Propapaganda: Bidcoin or B-it-coin


Hey all, little update here because the house of my friend is still for sale, so I will keep on trying to show you exactly why it is in the interest of everybody that pursues more freedom and autonomy to support me on my mission and take benefit from my actions.

Yesterday the Eurovision song contest 2024 happened, not really an event I care a lot about, but this time it gave me inspiration to write this text because something unusual happened. Joost Klein, the Dutch contestant, was disqualified from participating. Those who know the history of the Eurovision songs know the contest was created by nation states so that traditional media of various countries could practice their communication skills with each other. It's not really about the songs, it is a propaganda event so the public broadcasting channels of various countries have a project to collaborate on, this experience can pay itself off in future events when some other "news" needs to be broadcasted.

The disqualification event of the Netherlands involved Israel. Ongoing tensions in that nation divides the population, similar to the Ukraine or Covid situation. Personally I believe that a lot of our reality today has been planned in advance. Just like the reparations of Germany after the first World War have proven to become the leading cause for the second World War, it seems like the aftermath of the second World War, with the creation of Israel, will become the cause for the start of the third. If you know where you are going, it's easy to keep directions. If you expand your horizon and manage to put the goal far away, you can even deviate from the optimal trajectory. If temporary circumstances push in a certain direction a case can be made to take advantage of unforeseen events so you could end up at your goal at even faster pace.

If the Eurovision song contest should teach us anything, it is that governments are well aware how important it is to control the narrative that it's population hears on the news. I believe most people do not understand their own brain, myself included, although I am probably more aware then most because i have become somewhat more aware. Human beings are primitive creatures. Our caveman brain is not used to touch screens or tell-lie-visions and in general we are completely unaware of the ways our minds are being influenced. We are becoming more aware, but at the time the song contest was organized for the first time, in 1956, people simply did not have a clue because they did not have tools like internet to inform themselves, all they listened to was the "news" on the radio because there was nothing else!

Now we are getting to the title of this blogpost, bidcoin or B-itcoin, what do I mean with that? Just like news surrounding the Eurovision song contest needs to be controlled, so does the news surrounding Bitcoin. The majority of Bitcoin participants joined after april 2017, when the Central bank of Japan was the first central bank in the world to declare Bitcoin legal tender. Based on that declaration of the central bank of Japan, traditional finance could start to mingle itself with crypto. Since that moment a lot has happened, but I want to focus on the overall narrative, because that is where YOLO + YCLO = [ :) + <3 ]² comes into play. In 2024 the first Bitcoin ETF's have launched. Other large holders have convinced the majority of participants that saving Bitcoin is enough functionality for it to exist and something can definitely be said about the new and groundbreaking solution for the safe storage of wealth Bitcoin offers, but just like my blogpost which challenges Plan B's Stock-2-Flow prediction I would like to make the case how using Bitcoin as extension to the Dollar will not work out in the end. 

Bid coin, a coin you can bid on if you have access liquidity, but using your coin only as a store of wealth means your actual economy is transacted in a different way. This is why it is a bid coin and not a buy coin, because if your access liquidity needs to be used for something else you can just cancel your orders instead of having to sell your position, which means back to the dollar, because that is what your entire society around you still uses as it lacks a better option. Because of scaling issues, 1 blockchain will never be sufficient to service the entire planet, this is why nobody is using Bitcoin today in every day life, because Bitcoin by itself simply can't provide for that option. Because people don't understand their own brain, it has been possible to provide sufficient response to critics so that the overall majority today accepts the trajectory of Bitcoin becoming the CBDC by regulating itself into the traditional economy of ever expanding debt, My prediction is that an increase in volatility will cause congestion problems and volatility will decrease to not make the flaws in the Bitcoin system obvious. Overall, bitcoin participants are going to accept the fee, because it is their ticket to freedom. 

Because that is really what is at stake, a ticket to freedom, so if you manage to get yourself that ticket, you better be careful with it. That ticket is a verifiable blockchain transaction on an immutable decentralized record of which Bitcoin was the first of it's kind. If you have never participated in a blockchain transaction I would love to demonstrate how it works, because it really is a very useful tool to empower yourself. I wish everybody on this planet would be able to understand our value system of today a little better, because if they would they probably make a lot of different decisions and get motivated from different goals. Blockchain makes so much possible, the only limitation is our own creativity and that is why it's so sad to see the conservatism in the maximalist mindset. I often get called a scamcoiner, but all those people who call me out stack sats with debt currencies they work for or spend Bitcoin via the mastercard or VISA network. 

I live unbanked since 2014 and participate in the traditional economy as little as I can. I don't use plastic for payments. I encounter a lot of obstructions when I interact with debt currency and most people really don't realize how enslaved to debt we have become. Getting rid of our debt currency addiction is my goal and that is why using Bitcoin as a bid-coin is not enough for me, because this only creates an extension for the debt reality. Instead I propose to change the narrative from Bidcoin to B-it-coin, or Be it coin. Be the change we need to reach our goal, because far too little people understand what is really happening today so the small amount of people that do should find a way to co-operate. The current time we live is going to determine the future, a lot of change is happening, now, today. Bitcoin can expand the horizon of violence requiring debt, or can be used for a completely different economy, based on voluntary interaction. Small communities, high emission of new crypto economies and fair value should be enough explanation as to why the early birds catch the worm, but feel free to contact me on X if you have any questions. 

A CBDC is coming, commercial banks have started a lobby in favor of cash as a response. It's a pretty successful lobby  and finds a lot of support from people who don't know the difference between debt and asset. But there is one thing these people do understand, and that is the importance of community. People organize themselves to pay cash, for example on farmers markets, because they understand it is important to have a network of people who regularly use cash for the network to stay strong. Instead of only stacking, we need to really start spending in crypto so more people see the advantage of having some. To service this goal, a broad scale of communitycoins needs to become used, because again, Bitcoin by itself is not able to scale for global use, unless you accept the Liquid Network as a viable option, take fractional reserve Bitcoin for granted and accept a CBDC, with all it's regulations, as your counter value. Bitcoin can't scale, blockchain is ready to scale to global use, I will repeat it again so it is very clear the solution is ready and waiting to b-it.

And that is my way for over 10 years, the Be-itcoinway. I create a different reality from scratch, instead of trying to fit in, the bidcoinway. I have encountered countless interactions of friction because of it and I respect all those people who are just fighting for themselves. If Bidcoin is a way out of your debt cycle I respect your fight, but I believe the fight is much bigger then financial freedom. It's not just about the individual, but about our collective. Debt expansion has been off the charts in the past couple of years, a lot of that debt has positioned itself in the crypto currency markets. Even if you can create all the debt in the world, you want to pay as little as possible for all these crypto currencies, but once you control enough of its supply you can, atleast for a short term, dictate the price. We have seen it happen at the end of 2017 how successful the media can be used to sell crypto to the masses. Don't forget that hyperinflation is happening now in crypto, nobody wants to pay too much for their coins and there is still over 1 M bitcoin that are yet to be mined and can not be bought today. As long as we base our economy on debt, there is no other option to eventually sell those coins in order to use those coins, unless we manage to build a new economy where non-debt cash payment is the standard. The fewer interest we pay, the more irrelevant traditional bank will become. I believe blockchain can provide a better solution, if only more people would see the need for this alternative way and today people clearly don't and are more interested to find recognition to fit in and enjoy the benefits of the double standard the monopoly on violence can provide for them.

The universe is full of surprises, because after writing this text I got kind of stuck and did not know how to continue yet another blogpost. Right in the moment when I took a break from writing more I was lucky to find this latest video on the website of James Corbett 

In the video James talks about how the WEF became a hot topic, for some time, and now seems to be off the radar again. I recommend you to watch the video to understand my closing comment. 

I am Liberlander Yoshi Livo, my preferred currency is eGulden EFL, Bitcoin of the Netherlands. My name Yoshi Livo means Your Children Live On and is my addition to YOLO, You Only Live Once. YOLO + YCLO = [ :) + <3 ]² means YOLO and YCLO combined will return you with love and happiness, squared. We can argue about the workings of the eGulden EFL OERU-shield, my decision to choose this coin is because 10 years ago I thought I would be able to convince the Dutch population to vote with their wallets. I was in a way, but 6 years ago I first had to confirm to myself I am not in it for the money. 

Have a look a my Proof-Of-Community proposal, or my most recent Go-Fuck-Yourself video series and I am sure you will be able to find something to disagree with me on. That's ok and you can walk away because I am certain of my case and fair value of digital scarcity will prove itself, but try to see beyond the financial aspect. I started my current campaign because my friend offered his house for sale. At the start, my funding goal was 1 Million DOGEcoin, the current rate is 500.000 DOGEcoin because exchange rates improved over the duration of the series. I see it as a blessing that my friend decided to sell his house, because it has given me the opportunity to speak out about something bigger I feel like I can offer. I'm sure Elon Musk would consider it one of the best 500.000 DOGEcoin he ever spend, but in reality my EFL/DOGE trade proposal on the Komodo platform is open for almost half a year and has seen 1 interaction. Nobody shows interest to vote for a crypto politician that calls for a vote with your wallet and why should they, because daily propapaganda brings them enough of distractions. The majority won't even notice the peculiar situation they are in and with that, the situation we are all in, because society exists also for those who manage to find their own way in a new economy, the way like James Corbett managed to turn around his life and become a journalist. I was glad to find out I could send James some EFL on a litecoin account and it allows the nonbinary Yoshi dragon to drop another online egg and post a message on his website.

If the house of my friend is sold to somebody else it doesn't have to mean the end of my campaign. eGulden EFL is being bought and sold every day on several exchanges, free of KYC up to certain amounts. If EFL manages to break the 1 euro mark and trades at a higher rate for a week I believe the story of YOLO + YCLO = [ :) + <3 ]² will cause a global propapaganda wave which can break the narrative and penetrate ze kabinets. We are creating our own reality. I understand the amount of people who got suicided chasing similar goals, but my personal drive towards freedom and autonomy accepts the risks involved. I've always talked openly with my government about my aspirations and accepted every journalist who requested an interview with me. We create our reality, this means today's reality is a result of our own actions. People simply are unaware because of distractions and I believe YOLO + YCLO = [ :) + <3 ]² can be the crowbar to open a new door with a different direction, the direction of a new value system. 

This story is already way too long, but it's because when the title propapaganda came to my mind a couple days ago I already kind of knew I had to write something on my blog with that title. I am very grateful for James Corbett with his great timing. How many people watch your videos James? I just need 500 individuals to trade 1000 DOGEcoin with me and I can show the world how I buy a house with use of crypto and make myself a stable basis near Liberland to develop the story even further, because we are only at the start. 4400 is the counter on this video is shared and it's been released about 24 hours ago. with 4400 people 114 DOGEcoin each would be enough. Most people just want to be able to follow people, so they just need somebody to follow. I don't know how or why we ended up in this situation, but here is today's reality for you, because this is really the life I've been living for over 10 years. I invite you to help me buy that house of my friend and be amazed by the result. Together we can rock the world. I don't know all the answers, all I know is we need many more people if we want to find to solutions. The group I speak to today is incredibly small and that small group is by itself very divided. My goal is to try and unite, because polarization is another dangerous result of centralized fractional reserve banking. It is not about left or right, blue or red, wrong or right. The way how we are used to organize ourselves has been surpassed by reality. Invention of internet and blockchain technology are changing the world. The discussion shouldn't be about beautiful or ugly, but why something is considered to be beautiful or ugly. It's not about the past, because somebody who doesn't have the required information is unable to make the right decision. Nobody is to blame for our current reality, but we are all responsible for the way of how we develop the future. This is my way of dealing with this world. I've been going at it for some time as can be seen in the many highlights on discord. The story has stayed the same for all that time and I'm enjoying every second of it. I try to bring a different narrative and create my own propapaganda. Some call it fake news, but I'm much closer to reality then one might think. I'm proud on the reality I have managed to create so far and the offers I have opened on the komodo platform between EFL and some other crypto's like DOGE, BTC, LTC, BCH or DASH are all trades that I believe are fair, this is my attempt to communicate with you all, but of course if you want more information or offer some kind of countertrade, feel free to communicate with me, for example on Telegram.

Let the video be a reminder we only live once and our time to achieve our goals is limited. Let's be glad with the time we spend together and try our best to make something of it. You want to make a scene without showing your face? Here, you got one. you will probably make some money from knowing what is going on in the process. Roger Ver recently got arrested in Spain, McAfee died in that country. I can't believe the comments this guy has to endure after investing all that money into the ecosystem and is still providing so much of a service today to that same people who post the most nasty comments. USING VISA OR MASTERCARD TO SPEND IS NOT ENOUGH!!!! Why does nobody get the message? Do yourself a favor, take my offer and be amazed by the result.