Summer thoughts

Summer thoughts

Hello dear readers,

Yes, I know, it's been less then 1 month that I told you, you should all go and order a bitcoin pizza ti materina and I understand this is a Serbian-jezika joke that hardly anybody who reads this page will understand, but it does bring me right to the point. I will do whatever feels good to me and I do not care about your feelings or how you perceive my reality.

I am Liberlander Yoshi Livo, Your Children Live On, and this week I came across so much newsworthy subjects, I couldn't help myself but to create a new blogpost on my website and this time I will mention it's the 14th of july 2023, if somehow forgot to mention the date in my previous couple of blogposts in which I did some pretty accurate predictions.

What happened exactly? It's a combination of 2 things. First of all, old school bitcoin broker Bitconic, with over 400.000 Bitcoins sold to the Dutch public, launched a new commercial, showing exactly how big of a social bubble the Bitcoinworld has become. Second, Ripple labs has won their longlasting courtcase against the SEC. The two make a perfect combination for showing exactly the points I've been trying to make for years.

To start off, let's mention the Bitonic's commercial. It's just about 15 seconds long but it probably costed the management of this Dutch regulated Bitcoin broker well over 1 Bitcoin to produce. But if part of the MtGox funds payed out, why not make extra clear exactly why you are investing in a license that will allow you to operate within the Netherlands...

The message is simple, there is Bitcoin, and then there are hypecoins. The message on the Bitonic website sums it up exactly like that. Don't believe in anything else but Bitcoin, oh wait, and your local government debt ofcourse. We as bitonic want to get regulated so that competition is unable to offer you the same service. We at Bitonic want to follow government guidelines to avoid the funding of terrorism or the laundring of money and our company will do anything in its power to prevent any government stated wrongdoing. We as Bitonic believe the government should have the final say in what you can do with your money and we will enforce any rule that the government lays upon us, like sharing your private information to them,  to make sure your government debt can be exchanged and we can take our cut. We as Bitonic do not care about the ability to transact everyday goods for crypto, we don't want to build an alternative to debt currency, because we have invested in, and are fighting courtcases about, the acceptance of Bitcoin in the system of traditional finance. We as Bitonic want large financial institutions as our new community members, because they will buy Bitcoin up to 1 million euro and that is going to be our profit, that is why anything other then Bitcoin is a hype according to our company.... is what I see in such a commercial.

As Liberlander Yoshi Livo, who manages to live quite well in the reality i have managed to create for myself, I have build my own outlook for the future, I'm sure you can understand such a message for regulation triggers me, but... less then 24 hours after this overpriced and overhyped marketingscheme of Bitonic got launched, the universe gave me a break, because Ripple won it's longlasting courtcase against the SEC.

Oh my, what will happen to Bitcoin once the Ripple army, consisting of well payed, highly educated (or should I say trained to serve) economics are going to convince you, the unknowning masses, the energy efficient consensus mechanism of Ripple XRP, that provides instant confirmation, is superior to Bitcoin as facebook was to myspace? That one time I spoke out in favor of XRP I had to deal with Lemmings-like vaccine-takers (which only a very select group of people would take that kind of narrative in that time) that complained the price went down, while for me it was pretty clear I had to sell as soon as my name hit the newspaper on page 5. Ripple is far from ideal if you love freedom, but the first ripple based CBDC has been launched not far away from Liberland and with a large backing of traditional finance we can be sure compliance is going to be a lot easier to deal with for RIpple compared to the fragmented Bitcoin community that is still busy to fight with themselves. It seems like an uneven fight, simply because that fragmentation within Bitcoin makes it so that no alternative narrative is strong enough to fight against the dominant one that you hear about in traditional media today. Look how easy it has been to fool people with medical information, medical information that is much less of an art like economy. Economy is a feeling, not like science, just imagine with the covid scam in the back of your mind how easy it is going to be to lie to people about economy, its been done for decades without anybody noticing.

Dear Bitonic, don't you see that Bitcoin is highly inefficient and it is likely that the monetary world does not include any bitcoin involvement in 100 years from now? Bitcoin isn't perfect, but instead of hiding it, or presenting fees as a replace-by-fee feature, why not build a web of communities that all attach to the new backbone of global finance? Most of crypto is about profit in traditional debt based currencies, but for me, the real profit comes from building communities and establishing mutual agreements without involvement of any government. We as humans rule ourselves, our decisions make the future, instead of presenting crypto as a hype we should focus on why this story started in the first place: To uncover the immorality of traditional debt based finance. Our odds are so against us that we can really use all the help we can get if we want to succeed to inform the masses about our initiative. At the same time, I'm so confident in my predictions that I can allow every opportunity to sabotage myself. My influence is so small it can be neglected, because the changes in the world will eventually prove my words, regardless of my own actions. I do not need to raise my voice to be heard, because eventually the truth will show who has been right or wrong. It took me some years to understand it and have already lost some of my hair over frustration from not being understood, but I'm confident one day people will look back and understand every decision I made so far. 

What a narrow window of opportunity we are facing. For the first time in centuries, to be able to free our minds of ego and unveil that the emperor has no clothes. Such an event can only be created in chaotic times and I feel confident about my predictions. I am Liberlander Yoshi Livo, which means Your Children Live On, and this is my summary on how the sanctions of Dutch ASML chips to China has been the true reason why I feel the need to write my thoughts in the most honest way I can wonder, which is the reality of my own being. Change is happening fast and happens for a large part out of the influence of our own actions. Instead of fighting each other we have to work together and show the strength of our mutual agreement. I've said it for a decade and I will repeat it once more:  "Are you Dutch? become friend of e-Gulden EFL, the Dutch Bitcoin." It won't cost you any money, in fact, it will gain you some money and by voting with our wallets we will build a network that allows for a well needed discussion which most people in Netherlands are avoiding until this day. A discussion that the front page on this website has been willing to start for a decade. There have been some likeminded groups from various countries, so even if you have a different nationality, you might want to check to see if you can locate one nearby the place you live, or even better, start your own if you can't find one.

I and my family have payed taxes for the destruction of the building which I currently live in, there are many more Dutch tax-payer destructed buildings on this planet I am born upon. I don't have pride in my position, nor do I feel shame. This planet is to experience yourself and from this perspective I endorse the 6 colored rainbow flag. I strongly believe one day e-Gulden EFL will be accepted as the Bitcoin of the Netherlands, but at the same time, I have told myself that same story for so many years and with the launch of a BRICS currency next month and the recent collapse of the Dutch government I can see some challenging times up ahead. I have decided to diversify away from EFL. This year over 100.000 EFL got traded already and it shows that a simple idea like the EFL savingsfund is proven to be highly profitable in debt currency if the intentions of the organizers are genuine. With the upcoming turmoil, I prefer to have a bit more cash on hand and for this reason I have started to sell 10.000 EFL for Litecoin, also to prove to Bitonic howmuch fun you can generate for yourself benefitting from the de-dollarization of the planet. The offer to get EFL to the value of 1 euro each is also still open on Komodo's Atomic Dex. The new crypto economy is full of opportunities and because success is always attractive to bystanders, it is one way for me to prove myself. By talking openly about my actions and how I manage to live without a bankaccount for almost a decade I try to show you a different reality is possible, if only you would believe in building it yourself. 

EFL has been an amazing success in my journey, but talking about it is not accepted today. As Bitonic would tell you, I would only do it to become rich very fast, because I don't care about educating the people around me in order to come closer to a free society. Who cares that I am building a new community based on different principles and want to introduce a new form of ethical currency with the gains I make? That is all just a made up lie so I can take your money, according to Bitonic. I can only help others and build my ideas if I have enough of a stable foundation for myself. A commercial that Bitonic launched this week shows exactly why I feel the need to take care about myself first, because since over a decade I've been trying to explain why Dutch people need to become a friend of EFL with a more then terrible responce as return. Too often have the people I believed in turned out to not be so friendly and I did not manage to find the support I was looking for all these years. Now it is time to put myself first and make sure I have some reserves to fall back on. That was also part of the message I shared with you last time, but when things evolve and progress, I sometimes can't help myself but to write my thoughts down. I simply can't help myself, this is me, living in a clownworld, trying my best to deal with it and this weekend I simply had to write something about the recent turn of events.

Men have been fooled for too long, regardless of others peoples intentions I wish you the friendliest e-Gulden EFL greetings from near Liberland that I can create, and in a way, that you will let me create. I believe we all share the same ID. Because I really feel like the clock is set at 5 to 12, I have opened up all previous texts that are written on my blogwegsite You can read about all the events that I thought were important enough for me to mention in the past couple of years. If you have any questions or want to help me establish my dreams, please contact me, for example on Telegram. 

This war is one I don't want to lose, because in case you did not notice it yet, it is a war we are fighting, I just try my best to use my wallet, feet and mouth as my weapons and refrain from using physical violence. I have build my reputation and will hold onto my believes for as long as I manage to do so. You are important, this story is ment for you. I believe one euro e-Gulden EFL will change the world. The world likes to portray me as extreme, because of the things I say or do, but for me, the radical ones are those that defend the current values in society. I believe most, if not all, world problems come from lack of understanding our values. We do not understand the value we receive in exchange for our life-energy. One euro per EFL would shake up the Netherlands, and I've said it many times before, this is not just your average country. Forget about the UN peace palace being located in the Netherlands, this small Dutch nation is behind a lot of the ideas of our time. If we manage to educate the Dutch inhabitants and get them to understand a different value system is possible, it will impact the entire globe. I find peace within myself by knowing my intentions are genuine and the offers and proposals I create are not just about some hype, but about a serious change in the world that is happening right in our lifetime. I enjoy my art and if I am lucky I will not get distracted while I make it. Feel free to report my Youtube videos, I'm sure the fascist regime pays you enough to not care about the world you leave behind. Everything we do in life is a gamble, even avoiding to gamble is one. Regardless of what money or debt currency you accept, there will always be winners or losers compared to your choice. Instead of denying such a gamble exists and portraying it as something negative, we should learn how to take optimal advantage out of the opportunities we have in life. We should try to work together to create the best outcome possible, that is why I keep on trying to connect to those that see the same challenges and want to try to solve the problems, while having fun and making some money in the process. 

Vote with your wallet and vote EFL, vote with your feet and vote for Liberland. What more are you waiting for? 


Your Children LivOn.