Liberland 8 year anniversary


Hello everybody and welcome to this special Twitch broadcast in which we celebrate 8 years of Liberland. 

I hope to present you today with my view of the future. A view that has developed itself since I started to question my values about 14 years ago. Liberland has helped me to clear my vision and I'm excited to tell you that I believe I have found out what it is that I want to achieve in my lifetime. Depending on how much support I am able to generate, my vision will become exponentially more likely to become a new reality. I'm really excited to tell you what is on my mind today, but before we will get to it, I would like to explain my current position in Liberland, the position where I am being degraded to persona non grata of the project. How did that come to be exactly, and how much of an issue will it be for my future development?

Lets go back in time 5 years, to the moment that I could refer to as the biggest opportunity of my lifetime. After many years of wandering I decided to travel to Liberland, because back in those days I believed it was what I was looking for. A new country that made promises about a different way of organizing, I thought that would be exactly what I was looking for! I managed to win some trust by stating I was going to make a huge monetary contribution to aid the Liberland cause. Being an early adopter of Bitcoin, the administration of Liberland knew I had some money in my pocket and at the start they were quite nice to me. I was promised to be able to speak on a Liberland stage and have 10 minutes of time to introduce myself to the crowd that was present at that 3rd year anniversary in Novi Sad, Serbia. A couple of days before the actual event was held I received some bad news, so many speakers showed up that I was asked if I would give up my place, because my story would not be interesting enough compared to what other speakers had to say. I will not go into my opinion about that decision but I was excited to be part of the group and since I believe my story is interesting and unique, if that notion really holds true I will have plenty of opportunities to one day share them with the world. I accepted the request to withdraw from the speakers list and did not prepare to speak on that specific day. When I did got called on stage and received some silent hints to make a big donation I decided to hold my money back, if it was not the right time for me to speak, it would probably also not be the right time to donate. Looking back at that moment, I can't emphasize enough how fortunate I count myself to not have donated any money at that specific moment. That one decision has had a massive impact on my life and I am incredibly grateful to everybody that has allowed me the freedom to make my own decisions. I understand some people have been disappointed in me because their expectation was a lot different then the outcome I generated, but to those people I would like to say that everything until this point has manifested itself in perfect fashion for my goals to be achieved. I would even take it one step further and state that with a different decision that day, I would probably have been completely compromised and corrupted, as I would not have been strong enough to withstand the outside forces that had doctored a spin on my take of reality to fit into their worldview. Just look how much the world has changed since 2018 and you will probably understand why that moment was not the right time yet. Patience is virtue and I am convinced that I needed every second of time to develop myself into the person I am today.

I love my life, regardless of how much negativity I have to endure, I am able to put it into perspective and feel blessed with my experiences. After I said no to that opportunity 5 years ago, I have learned a lot about human nature and myself. Because I kept my money in my pocket in Novi Sad, there was a gap to fill in my promise to Liberland. On Bitcoin pizza-day in 2018 I finally got to make that contribution to the Liberland mission, a contribution I still stand by today. I met up with the Liberland representation and donated a healthy sum of e-Gulden (EFL), the Bitcoin of the Netherlands, to fund future expenses. I had some time to prepare this time and proposed a contract that got signed and agreed upon. Because of how history unfolded, I am the only Liberlander until this day who ever saw a return on his investment. I hold a part of my Liberland merits, the part that did not get confiscated by presidential decree, in my own wallet, outside of the website. I managed to sell a part of those merits and once I did, I contacted the Liberland administration to tell them I had fresh money to invest with them again. Because of the way how Liberland co-operated with me in the past I did add some restrictions to my new proposal, I wanted the money to be used for the development of a location for Liberland settlers to feel welcome. No luxury hotels, miss-elections, or new cars for the representation of Liberland, but an investment into something for the citizens, so they would have a location they could visit if they would decide to visit the promised land. My wishes did not land well with the administration. The audacity of me thinking that I would have a say in the development of the project is the real reason why I was degraded to persona non grata

Since the moment I became persona non grata of Liberland, I learned just how differently the individuals behind the administration act compared to the words they speak. A small government was never the goal, instead the goal is a more efficient government. There is nothing new about Liberland, they want to establish a country in the same fashion of any other country that already exists. Their aim is to find privileged individuals like myself to fund that idea. The majority of people that got involved have abandoned the project by now, those who are left are nothing more and nothing less then a bunch of statists that want to build a wall and control the life of everybody that is foolish enough to go inside their open-air prison. Freedom is not achieved by building walls, but instead, by finding common ground with those that are on the other side of that wall. Only with mutual understanding will humanity become more free, but I do admire the passion that has resulted in the repetition of the same Liberland promotional speech over the past 8 years. I do not want that promotion to stop and Liberland should certainly keep on spending their donators money on buying themselves an invitation to yet another WEF meeting in Davos. The world has been corrupted to its core in the past century and I see why it is needed to broadcast your message on such a platform, but instead of trying to create a Libertarian Epstein Island for the lucky few in the existing paradigm, I believe I can shift that paradigm to a new understanding of what it means to be human.

We do not need a new government that is the same like all those others, we need a different value system that will allow us financial freedom. Bitcoin plays an important role in that development, but as I have stated many times before in previous texts, Bitcoin alone is not sufficient to provide that freedom. In the last year I have come across a new concept of currency. The security aspect comes from your biometric data. A wallet is generated and assigned to an individual that shared his personal information, like height, weight, date of birth and a picture of their face. Each wallet is stored locally on a device like a phone and starts to create 1 coin per hour after the generation of the wallet. After each hour, a little bit of demurrage occurs that takes away a bit of the 1 coin you have generated, so that the user is motivated to spend the coins they create. When I spoke to somebody that is deeply involved with this new concept I noticed the power and strength of this new idea. I really believe this would be a way for society to organize itself without any need for regulation or other involvement from a government. In the past couple of months I have thought about ways how to introduce this new system to the masses, but when I shared that vision, I was once again banned from speaking my ideas. The ideology behind the creators of this new concept is that the new to be launched currency should not involve a connection to traditional finance. That means, no exchange rate to any other currency, including the likes of Bitcoin. In my opinion, it will be impossible to get people on board if there is no connection to what they already know and trust. I believe to establish such a new project, you need a team of people that each get a piece of the pie, simply to buy their motivation. 

In the town where I live today, 20 miles out of Liberland, there live about 50.000 inhabitants. with 24 hours in a day that would create approximately 1 million coins per day. If I where to introduce that new currency protocol at 1 cent per coin, that would cost about 10.000 euro per day to buy all the coins. If all 50.000 inhabitants of this town would have a wallet and generate those coins, I do not believe I would ever have to buy back 1 coin from any of them, but to get to that stage a lot of people are needed and without enough money to show for, I would not risk the launch of a new currency because it would only do more harm then good and strengthen peoples believe that we need a government to regulate our lives. Please keep in mind that this idea of a new currency is only in the concept stage today, it is not in use anywhere on this planet, but I do believe that the location I am at today is the perfect place for it to become a success. The economy in my town is very informal. After NATO aggression in the 90's basically everybody lost everything of wealth. I am surrounded by farmers and fisherman and there is no large office of a multinational anywhere near. Specialization of workers only comes in the form of skilled craftsmanship and those that do educate themselves to a master-degree level move out of town and find work in a different location. There is a strong social bonding and family is important, because government doesn't provide you at will, so if you need a favor, you need to know some people to get it done. Since the weakest vulnerably of this new currency system is the risk of generating multiple wallets, I really do believe that I am in the perfect place to launch and try out this new concept. 

I hold faith in the future. Since I have come in contact with this idea of a new currency I dream about having a small donkeyfarm. I can see the introduction of this new currency with the creation of some special products, for example a deck of playingcards with each card having a little space for advertisement for local businesses,exclusively payed with that new currency and if you keep that deck of cards sealed, you can sell it back for the same amount of value as it is sold for, so you can save some value without the depreciation factor having an effect on your money. I dream about the local basketball hero, Nikola Jokic, NBA MVP, one day getting involved into this project and a rise in value of each coin because of the trust he will add. I dream about a Liberland marina near Liberland soil for future visitors and inhabitants of our newborn country and every house in the area being renovated because people have some extra money to spend. I dream of how local youngsters will no longer leave the area because of their pursuit of wealth, but instead stay to live in the area because they know their community holds more value then a good paying job. I have only got about 15 months left until my visa expires and I know that just me by myself will not be able to make it. That is why I am writing this text, because I need more support to get this project going. 

I am crowdfunding myself with use of a cryptocoin called e-Gulden EFL, the Bitcoin of the Netherlands. I picked that coin because of its similarity to Bitcoin, which is still and always will be my preferred crypto of choice. The problem with Bitcoin however is the limited data it has available for people to transact with. If you are part of the people that believe that every world citizen will run his own lightning channel, then I congratulate you for your opportunism, but even with that reality in place, people would only be able to transact for the amount they have reserved in advance. I believe alternative coins like EFL are needed to expand the available data for people to transact with. EFL can be used globally, but focusses on the Netherlands because people share the same location and language, which, in my opinion, is a perfect common ground to start to share a blockchain. Almost all inflation of EFL is behind us. Out of 21 million coins, 20.99 million are in circulation. The value of one EFL is currently around 20 cents and I believe the coins will start to get adopted once the psychological barrier surpasses 1 euro each. The Dutch population is amongst the wealthiest on this planet, so if EFL ever manages to get into the scope of those people the price of 1 euro will only be the start and every supporter of my idea today will see a healthy profit on its investment. Since the start of this year, EFL is even managing to outperform Bitcoin by over 100%. Most of that profit comes from the savingsfund we managed to generate within EFL in 2014. This fund holds 7.5 BTC that gradually flows into the EFL market. It seems like the trust of the EFL community is finally behind this coin. After several years of stagnation, that I believe was caused by Dutch secret police that infiltrated the community and caused a lot of chaos. They seem to be of the understanding that they successfully managed to break support for this coin, it is up to us to prove them different. If you want to support me and my mission, the best way to do so is to buy a couple of EFL and take them off the exchange.

I will share this story with multiple cryptocommunities that have connected their project to Komodo's Atomic DEX. If you hold a large amount of coins and want to take a risk on the promises I make, feel free to contact me, for example on twitch or telegram. I am looking for an equivalent of 2.5 Bitcoin in value so I can push the price of EFL to 1 euro per coin myself. For this reason I am selling 250.000 EFL for 2 Bitcoin, because 2.5 bitcoin is the amount of money that is needed to buy all the EFL below the value of 1 euro per EFL. I believe once that price barrier is breached the people in the Netherlands, that belong to the wealthiest citizens on the planet, will start to participate and see the opportunity of crypto. I really do believe that achieving this goal could be a massive gamechanger in the way how people perceive reality. This opportunity I hold will not last forever and this is why I am trying all within my power to speed up time. I am making this offer with my chin held up high and really do believe it will only create winners, apart from maybe a couple of global leaders that benefit from obedient masses, or bitcoin maximalists that see a future economy where a regulated Bitcoin is the only available option as alternative to your CBDC. I can't emphasize enough how disappointed I have become with those maximalists that believe the 95% of lightning users that use a custodial wallet will decrease. Is it really so hard to see how that number will only grow, because running a lightning node is simply too difficult and expensive for the vast majority of people? People already find it difficult to understand money, you can't expect them to buy specific hardware and be connected to the internet 24/7. If you want the world to adopt a different form of money then the government debt you are forced to pay taxes with, we really got to step up our game and offer something better then that. Progress goes slow and distractions are everywhere. It is so extremely difficult to find people with a shared interest, so if you are one of those very few people out there and are reading this text, please consider your options. I am here to take a bullet for my ideas, not afraid to speak out and willing to contribute all of my time and energy to the realization of my ideas. I believe the one that will step forward and risk the 2 Bitcoins I need to realize my ideas will see it's coins multiplied several times over, because this story, a combination of politics and finance, has been building up for almost a decade and with your trust I will twist and turn the existing narrative into something we both would want to develop which is financial freedom for the world and a different powerstructure that relies on transparancy and equal rights, rather then monetary apartheid and violence.

I have stated multiple times how people should vote with their wallet, because that is exactly how runs the clownworld runs today. I have lost the trust of my followers 5 years ago when I decided the time was not right and for that reason I am persona non grata of Liberland today. Sure, I could go and create a lot of chaos in the Liberland group, but without any support for my vision or goals I do not feel like I have the right to speak out. e-Gulden EFL being valued at 1 euro per coin will change the way how people look at me and it will generate enough attention so that I will have the ability to explain myself, without any 3rd party explaining me to others in the wrong fashion. This opportunity is real and available today, but if there is nobody that will act on it, after some time it will disappear, simply because people in power would love to take back the control of the freedom I have managed to generate for myself. That freedom allows me to speak out to you today, but is vulnerable and will not last forever. The time to act is now, I am ready and how ready that is exactly I will tell you during the next text I plan on writing with the title of Your Children Live On.