One more time


Yesterday something happened and I feel like making a blogpost about it.

I still had some SBCH in my account and with the recent price action in BCH and BTC I felt like I should try and convert them back to BCH. At that moment I considered those SBCH as worthless, because I thought the only way out of the SBCH system was with help of Binance. I am Liberlander Yoshi Livo, which means Binance does not accept my passport. I knew of the Komodo support for SBCH and because my Proof of Community result I liquidated half of my remaining HONK tokens, resulting in more SBCH, because I was not planning to host more streams in the future so I would not be giving away those HONK tokens anyway.

When I joined the SBCH Telegram channel I knew I had to advertise my order, just putting an order out somewhere does not generate enough exposure by itself for it to complete. I made the offer to sell my remaining funds for 0.955 SBCH per BCH, because this way somebody who would be willing to take the required steps from Binance would make a little profit and this would create the incentive to execute the order. I held most of my remaining funds in a different pegged token created next to SBCH and manage to exchange at a moment the price was a couple percent in my favorite anyway, for me crypto is not about these last couple of % extra profit, I want things to work and it's ok to pay a bit extra if this makes the process easier. I made a little test transaction and after SBCH showed up in Komodo. I opened the order and let the telegram community know about it. 

The next morning I received notification from somebody. They could not see my order in Komodo. This is crypto and for those that don't know, a lot has happened in the last year. SBCH has seen it's own challenges, but we are together responsible to deliver a working product. I wanted to perform that transaction, so I started to look for what was wrong. With some help of the Telegram community I managed to solve the issue and my order completed the very same day, great! All in all it was more then 1 BCH and even at today's price that means more then 2 months rent for me.

I was happy and it was a good experience, which made me think a bit more. The discussion about the recent ECB post is happening and recently I have opened many trades on Komodo in order for my proof of community to complete. My friends wife is diagnosed with ALS and they have made the decision to sell their house for this reason. I already opened trades for BCH, but I will open a larger order for SBCH, for a total of 220371 EFL, or about 1100 SBCH. Yes, I know, the price level is set by me at 0.005 SBCH per EFL, but I look at crypto from a fair value perspective and this price seems right for me. I have adjusted from 0.007 because of the recent market action and also adjusted the normal BCH order to that same price level, lowering the total trade amount with 50.000 EFL to 250 BCH. This is the amount required to buy the house of my friend. A house located near Liberland which I intend to make into a community residence for future Liberland visitors. 

If I would manage to complete this SBCH/EFL trade I would still have to take out 250 BCH for the purchase of the house, but the remaining funds would be used to open a trade between SBCH and EFL on the price on 0.00005 SBCH per EFL and if I complete both the BCH and the SBCH trade I don't have to convert any SBCH to BCH. I do not expect this order to ever complete, because it would mean I would buy 17M out of 21M outstanding EFL and it would be too far out of range of fair value for it to be likely to happen. I would give that house near Liberland a special SBCH theme so that all future visitors will know which community put it together. A total of 68K SBCH are outstanding and this way more then 1% could be locked up in a Komodo order I do not intend to touch for at least 10 years. It would be a perfect timing because when spring start I expect the house of my friend to get sold, it's a nice house so I don't have forever to try and make a deal and SBCH works for me, so maybe somebody from that community is happy to have the ability to trade their coins with mine on Komodo and take a little step into Liberland. If you don't try you will never succeed, so who knows what results I might be able to generate. I believe in my story and believe the offer I make will benefit both parties involved. I simply try to make the best out of every situation and am proud to present you this offer.

Trades have been opened on the Komodo platform, let's complete this proof of community in the extra time and change the global narrative about crypto. Team Humanity, let's GO!