Panem et circenses


Panem et circenses is the Latin translation for bread and games. It is a figure of speech, specifically referring to a superficial means of appeasement. On a political level, the phrase means to generate public approval, not by excellence in public service or public policy, but by diversion, distraction or by satisfying the most immediate or base requirements of a populace.

"Wow Yoshi such difficult words, even some Latin in it, you must have a great mind." No not at all dear reader, I was born in a time where all such lines can easiliy be found with the touch of my finger to a thing called a computer, then click on the first thing that pops up to your screen and simply copy the text to this webpage and I'm done. I do not have such a great mind at all, atleast that's not how I see myself, more a difficult mind that is not so easily satisfied. I wish it was different and I could experience more happyness with it, but unfortunately I am not easily pleased, bread and games doesn't work for me.

Maybe it's because I've missed this years Olympic games completely that I'm so unhappy with today's situation, but if you totally exclude Russia for so called faul play, while your country of birth can participate, with all their shortcomings on the level of financial fair play, it is just not as much fun to see a gold medal being won. It's not as if Russian athletes are aliens, just as much as Dutch athletes wouldn't be able to achieve the same without massive amounts of money being invested in their sports development. It is the kind of apartheid I often refer to and feels so unfair that it makes me unhappy to call myself Dutch and therefore prefer to be called Liberlandian.

My biggest misfortune is that I count on people who fail to see how unfair the world is they live in today, mostly because the people I put my faith on profit from today's inequality. This profit comes from their trust and has so far brought them nothing but good, because they where able to export the bad side of the equation to a place out of their sight. Unfortunately this can't go on this way, atleast that is what I believe and so far I've been proven right many times.

I travel for quite some time now, because if you keep on moving to different locations as a perpetuate traveler you are not taxable in any country. I wouldn't mind to pay taxes, it's just that I feel as if those taxes I pay are spend on the wrong agenda. An agenda of war and polution, with promises that are never kept. I found out how the systems treats human beings as numbers for the first time when my working contract as auditor was not renewed and it made me figure about all the other promises I used to be working for. Even now with the writing on the wall and pension ages being raised, organ donation becoming mandatory and democracy being shut down by ending referanda in the Netherlands, the people simply wake up every day to get in the line of the daily trafficjam on way to their work and pay for their own enslavement.

I really thought I could show the Netherlands they deserve more, when I gathered with a group of people and started the development of e-Gulden EFL 4 years ago. I really thought I could move them into trusting something new, espesially because Bitcoin proves to be such a strong monetairy vehicle against FIAT debt. I really thought everybody would see the opportunity in front of them. A country spending 80 million per year on fireworks must have some extra cash to build an insurance for their newborns, just in case the system they trust would not deliver it's promises to them, right? I don't understand the Dutch cockyness when they say life is not about money, go and visit a metro in Budapest and try to remain your stance on that position. On a religious level, I can't understand the people that buy Halal food and pay with euro's. Don't they see how unholy this is and what kind of sinners they make themselves by accepting this interest bearing debt, why bother eating Halal if you buy it with euro?

This week I had a long phonecall with a Dutch journalist. She reminded me to my Dutch roots and this now gives me very uncomfortable thoughts. Because Bitcoin is changing the world we all live on, just like I've known ever since I first got in contact with it about 6 years ago. The Netherlands still have an advantage to the rest of the world that they could exploit, but unfortunately the people let themselves be brainwashed by television and listen to bankmanagers if they make up their mind about this new technology. They don't want to be shown to the facts about their lives, that money plays a huge role in it. It is only because the Dutch have so much of it that they forgot what basics are needed for them to care about other things then food or shelter.

I'm affraid the Dutch have been pampered for too long. Even today when people do show interest they expect me to somehow help them to become millionaires, sorry people it doesnt work like that, you need to invest time to get to understand it all and you can't rely on somebody to explain it to you, because you won't learn a thing from it like that. It is about doing it and that's why we have started the ambassadors campaign with the e-Gulden give-away fund. Just for the Dutch, so if you're from anywhere else in the world it won't do you a lot of good. This fund we are trying to give away for over 3 years now, it makes me sad to see nobody show any interest in it, but if you are reading this and are Dutch and can use some extra cash... go ahead and make yourself part of this group, future generations will be happy with your activity:

So maybe I'm going to be part of a cryptocoin documentary in the Netherlands and I can tell everybody how unhappy and sad this world has made me, howmuch I hate to be right about the risk pensionholders have and how future generations in the Netherlands will not have the same quality of life as their parents, but unfortunately it is what we made it to become and there is nobody else to blame for it then ourselves. To be honoust, I don't feel like I should be chosen to be in it, I'm far from the brightest mind in the room and I feel like a failure. In 5+ years time I havn't been able to but YCLO in the hearts of people. I know it is not just me to blame, the team behind e-Gulden simply hasn't got the right mindset to pull it off. When others told them about the risk of the protocol they didn't want to listen untill it was too late and when I'm asking to develop things they do not make it, but this time too late will be a definite too late and the protocol will not make it I'm affraid. Also my exclusion from talkinggroups doesn't make it any better, they do not want Yoshi Livo to be affiliated with them, because my way of talking would scare people away, well that's only because nobody wants to listen in the first place and therefore I need to get into more and more extreme points to get anyones attention. If people would just co-operate they would not only benefit, but I wouldn;t need to scream so loud. As I say'd before, I am done with screaming because it make me unhappy and I can't seem to bother anybody anyway. I  think I can be of great help to the Dutch community, but they need to allow me to develop, all I'm asking is that they profit from this great opportunity I present them, but unfortunately nobody is willing to take it, so far.

On another level, it is still not too late, the opportunity is still very real and people are getting into action on the latest political bullshit forced upon them, but it is just too little too late in my book. I feel like killing myself on a daily basis and the only thing keeping me from it is that I do not have the courage to do so. I can forget about it for some time if I spend some money on stuff I don't need and not think about it by putting time and energy in Liberland, but when a journalists puts me to the facts it is making me unhappy to the core of my being to know that I am right all the time, but nobody wants to give me credit for it. Please EFL Foundation, all you need to do is create a payment tool that allows EFL to be switched to NLG and BTC and you can lift on their success while at the same time still send out your message that cryptomoney should not be payed with at stores that sell you things you do not need. This message is not getting across so far and they've spend their energy on completely the wrong things, like things that are not e-Gulden at all or build a competitor to groupon that is just a step too soon for today's position of the coin. Maybe I'm too hard and I should be more greatfull toward the people that spend time on the technical development of e-Gulden EFL. I know how difficult it is to find people that have the skills needed to maintain a blockchain and to have 2 of those people voluntarily put their time in our protocol is a blessing, time will tell if it will be enough, but I just keep on thinking of what could have been achieved already if they would just be a little more dedicated.

Today, the total volume of the e-Gulden EFL market is only 1600 dollar, of which I am responcible for 1500 of them. How can a country with so much wealth care so less about their financial future? How can the official team behing e-Gulden EFL let this happen, nobody would be willing to invest more then 1000 euro now, if I wouldn't be active you shouldn't invest more then 100 euro into the coin. Don't these people take their own project serious? Things I cannot give an answer to, but Bittrex sure can. I've received an email lately of them, because my name is still on their webpage. The e-Gulden EFL team don't mind if I take care of these things for them, they just don't feel like giving anything in return. Being the lowest volume altcoin on the exchange doesn't make you popular and that's why Bittrex is trying to find way's to close down the market. At this moment the market is at risk because of new CFTC filings, atleast that is what Bittrex is trying to tell us, but it is complete nonsense because there has not been any ICO and EFL is not a token. We can't tell who bought the coins or owns them at this moment, because like Bitcoin, e-Gulden EFl is an autonomous protocol that doesn't belong to anybody. Yes, if the team would want it they could take credit for the latest version of the protocol, but they can't claim it's theirs, because it is an opensource protocol, but these troubles only exsist because of their lack of care and therefore lack of activity in the coin. I'm quite sure ethereum or litecoin will not receive such letters.

So, if you have enjoyed last Olympics, I'm happy for you, but please start to understand that today's lives are not average. They are more then extraordinary and in order to maintain such wealth we need to do more then just wake up and go to work every day. Television is lying to you on a daily basis and the only reason why the Olympics are there is to make you feel comfortable and work for your masters, who profit immensly from your suppression and if they don't profit enough, they just might descide to take your organs or confisquate your pension. The happyness many people experience today comes from somebody elses grief and only if we accept to be responsible for our actions can we change our future, so please concider some economic resposibility and start building your own cryptoportfolio, because I believe this is the best way to preserve your wealth and will benefit future generations the most. I would be happy if you give me a chance to deploy my thoughts and in that case I specifically point you toward e-Gulden EFL, simply because that is the coin I've chosen to do it with because out of all possible 1000th's of coins, I believe in the end, you yourself will benefit if you give me your support in this way. Let's see if I can be right one more time...