Proof of community


Good day beautiful people,

this text is a finale to a new video series that I've recently released on Rumble. I started with that video series because a friend of me near Liberland has offered his house for sale. It's a great reality check for me and counts as a proof of community, because things are about to get serious and depending on the size of the community that supports me I will change my fighting strategy.

Let me start of this text by telling you that you should check out this new video series, I'm going to talk about things from that video series. In case you feel like there is some information missing, you can probably find all information in those videos.


The first thing I would like to share in this finale is how happy I am that I can read this text to you in the way I am doing today. My life is amazing and beautiful and I am grateful for every decision I've made so far. Looking at the world today and how much hate and confusion is circling in peoples minds I consider myself blessed with a loving personality and an open mind. Many things could have been different, but this text is the outcome of my life journey so far. I have not ever needed violence to prove my point and been able to share all my information openly and free of charge. I'm able to say what I feel like saying and to all this I would like to add just one more thing. I've always hoped to be proven wrong one day. That all those things I take for reality are proven false. Unfortunately that has not happened and that is why I am trying my best to explain my thoughts to others. I believe people that work together form the biggest power. Together we can move mountains and I firmly believe that with the right explanation everybody will see that violence can't form a stable base on the long run. Violence just leads to more violence, voluntarism is the solution, but people are scared and misinformed and unable to take responsibility for their own actions. Freedom requires responsibility and many people just prefer comfort instead.

With that introduction out of the way I would first like to tackle Bitcoin. I learned about Bitcoin in 2011, but because I'm not so tech savvy it took me until 2012 before I performed my first blockchain transaction. When I performed that transaction I still didn't quite understand it, but after I saw the technology working I was immediately sold on the idea. What a great tool for freedom, to be able to own something which nobody can take away from you. I quickly became obsessed and wanted to learn more. I spend all my time reading and educating myself until 2014 when I had the feeling it became time to share that knowledge. I wrote a letter to my bank, stating how much I despise debt currency and how I discovered Bitcoin. I asked them if I could deposit my bitcoins on my bank account so I could use my bankcard in the way I am used to, but without the debt currencies I felt so bad about. In return for my honesty my bank decided to refuse me their services. It was quite a shock, but I decided to double down and step away from traditional banking. I've been living without a personal bank account since that moment and tried to explain the people around me why they should try to become less dependent on debt currencies also. 

It had little to no effect. People are simply too stuck in their lifestyle and can't break out of their habits. I came to the conclusion I had to move to a different location on the planet, the Netherlands is simply not a location where people would understand me, but if I could prove myself at a different location, they might start to understand my point. That is how I ended up traveling to Liberland in 2015. Some things around bitcoin already changed by that time, because bitcoin became more popular. More popular ment that blocks became more full and sending a transaction became more expensive and sometimes took over a day to transact if you would send your coins in a busy moment. I came to the conclusion that Bitcoin was a great step forward, but that achieving peer to peer cash would require much more effort. Around that time a coin called e-Gulden EFL was started and I developed the idea that people that live on the same location and share a language have an excellent incentive to maintain a blockchain together. A million fights would occur from speaking out about that idea. "Why would I want to give Bitcoin a bad name for promoting such obvious scams?" For me the answer was quite simple, I wanted to create peer 2 peer cash and just Bitcoin by itself is not going to deliver that and by the way, nobody can exclude the possibility that Bitcoin itself is just a deep state psy-op, a million coins are still locked up by Satoshi Nakamoto and can cause a extreme volatility at any given moment. 

Because of my experience about speaking out about money, I also came to the understanding how uneducated people actually are on the subject of money. Civilization flourished because of specialization, we have seen amazing progress because people have been able to dedicate their entire life optimizing one specific little thing, but that also means they have not been able to spend time on a lot of other things, for example how money works. My young age also did not help. How was such a young guy like myself going to tell somebody at older age that debt currency isn't real money? All their lives debt currency had served people well, whenever I would try and talk about it I was shut down and asked to take my conspiracy theories to the mental hospital, because something was clearly wrong with me. The Bitcoin community itself was also not helping out, even today the majority of Bitcoin users are unable to accept that human creativity is too complex to fit into one MB of data per 10 minutes. On top of that, hardly anybody seems to share my goal of making traditional debt currency obsolete. The upcoming ETF shows just how blinded the majority of Bitcoin users really is. They cheer for regulation, but crypto money regulates itself, government regulation is what we need to step away from because it has proven to be only a way of controlling and limiting freedom. 

Time passed and when Bitcoin gained traction in 2017 I decided to invest some of it with Liberland. That idea promises to become a country without central bank and just like money is an invention of people, so are borders. I have never doubted the ability of Liberland to form a nation, because in the changes that blockchain technology will bring to the world, everything and every outcome is going to be possible. To my personal experience, as shared in my statement I wrote last September, Liberland has proven to me that it does not have the ambition to really make the change I would like to establish. They focus on their 7km2 of land and only invite people they can fish from the small pond of Libertarianism. They do not have the intention to change the existing power structure but instead want to become part of it, just like the shortsighted Bitcoin users that cheer for more regulation so they can have a personal profit in debt currencies. 

I was too naïve and thought their would be room for a different opinion. I forgot that Bitcoin and Liberland by itself are already huge changes for the world I grew up in and that the people that are involved in those projects can't handle somebody that just sees those inventions as tools to reach a different level of consciousness about our existence. Neither money or politics are the solution to our problems, they are just great tools to show a larger audience that their lives have been build on false believes. Only because of that believe has humanity been able to develop themselves to the level we see today, but the violence that is needed to keep true human creativity under control also increases, as reality is showing us today.

Now we come to our present time. As you can read in my proof of community concept that I wrote, a dear friend with a house near Liberland has received the unfortunate news that his wife has a serious illness. To cover the cost of the medical bills he has to sell his house and I have taken this moment to look back on my life and ask me what it is I am actually doing. In 10 years I've been spit out almost everywhere. I was always allowed to spend some of my bitcoins, but as soon as I tried to explain my goal I was quickly removed from communities and censored, often with some fake accusations based on lies to discredit my personality. I will for once and for all explain exactly what my goal is and how I want to achieve it. If enough people share this goal and want to become part of my community then I believe I have made offers that are going to create a win-win situation for everybody involved.

When I travelled to Liberland, I decided that my goal had to be explained in a simple sentence. I have thought a long time about what it should be and in the past 10 years it has not changed. My message has always remained the same and is also on top of this webpage. YOLO + YCLO = [ :) + <3 ]²

YOLO stands for You Only Live Once. It was a catchphrase that was popular around the time Liberland got established. Life is short and you should live it to the maximum is basically what it means, but for me, that was not enough, that is why I've added something on top, YCLO. YCLO means Your Children Live On, my name Yoshi Livo, the name on my Liberland passport, come from that addition. Yes, you should enjoy your life to the fullest, experiment as much as you can and try things that your feeling tells you to do, but the human kind can only survive if we care about the future generation. YOLO + YCLO together will create happiness and love, squared and I fully stand by that motto I've promoted for the past 10 years. The funny thing is, just when my friend told me about the need to sell his house, Elon Musk told his advertisers to Go Fuck Themselves, on top of that he speaks a clear message for the need to reproduce and tries to put DOGEcoin on the map as currency for the internet. This is the reason why I've put the picture of Elon Musk on top of this webpage, called my videoseries on Rumble the "Go Fuck Yourself" video series and have set my goal for proof of community on 1 Million DOGEcoin. My offer available for many different coins and the orders are open on the Komodo platform. In return for the 1 million DOGEcoin I will give an equivalent of value in e-Gulden EFL, I believe that at some point the Dutch people are going to recognize what I already know today, Bitcoin by itself is not sufficient to service the world with it's financial needs and people that live on the same location and share a language have an excellent incentive to maintain their own blockchain. Besides that crypto money that is on offer, I offer one more thing, which is myself.

I've always understood that I'm taking a huge risk by speaking out against the current power structure. I've already been proven right many times and have taken many punches, both physically and mentally, from people that try to silence me from speaking out about my ideas. Just a catchphrase by itself is a hollow shell, I believe our entire way of living and the things we value in life are about to change. I've miscalculated the time it will take us to get there, but both Bitcoin and Liberland have already become obsolete for me. It might take us another 100 years, but I see both projects as the beginning of the end of an imperialistic system that maintains itself with violence and exclusion, guild and shame. We live in abundance once we recognize our flaws, but as I have stated now several times, I've misjudged the timing with which we are going to be able to achieve a different level of understanding. I hereby promise if I successfully manage to achieve proof of community, that I will spend the rest of my life developing what I like to call ethical currency, based on the ideas as stated on this website. I believe it is something I can manage and that my current location near Liberland is perfect for this project. It is going to consume all my time and future profit that will come forward from crypto speculation and that it will shine a different light on society as we know it today, more specific, a different view on politics and money. Also this ethical currency is not the ultimate solution, but it is an important step towards a more free society and gives everybody an equal playing field with a very low threshold for new participants. 

The house of my friend is currently offered for sale. I do not have forever until somebody else is going to buy it. This is my offer to work for you until my physical body allows me to. At the same time I want to make clear that I also see how ridiculous and dangerous I am to myself by writing this text and if I do not manage to get the proof of community I request in this text, I will withdraw myself from the public eye and live a peaceful life based on the knowledge I've acquired. I believe everything until today has build up in the perfect way, to the perfect moment of this present time. This story is going to be bigger then Liberland and Bitcoin combined and that is why I've received so much push back. I've refused help a couple of times, because I felt like the time was not right, but I feel in every fiber of my body, while I write and read out this text, the time is now. 

Team Humanity, Let's GO!