Liberland 7th anniversary


     Hello everybody! Welcome on the 7th anniversary celebration of Liberland! Today Cactus Itchy Pinky and me, Liberlander Yoshi Livo, are giving away 777 Liberland Merits to celebrate this amazing day and I have a special text in store for you. Before we can get started, as a token of luck, I will shower some golden Jungle Juice to my prickly friend.

7 years ago I got arrested by standing on Liberland soil, claiming it to be Liberland. I got to that location by spending endless hours reading into the history of money. The amount of knowledge that I had to acquire to get there has only been available to me because of the internet. That is something that took me a while to find out and understand. The internet is an amazing invention, it allows people to communicate instantly all over the world. Because I grew up with that invention it has been more natural to me to use it than many people that are older then me. For this reason, once I discovered about Bitcoin, I've always felt the obligation to explain myself and my actions to others. I understand that my behavior and decision are different from most people, but I believe that is because of the different information I managed to acquire when I grew up. 

I got two lovely Dutch parents, they are coming to visit me here soon and I can't wait to see them again. They both retired from their year-long government job quite recently and for their sake, I hope that all I dream about will not come true and I end up cooking for them because my ideas where all flawed and got me to lose everything. 

All this time, all I wanted was to just prove I'm a moderate human being without extreme wishes. Sure, I'm using e-Gulden EFL as Bitcoin of the Netherlands in my life, but that's just common sense once you know the destruction that debt money enslavement manifests into this world. What I failed to see is exactly how stuck most people are into their servitude towards the parasitic system. Liberland might sound radical to some, but apart from some internal struggle I think it's the most peaceful nation on the planet today. Just like money, every country is an imagination of the human being. Liberland is just my way of proving that, I do not see the need to build a wall for the creation of a libertarian Epstein island where a couple of elitist buy their way out of reality. I can only say that I failed to achieve to explain myself, but by this time I know that I'm not the one that has to do the explanation. 

I'm ready to accept that I have not been able to prove to others the advantages of my way. At the same time, the amount of energy it costs me to adjust to the ongoing narrative is too high of a price for me to pay to try and do so. Catching up with the history of money was a lifetime achievement and I really did my best to explain why I do not like vaccinations, yes that is ANY vaccine, not just the experimental MRNA toxins. My attempt to enlighten the Dutch earlier this year got no response and keeping up with "reality" has become a full time job since 2 years, I'm getting tired to do so. It doesn't bring me anything to know how other people got manipulated and by trying to address those people I feed in to the narrative that powers manipulate us into talking about. I'm glad I stopped watching tv over 10 years ago, but ever since I try to address people that are hypnotized by it. I still have not been able to let go and it has been a painful experience.

The solution to Ukraine is not to build Liberland, but instead to make every world citizen aware that they are Liberlanders. Their governments are made up by fraudulent egos caught up in a game of blackmail based on their pride. Freedom is not aquired by building a wall, but instead, human kind can never be truly free as long as they need to build walls. The notion that we are all one is the missing link to overcome our fear of death and it's this exact fear that has been put upon in the past couple decades, empowered by mass-media and fractional reserve banking.

Social media and blockchain technology have created an opportunity to break out of a century-old power structure, but these same technologies can also be used to extend the existing one to a level where human kind itself is at risk. We have reached a point in time where I am ready to accept other people's reality of the world so that I can start to focus on the reality I would like to manifest. If you want to lose your possessions because of inflation, be my guest. If you want to be part of the biggest human medical experiment ever, just go ahead and booster yourself for the 5th time. Things always go in the way they should, so everybody will get exactly like they deserve. The story I want to share is not so special anyway, just make sure you live within the means that nature offers you. This location near Liberland has been the best experience I could have wished for and it doesn't matter to me how that reality got created, it was exactly what I needed to know to start to accept that my experience on this planet won't last forever.

I can accept that I gambled and lost, but most likely I have just been way too early for anybody to understand. If you are watching or reading this content at a later stage in time and would like to participate with my proposal, let me make clear how I would like you to act. First of all, make sure I'm still alive... This website being online is a pretty good first sign of that, but join if you can, because that is a chat I intend to keep active. Once that knowledge has been confirmed there are a couple of ways to go. If you are Dutch, BECOME FRIEND OF E-GULDEN EFL, BITCOIN OF THE NETHERLANDS and explain to at least 1 of your friends to do the same. If you are not Dutch, BUY SOME EFL, the Dutch people are so easy to manipulate, once the price of the coin will reach 1 euro the herd mentality will kick in. Anybody that deemed it impossible that EFL would ever reach 1 euro in value will have the opportunity to re-evaluate and with a annual GDP of close to 1 trillion dollars, 21 million units in circulation can go for a lot more then you are currently buying. If the Netherlands is too far away from your comfort zone, stake some HONK.CASH tokens in the liquiditypool on We are living in a clownsworld and what better way to make that clear to unknowing planet-destroyers than by hyperinflating the value of their lifesavings to another realm? Yes, I said it, planet-destroyers. I can't help to believe that all those that are not willing to listen are a bunch of scared egoists. Oh no! The planet is about to be overconsumed, I better start driving an electric Tesla car to save the planet! Why are you not wearing a mask, do you want to kill me? People that are caught in a mass psychosis are the most dangerous to our existance, yet their overwhelming majority hold all the power today. Simply by paying up their "fair share" they have been able to build up the parasite system those who are awake try to fight.

I can be glad with the luxury of an abundance of time and freedom. Somehow I managed to achieve a unique position, that I can only explain by my willingness to sacrifice. Because I've never been able to enjoy my position has it been possible for me to build up that reality. Now, with the scoreboard at 0, I feel like I would be stupid to try the same thing twice. Insanity is making the same choices while expecting a different outcome, so I will start by making different choices from here on forward. I spoke about it many times before, but creating texts like these and speaking out to be Bitcoin of the Netherlands user, e-Gulden EFL, Yoshi Livo from Liberland, cost me a lot of energy. It is simply too much to keep up by myself. The lucky part is that I have taken plenty of steps to overcome that hurdle. I am living in the city of Sombor in Serbia, a place that I have started to love every day a little bit more. Everything I could need or dream about is right here and all I need to do is to step away from the computer to live in that reality. It's an offer so good it's ridiculous that it took me so long to accept it. Not any longer will I accept that my happiness should suffer under a feeling of guilt from things that are outside of my control.  

We will complete the current series of streams, but my retirement starts today. If anything happens and I feel like talking I won't hesitate to do so, but I'm going to focus my attention on my own happiness from here on forward and not bother to explain myself to others. 

To Live and Let Live,

Yoshi Livo.