Yoshi Livo



Hello everybody and welcome to a new season of King HONKspiritSEE!

You can't start a new season without a proper introduction, so let's go, shall we?

I am Liberlander Yoshi Livo and my favorite money is Bitcoin of the Netherland, e-Gulden EFL. Yoshi Livo is not the name I got at birth, but it's the result of a decade long journey into the unknown, that kind of started with the 9-11 attacks in the USA, 21 years ago. 

Back then, I was 14 years old and went to highschool. I really didn't think for myself at all and was just one of many, a quite comfortable position to be in. Being born in the Netherlands makes life quite easy, at least, if you don't think about all the violence that's needed to provide you with that lifestyle. Since 9-11 the numbers of wars that the alliance of the willing has manifested is quite impressive. Puppet governments have been installed everywhere but that series of warcrimes in name of the taxpayer wasn't enough to wake people up, not even close. 

 While the entire world needed to go into lockdown for a WHO announcement about a so called "novel" virus, pride parade was celebrated in Amsterdam without any problem last month, with the monkeypox in full effect. It's just one of many inconsistencies I refuse to deal with. Still, the majority of people in Netherlands is staking this stuff serious and believe their government is allowed to decide for them what should or not be deemed safe for them.

I'm glad I moved out of NATO territory and allowed a different world view in my reality. It might have been more easy for me then it would have been for many others. In the end, I'm not married, have no children and because of Bitcoin I manage my finances from any location on the planet with access to internet, but those things didn't come by itself., they have been my own conscious decision, Just like the start of the use of the name Yoshi Livo.

I want to remind myself daily about it is what I'm fighting for and that's why the name Yoshi Livo suits me well. Yoshi Livo stands for Your Children Live On and is my lifemotto in addition to YOLO, or You Only Live Once. Ofcourse you should enjoy life, but how much pleasure can you take in if you know about all the warcrimes that are needed to bring you that experience? Since 9-11 numerous countries have been stolen blind from their resources and the people that benefit from it are too ignorant to find out. 

It's a bit different since a year or 2. The people in western nations are now themselves victim of the beast they have been feeding for decades. It might be the accumulated wealth that makes them a target, or maybe it really is a matter of being unable to provide all the needs, but since 2 years the playingfield has changed drastically. Experimental toxins are being tested on society who willfully participates. Reality is out of the windows and every government that uses that operating system somehow participates in fascilitating the largest medical experiment in human history.

Weather it's about the confiscation of pensionsavings tru death, of just a hidden contract that benefits from fascilitating cheap test subject for medical experiment, it's pretty obvious something is not right about governments in the past couple years. Personally I believe those testsubject will see a cumulative increase in damage. Each time they take another booster, a bigger amount of people will get sick or get serious long term side effect like the inability to reproduce, but since some short time, I can better accept peoples individual choices. I always felt the need to try and inform people around me, but I started to understand there is no need, because people can only learn something if they are willing to. Maybe it's simply for the best that those people die from trusting their government, in the end, they took profit from it all those years. 

Everybody has it's own path and choices and that's ok, who am I to think I know a better way then you? So far my journey of Yoshi Livo brought me a lot of beauty and feels like I'm doing the right thing, but I could be wrong and maybe it's totally justified what happened in the past 20 years since 9-11.

I praise myself lucky for my thoughts and actions. It's not easy sometimes, but in the end, my life is beautiful and so far without any real struggle, besides the one I torture myself with ofcourse. I believe in the next year the world will go so insane, that I can again be lucky with my choices so far, we will see how the next couple of months are going to play out.