Happy Birthday Yoshi Livo


Wow, 35 years old! On 29 September 1986 I came to this world and what a beautiful experience it has been so far. In the upcoming text I would like to look forward however, it's not about those 35 years that have passed, but about the years that are still to come. 

Looking at where the world is at today, I feel blessed with the choices I made in my life so far. I managed to hold my own and am living the life I dream about. Sometimes it's a bit lonely, because my world view is not shared by many people, but so far I do not feel the need to change the logic that form the basis of my decisions. 

Calling yourself Yoshi Livo from Liberland creates a lot of friction. Many people that are stuck in the obedient way of living call you out for having fake believes. Let me just mention again that a border is a man made illusion and that all countries in the world today are an imagination of people. Usually the border between countries is the place where 2 fighting groups of people got tired of killing each other and they decided to draw a line in the sand so that they could do something more useful with their lives. The new border we try to create for Liberland has a extra challenge to it, as we try to create a new country without aggression. We aim to create a mutual benefit for all parties involved that will eventually lead to the recognition of our independent nation. I completely understand this mission is too much to grasp for the majority of people, in the end, if you are an obedient debtslave, the indoctrination you receive from television and the education system make it pretty difficult for you to figure out how history took us to the reality of today.

Since the start of the rollout of the UN's sustainable development goals, for some people better known as the corona pandemic, I'm more convinced then ever that my gut feeling is my biggest blessing. When I decided to not put all the spotlights on myself in 2018 I'm sure many people cursed at my lack of discipline. I was ment to sell the agenda 2030 ahead of time, everything was ready for it, except for me. I was not ready to carry so much responsibility, as I knew too little about myself. I would have made a complete fool out of myself and by now I would probably have successfully been neutralized. Instead of that, I managed to stay out of the spotlight for over 3 years and used the time to rethink the goals I set.

Living in Serbia is by far the best thing I got out of my Liberland experience. You can't believe what an eye opener it has been for me to be close with this community. I don't know where to start to explain the difference between the Netherlands and Serbia, but one of the most impactful experiences must be the experience of having people search thru the garbage bins to feed themselves or family. Yes sure, call me spoiled, but besides some homeless junkies at night I never really experienced it. The pictures of extravagant dinners can all be found in the history of my timeline, I always told myself cashing out for food is a great way of spending cryptoprofits, in the end, we all need to eat and I must admit, I sure felt great inviting people for dinner each night, atleast I had the feeling I was doing something good with my money. Hearing the alternative history of former Yugoslavia from the locals made me even more convinced I did the right thing by leaving the Netherlands. I was too young to understand what happened here in the 90's and my history kind of started from 9=11 forward, learning from people here has taught me more of the world then any Liberlander could have explained me.

Making money on crypto speculation is quite easy, as inflating debt money is worthless and an illusion of paper gold. Making money on crypto speculation and feeling good about it is something completely different though. I do believe speculation requires one of the most developed forms of thinking. You need to try and find out what people want in the future, so that you can buy it today and profit from that. You take the risk and because I do it with my own money I never felt terrible about it, but being proud of it is something else. After all, you are a kind of parasite to society and only extract money from it for your own personal gain. There is not a lot of honor to be found there, you don't make anything, you just scalp away some profits from the community and allocate them to yourself, like any professional bank is doing all the time. Why do I deserve to be so fortunate? Also, betting on crypto is basically a bet against governments and banks. I would like to help the people, also from the Netherlands, but for my kind of help it is needed to let go of many old habits that especially people in Netherlands are not ready to live without. I understand if people get angry at me for not willing to play ball, it's a mistake that I sometimes make myself. I strengthen myself with the knowledge that paper gold is an illusion and deflationary cryptographic money like EFL will over time always win it, regardless of how small the group of supporters is, the only thing that changes is the amount of time that is needed to get there.

The first years that I spend in Serbia I asked myself more then once if I was doing the right thing. Am I just some spoiled kid that complains a lot because he can't handle society? What is the purpose of what I'm doing and why does it so often seem like I'm the only one that cares about the values of freedom, voluntarism and transparency? After the current leadership of the Liberland project declared me persona-non-grata the doubt became even bigger, even the people that I thought would be fighting on my side where not willing to do so. It was a difficult time where I came closer to understanding that I was pretty naïve in thinking anybody would care about anything I had to say, especially because I tend to not speak when things go right, but raise my voice when I see things that go wrong. People don't want to hear about their wrongdoings, it's sounds so logic when I write it today, but it was a lesson I had to learn by experiencing it.

Taxation is theft and I will keep on fighting to make that point clear to as much people as I can. Especially income tax is a form of slavery that I refuse to accept as normal. A little over 100 years ago income tax did not exist and the only reason why it is in effect today is because of the debt cycle our money system has created. Although this mission has many similarities with the Liberland project, there are also some differences that I have with the current leadership. The biggest difference is that I do not want Liberlanders to settle on the land like the current administration is proposing. I understand it's important to visit the pedoclub in Davos to try and get the old boys network to support the cause, but I'm just not so interested to build a new Epstein Island for a select group of elitists. I'm not interested in becoming part of that club and I'm not interested in exclusively aiding them with tax avoidance. Instead, I want every world citizen to identify as Liberlander one day and want them to have a benefit from our nation. These people can live all over the world and use their Liberland identity to operate their businesses. On Liberland soil itself will just be 1 office for the leadership of the nation. It can be used to hold conferences sometimes, or for Liberlanders to make a visit, but I don't see why anybody would want to live there. First of all, there will never be enough place for all people on this tiny piece of the planet, second, with the way how the current leadership is talking and acting, it would most likely become the least free country of the world. A country where you are free to follow the rule of law of one dictator, that can veto any law in or out of place.

The sad part about this story is that in the current setting it is very unlikely we will ever get further, as the current leadership is not actually aiming to develop a nation. Donators money is funneled away by the current leadership, who have no accountability to anybody. Some families feed themselves well from the money of Liberland donators, but after 6 years and several millions of dollars, nothing is actually being done, except for diplomatic mission ofcourse. Some fancy hotel, exclusive restaurants, it sure must have been great to be able to pretend you are a tough guy, but for the people that have been trying to help the Liberland project it is pretty clear that the leadership lacks the personality to really build a community and set up a nation, they can't even organize a festival! 

Luckily for me, I'm not depending on Liberland to make my point. The unfortunate part of the story is that I rely more on the Netherlands and my oh my have I been disappointed by these people. Since day 1 that I started to speak out I've been called a lunatic and a scam artist. I'm sure my communication is to blame the most here, as I like to point out to people they are sponsoring illegal wars, for example in Syria. Nobody likes to hear about the warcrimes that make their lifestyle possible and I'm a master in triggering peoples cognitive dissonance. I always tell people what they do not want to hear and then they shut down and ignore me. It's fine I guess, everybody moves in their own time and I still have my strong believe that one day people will understand what I'm trying to point out. Yes, sure, once my prediction comes true I will make a big sum of money, but just like before I do not intend to keep it. There is so much projects that I would like to support that I already spend those profits before I got them, dreaming about it can be really painful sometimes. 

Making the daily streams on Twitch keeps my dreams alive. "I'm Yoshi Livo, streaming 20 miles out of Liberland" is how I start every show, but I think that I've made my point by now. The community has helped me during the lockdown and in case those restrictions return I might pick up the stream on a more regular basis, but since the plandemic hit the globe I start to realize how fortunate I am to be located here near Liberland. All that is needed for a beautiful life is present and all I need to do is learn how to embrace it. I want to focus on becoming a part of the local community, most important step to take is to learn the language. I will focus this winter on getting my Serbian skills to a level where I can have a normal conversation with people, today I'm just getting by with orders at the bakery or on the market, but I would like to be able to have a simple conversation about the little things in life. Time goes slow here and so far the people have been really patient with me. I know that so far I didn't bring them what they where expecting, but I'm confident that I'm on the right track and that I just need to keep holding on to my believes.

And what are those believes you might ask? It's a fair question that I will try to answer to the best of my ability. I believe that people can govern themselves one day, on a voluntary basis. Force will only be used when contracts are breached, but because security features in the money will make it harder to steal, that force will be rare. I believe people will live in small communities and that their food comes from within 100 miles of where they live, but that all people are connected globally with use of ever faster technology. I believe that one day the Dutch people will recognize e-Gulden EFL as the Bitcoin of the Netherlands and once the fight with the water they have will be lost, they will live more in harmony with nature in places like where I am today. I believe that one day people will again recognize that they are born without deficiencies and that the chromosomes of two different body types can together create a new life so that they pass on their genes. I believe that one day the world will be free of vaccinations again and that people manage to release the self healing powers of our body with meditation and food. I believe that one day all people will recognize that we are all one, part of a single entity that always keeps a perfect balance and that their experience of reality is part of that balance. I believe that one day people will live in such peace with themselves that they can't be rushed with fake urgency, that information is checked before it is believed to be true. It's very far from where we are today, but if I can do it, then everybody should be able to.

So, those are my goals that I will try to achieve. I will try and focus my attention in chronological order of how I wrote it down. The money is already taken care of and the next step for me is to start to live in a small community. I'm already on the right location for it, now I need to settle. With all the travel restrictions that are currently in place that is also a lot easier then it sounds, so I guess it really comes down to me getting to understand that damn language. Im better with numbers then with letters is my standard response to that, but that excuse has been told enough and it's time to tackle this issue more serious. For that I really should leave the computer for some time as I speak, write and hear mostly Dutch and English on that machine. I might make a special stream on the 5th of November to cover the million mask march of anonymous, but to be fair, the best step for me is probably to completely disappear for some time. I don't want to sounds too full of myself, but taking on this role is not without risk and I should not expose myself any more if there is no need to do so. I can wait in silence and see if any of my predictions come true, there is no need to make more noise then I already did and by now all things have been said. 

Well, not all things. Before I quit my life as a clown I would like to point out the the recommended market to trade EFL's is blocking every new user that makes an account. In case this happens to you, you should create a ticket in their helpdesk system to get unblocked. A better way of trading EFL is with use of the decentralized exchange called atomicDex but it launched only a couple months ago and markets are still very immature. I know, why would anybody want to believe in this e-Gulden EFL, right? Don't forget that EFL aims to be the Bitcoin of the Netherlands, one of the richest countries in the world where people save around 1 billion euro per month. One month of those savings would put an EFL on 50 euro, the money is there, but somebody needs to believe it will start to flow in once the price starts to go up. A price of 1 euro is what I believe will trigger some people into paying attention to what is going on. I can still explain to myself why Dutch people are not ready. Today they are busy talking about the covid flu and the amount of distractions that are needed to keep them unaware have exceeded my wildest expectations. With so much distraction it is difficult to get peoples attention, but I believe a rising price is the best marketing and once the price does start to rise the Dutch citizens will at some point pick it up and make all the people that believe in this story a profit. Would you buy Bitcoin for 20 cents? Even if you can just buy a pair of alpaca socks with it and nobody around you accepts it? Well, if you missed the boat the first time, you can now take a second opportunity and buy a couple EFL's. That would also be my birthday wish, for the people that read this text to buy a couple of EFL's to help me reach out to those Dutch people so that they get exposes to a different mindset that makes them question everything they take for granted. The influence of the Netherlands on the world is a lot bigger then you would expect from it's size. I believe this could turn into a global paradigm shift that changes our way of living forever.

I need to focus my attention on myself and prepare myself for a failure so that if a failure happens it will not give me a trauma that I can't survive. Let me mix up with the locals without any need to explain anybody my believes. Just participate with the crowd and become one of them, so that my backup is in place for when all things go wrong, just in case. I want to thank everybody for their attention over the past 18 months. Together we made over 200 episodes of which the highlights are collected on discord. I really had a great time making the shows, but it feels like its time for the next step. Feel free to continue the conversation on Telegram, the chat will remain active and you will be able to tip your honk tokens there. If you want to help me to get attention for Liberland, if you want to make some profit from my explanation to Dutch people about the value of money, then I hope you will buy a couple of those EFL's and if you really want to give me a birthday present, I will happily accept those coins on my address:  


Thanks again for your interest and participating in what I do. Whether it's reading this text, or participating in the stream. Regardless  if you are buying or selling EFL, or maybe not participate in the market at all, I'm glad we share our time on this planet together and experience all the things that are currently going on. It sure is an exciting time to be alive and I wish you peace and happiness and hope you will find out all the secrets about yourself during your lifetime. Best regard from nearby Liberland and if we work together I'm sure that one day we will achieve our goals.