King HONKspiritSEE


Hello everybody,

Half of November I announced a new series of my stream, King HONKspiritSEE. Lets see how it goes so far.

The season started great, with a fresh 3 hour introvideo that I put on repeat 24/7. A new opening was written, but after I recorded the new highlight, I noticed that something went wrong with the recording and the last couple of minutes of my text was not included. I believe that everything happens in the right way and wondered what could be the reason why my recording failed. I told myself my text about e-Gulden EFL, the Bitcoin of the Netherlands was in the wrong order, because how can I talk about Bitcoin of Netherlands if I didn't explain you Bitcoin first?

Bitcoin for me is hope for a better future. The self-regulating accounting system allows humans to transact globally in a transparent and secure way that is unprecedented in world history.. Like with any innovation it is grossly misunderstood and has its limitations, the biggest one of them being scarcity of available transaction data.  

To provide the world with it's financial needs requires a vast amount of resources. Those that complain about the fairly emission friendly Bitcoin, that has seen the most innovative ways of improving efficiency in just its first 10 years of existence, often forget about the endless wars that are required to feed the fiat ponzi the world has been addicted to for the past several decades. Time is a special element that requires further explanation, as one human life is just a short term experience in an endless reoccurrence of events. 

Because of its limited capacity, there is the need for a solution. Some believe that solution to be called Lightning, but if I look into that proposition I see many threats for centralization and control, the biggest of them all being the idea that one single coin should service all of the world. Yes, Bitcoin is an extremely important tool for freedom that we should cherish and praise and maybe even more important, explain to others, but lets also be fair that today it is not able to keep up with its promise of being digital cash, again, if you believe Lightning is going to make that happen, please watch this video and ask yourself if you really know what you are talking about or are just repeating somebody else their opinion. 

I live without a bankaccount since 2014 and crypto plays an important role in the way how i manage my finances. I use a variety of different altcoins to service my needs and believe the human creativity is the only limitation as to how many different crypto there is going to be in the upcoming century. I have tried for 10 years now to explain the reasons behind my decisions, but while others are fighting a war on terrorism, inject children in the name of science and worship centralized interest bearing debt as money, I am the so called radical one because I refuse to participate. I like to celebrate if there is a good reason to do so, not just to keep a happy atmosphere. Some years ago I used DOGEcoin for arbitrage opportunities. The problem with crypto arbitrage is to have liquidity on multiple platform simultaneously. Because DOGEcoin transactions take only 10% of the time of a bitcoin transaction, I could move my funds faster between different trading platforms and take some nice profits in the process. When I would take about such transactions on bitcoin meetups I would get labelled a speculator in such a way that my point would be discredited as non relevant.

Yes, all of my income I live from is coming from speculation only. I managed to buy cryptocoins before bitcoin made a moonshot, but I have never been in this game for the money. Instead, I use crypto in my life as a tool to explain people exactly why they should question their government more. Sure, if the Dutch population is one day going to see how EFL can be valuable in their life, or maybe for the slightly shorter term, if somebody with enough Bitcoin will buy into my sell offer that I opened on 1000 satoshi on the decentralized BTC/EFL market on the Komodo platform, then sure, I will sell 250.000 EFL for 2.5 Bitcoin and that is about 3x more then the current price at the centralized exchange options for the coin, but at the same time, if somebody would buy 2.5 BTC worth of EFL at those same centralized exchanges there is only about 50.000 EFL on sale for that amount, because the markets of EFL today have only very limited liquidity, hence, the reason why I offer these EFL for sale in the first place. 

Just like at the start of the year I will repeat how much I would love for this money to service the Dutch population, or anybody interested for that matter, but even with 10% annual inflation of fiat debt, people seem to not get my point and believe I am doing this all for personal gain. I will repeat myself that I will use the proceeds of the Komodo transaction to increase liquidity in the EFL market and buy all the coins below the 1 euro per coin pricelevel. The friend of EFL giveaway fund still holds over 3 million coins in reserve, which Dutch people can redeem if they follow the required steps. I have said since the start of my participation with EFL that 1 euro will make all the difference and so far that price didn't happen which is the real reason why I still care and go into these efforts of making this statement a reality, even if that costs me 200.000 EFL in the process.

If I look back as to why exactly my story did not record at the start of this series, I still don't know as to why things happened exactly like they did. What I do know is that I am glad I took my time to process what happened and the result in the form of this text. Since that first episode many things happened. First of all, the Libertarian Party of the Netherlands has started to accept e-Gulden EFL as form of payment. You can now become a member of their political party or donate to their cause using EFL and I really had nothing to do with this becoming a reality, this happened by itself. I prefer to vote with my feet and my wallet instead of a red pencil, but when I heard about their acceptance towards EFL I subscribed to their party and they have now asked me to write a New Year wish for their upcoming newsletter. I will point them towards this text and somebody might see that 2.5 Bitcoin is actually a really good price to promote Libertarianism globally, especially now that Bitcoin is priced relatively cheap. I came across a Bitcoin without internet the other day, and if this would really be the turning point I can't wait to start to build my intended harbor for future Liberland visitors. 

A lot of things changed since the start of December, most important of all is my own mindset. I can be glad with the life I've created for myself. Funny things happen in life that you should try to learn from, for example, last weekend. My broadcast was streaming live for over 90 hours when I got a message: "It seems like the chatbot broke." After some investigation I noticed that after 90 hours of continuous broadcast, I had a lag of more then 10 minutes. I stopped the broadcast and for the entirety of last weekend I did not stream anything. Last Sunday somebody then bought 0.01 BTC from the open order on Komodo, while I was not streaming! I am trying to broadcast a continuous stream so people find out about my EFL offer in the first place, that is also the reason why I write messages on this blogwebsite, so people know what is going on in my life, but when I am not broadcasting for several days somebody buys into my 2.5 BTC sell order. First of all, I'm glad to find out that you can buy parts of the open sell order and it is not required to trade offers in full, but second it made me realize that it is not about me or what I do. At some point this story will grow, just like Bitcoin will trade at 1 million dollar one day, the same goes for EFL trading at 1 euro. The fiat money system and dollar hegemony are simply ending and this might seem like a slow process, but it's an amazing event to experience in real time. All that I try to do is to speed up the process and make it into a positive experience and I can be proud on myself that I manage to do such a great job over the years and keep this story and vision alive, regardless of how many people want to tell me I am wrong, if I look around me in the world today I am not convinced by those people and their lack of understanding motivates me to try and explain myself even better. I can only imagine how much more reach my words would have if EFL would trade above the 1 euro price level, but I feel lucky that so far I managed to hold on to my dreams and believes, and am able to present the world with a win-win proposition that I believe will benefit our freedom in the long run. 

Regardless of how you look at this story today, I wish you the best for 2023 and want to thank you for your attention.

Friendly e-Gulden EFL greetings, from 20 miles out of Liberland.

Your Children Live On.