Your Children Live On


Hey everybody, it's me again.

I know, the last text is only a couple of hours old, but this time I can't help myself and really feel an urge to write down this story as soon as I can. This story might reach out further then others so let me make this final story into a real summary and give it a proper introduction.

It's 3 AM near Liberland. I am Liberlander Yoshi Livo and live an unbanked life since 2014. Time is not really of the essence to me because my early investment into Bitcoin makes me live every day like a Sunday. I do what I want, when I want it and it's been some time since I was looking forward into writing a new blogpost as much as this one, that's why I start it at 3AM and I probably wont stop it until I finish. 

The reason for this blogpost is a Dutch podcast I've just watched and I recommend you all to auto translate on youtube, or not if you can understand Dutch. Brecht Arneart is the owner of and speaks about a variety of topics with a special mention to Yannick Verdyck who was killed in a police raid on 28 September 2022, something freedom radio has condemned from the moment it happened.

This new podcast video does a lot to me, I have been refusing to communicate with the Dutch government for almost 10 years. I tried at the start to explain exactly why I couldn't conform to the status quo, but figured out pretty soon it was better to spend my time creating the change I wanted to achieve and left to Liberland in 2015. It's a unique story of which I wrote an entire book on this website, countless stories, of which my latest Go Fuck Yourself series is almost at an end. But not yet, because this one text is still to come, or are we already underway?

The topics discussed between the Dutch Jorn and Flemish Brecht are really relatable to me. I do not only live an unbanked life, I also try to not use my government identity. Sure, I sleep in a hotel sometimes, or I rent a car, but never in my name and yes, I use debt currency on a daily basis because I live in a society that over the last century has been completely corrupted by central banks and I am completely part of that society. No, I do not live on Liberland because even if I could, I have learned over the years that Liberland is not the solution I am looking for. Yoshi Livo is the name on my Liberland passport and means Your Children Live On. I thought of that motto, it is my creation that I made 10 or so years ago and the podcast makes me ask myself questions like: "Why is this the story I created for myself?" or more specific "Why did I choose Your?" 

I can tell you out of personal experience if you tell a judge in court you do not accept their authority it's a very special feeling. I am blessed with a brainpower which curses me at the same time. Am I right in my path? What will be the consequence if I am wrong? Forget about reputation, what if I turn out to be on the wrong side of history and my current actions aid evil, would it be best to do nothing at all? Please be aware in my personal case we are talking about 2014, Brecht mentions the wayseeers manifesto in the podcast. It must have been around that same time, probably a bit earlier, I showed that video to my parents to explain them why I had to give up my study to become assistant controller. My mom cried that day, thinking I completely lost my mind and in a way, I did.

I am blessed with an amazing life, a great journey and I have managed to create a beautiful vision of my future. Really, I can see the image more clear every day and it is beautiful to see it slowly unfold. I'm glad I held on to that wayseeers manifesto in my unconscious mind and let my instinct guide me all these years. I've had countless amazing opportunities that have all been an equal big threat. Somehow I managed to make all the right decisions to end up at this perfect time of today, perfect because of it's imperfections. Not many people understand what is going on yet, I myself have only recently became more aware of my situation. Since a year or so I often write in my stories how I am ready, but while watching this podcast I have realized I needed that little extra bit of information to really say I am ready. This little extra information being the vision of Brecht on how we as humanity are rebuilding God  from the chaotic state we are currently in. I love his explanation and I love the role I am playing in that bigger picture a lot better then my own. I become more happy about my personal path of growing as I understand it better. I can be happy with my choice for endless rejection from authority. I understand from Brecht it has nothing to do with being lucky and that makes my decision from 5 years ago, still the biggest moment of my life to date, again a lot easier to process. 

The podcast is special to me because Brecht shares a very personal life journey, but I feel that he only recently made some huge steps in his development and all that information is now flowing out for the first time. I spoke about Brecht before in one of my Go Fuck Yourself video's, but he seems like a changed man compared to only half a year ago. Congrats Brecht! What a performance! It seems like you really are managing to find yourself in a great way! Just like I state in the Rumble video, but even more so after this new podcast, I would love to become a paying member of as soon as payment is not limited to creditcard only and maybe that is why I'm so excited to write down this story today. We all know why Bitcoin is not able to service for my transactions and otherwise I invite you to read the most recent blogpost that would originally become the end of this current blogseries. I'm glad your interview was published on the same day I finished writing my last story so the overall story can end on a slightly more positive note. You give a great alternative vision to the same message I also like to express: "The future is in our hands and it is what we make of it" and I like our vision a lot. We, Brecht, or anybody for that matter,  might become the first to prove how big of an impact a group of likeminded people can voluntarily achieve, without the need of the violence that currently provides for trust. I heard Brecht speak about a variety of goals for which he seeks funding and if you know just how many of my EFL sponsorships have been rejected in the past you will understand you should feel free to contact me about it anytime. Yes, I bought a lot of EFL's over the years, but the only overinvestment I made in my life was my participation in Liberland. I want to make clear I am not the creator of the Bitcoin genesis block, nor am I the creator of the e-Gulden genesis block. EFL has been a great tool for me for cash payments. Like many other forms of crypto it has helped me in my journey to show a different financial standard is possible. 

And now, it's time for me to take some distance. The podcast with Brecht also spoke about personal development. Yes, the upcoming years are going to be pretty rough for people who expect the government to provide them with security, but I am not going to be one of those people. I've tried my best to speak out my vision, share my ideas and thoughts, I have stayed honest to myself and never lied in any of my expressions. The liters of Golden Jungle Juice I showered over Itchy Pinky in all these years could fill a bathtub. The result is that about 10 people read my stories today and an equal amount of people watch my video's or livestreams and I'm ok with it, because that information is now available and waiting to be utilized. I think a lot of people can be shown a different direction if there would be a bit more support, but everybody has it's own journey and I can't blame people for not trying to figuring out their own existence. Everybody figures things out when the time is right for them  and I'm more confident then ever before that I'm way ahead of the curve. I've had doubts about my own actions over the years. This most recent podcast has made me realize how right I really am, with all my mistakes. There are powers available in this world that many people are not aware of and that still makes things difficult for me to accept. Why do individuals seem to be so unable to organize compared to traditional power that seems to be in perfect sync? But, I am happy with the way I've managed to maneuver myself so far and am really looking forward for what is yet to come,. 

Let me end the story by thanking Brecht for sharing his information and invite all Dutch speaking readers to become a friend of EFL so they can earn their fair share of EFL, made possible by an excellent group of people that are fighting daily to provide for an option to cut down on our debt currency addiction. A group of people who can use a lot of help in the challenges they encounter. In my opinion our biggest problem in this world today, hidden by a 1000 distractions, is the creation of debt currency. It's a group of people that you can easily become a part of. Together we build the society we would like to pass on to our children. This recent podcast has thought me it is time to learn more, but about a different topic then I usually do. Why would I want to keep on trying to give people money they don't want to understand or use and my endless arguments are just responded to with silence? The moment will come when people will need that money and at that moment it is way more useful if I would understand myself better then I do today. Instead of writing my blogposts, making my video's, streaming my shows, it will be much more productive for me to become more aware of my own consciousness and understand my own personality better and it doesn't matter from which location that happens.

I want to thank all readers for being a part of my journey. I wish all and everybody the best with the upcoming changes, may you also, like me or Brecht, be able to find time and peace to discover more about yourself.