to get EFL to that 1 euro price per coin and if I manage to make that trade happen I will personally take a small loss to push the price to that 1 euro level by using the funds to buy back a little less EFL then I sold. I am willing to take that loss, because I know how time is of the essence and that without any action, the opportunity of me ever proving my point might evaporate. I believe the risk that people take on my proposal is quite limited. Just a couple of weeks ago the Dutch citizens collected over 100 million euro's in just 2 days for the victims of the earthquake in Turkiye, so there is plenty of money available in the Netherland to provide a nice profit for the ones that dare to believe in my dreams. On top of that, the EFL community in and of itself has collected 7.5 bitcoin about 8 years ago that gradually flow into the market, those funds in and of itself will be enough to provide investors of today with a healthy ROI. 

All decisions in the past has led to the reality of today. I already had an opportunity once to break out to new records and praise myself lucky for following my feeling. I has given me a much stronger position today then ever before, but I de believe the time has come for the next step. I am Liberlander Yoshi Livo and the next special stream will be broadcasted on the 13th of April, when Liberland celebrates it's 8th anniversary. For those that can't wait for the text I will write down for that day, I briefly mention the project and it's progress in my previous text of 3rd March, when we celebrated the 3 year anniversary of my stream. I don't know yet today what the text will consist of, but also for that project the price of 1 euro per EFL will have a tremendous impact. All my streams are broadcasted some 20 miles out of Liberland soil and my current visa expires in about 15 months from today. If I want to make some kind of lasting impact, this is the moment when I need to start to make moves and with your help we can get there together. I want to thank you for your attention and want to invite you to get more involved, for example by joining the chat in telegram, by watching the content on youtube, or by joining a future livestream on twitch

extra sidenote regarding the depegging of USDC:

Our future is in our own hands. Do we really want to build towards a world where only Bitcoin is trading against a dollar? Governments will not just go away over night, but we should try and become less dependent on their fraudulent behaviour. Every bank is broke, fractional reserve banking means nothing more and nothing less then not having enough liquidity to pay out your outstanding debt. Instead of fighting over who is the biggest, the crypto-economy would be better off if we would recognize the real scamcoin, which is all goverment debt, backed up by violence and exclusion. As long as we allow for others to create the narrative we will have to follow that lead and react to whatever decision other people make, for example which bank to save and which is allowed to bust. We have the power to create our own reality, if we would manage to work together we have every opportunity to create something beautiful. Forget about the nay-sayers that complain about altcoins being not decentralized enough, decentralization happens because of adoption so get involved and lets build financial freedom for the world together.