This time I want to talk with you about technical analisis of Bitcoin and altcoins. On social media they pass by on a regular basis, people who use numerous lines in all different colours to predict where the price of Bitcoin is going. Ofcourse we cannot deny natural laws or the existance of fibonacci levels in our universe, but believe...



Yes it is that time again. Time to write another story on this blog, because for the ones that didn't figure it out yet, I write when I feel down and today is definately such a day.

Vandaag is een feestdag! Nee, schrik niet, je bent niets vergeten in je agenda te zetten, en ook Bitcoin Pizza-dag duurt nog 2 dagen en is niet zo maar aan je voorbij gegaan. Nee, ik heb weer eens zelf iets uitgeroepen, dus het kan kloppen dat je van niets weet. De reden waarom ik zo opgetogen ben is de...



Hi all, let's try another text in english, although my texts in Dutch got a lot more views then my english one.

I published an article yesterday, in Dutch. Reason was the coverage that EFL received on a dutch economic webpage called We are highlighted there for a small week now, which means at least a couple of thousand views, probably more then 10.000. The article itself is very negative about our coin, but that can be expected from this...

Das Kapital


Blij verrast was ik vandaag. Ik ontving een mailtje dat ik genoemd werd in een artikel op Das Kapital ( Wat een erkenning, geweldig wat 35000 EFL allemaal kan bereiken. Slechts een paar dagen eerder werd mij nog verweten dat ik middels photoshop de boel aan het bedonderen...



I'm currently staying in Berlin where I will be talking about Liberland and blockchain tonight. As part of the preperation for my speech tonight I will write my thought down here, so I once again remind myself of what I'm doing and what goals I'm trying to achieve.



Hi all, so many things have happened, it's difficult to think of where to start. Let's just start writing and see where it brings me.



Hello again, I got a big week coming up with Liberland's 3th aniversary only 3 day's away, a moment on stage of a D10e event and a team of journalists that will follow me for a couple of days in my life, so it's a good reason for me to write another blogstory, for myself, to see where I'm at....