September 2021



Yes, it's me again, I was reading back the previous text and saw me mentioning my lack of discipline. Well, this time I want to make sure that is not what is holding me back. There is still a couple of minutes to go until my birthday, so let's try to give it my best this time and really prove my point....

Wow, 35 years old! On 29 September 1986 I came to this world and what a beautiful experience it has been so far. In the upcoming text I would like to look forward however, it's not about those 35 years that have passed, but about the years that are still to come.

Funny Munny


Tomorrow there will be a special HonklerHangout stream on Twitch. This time we will focus on the annual Dutch "State of the Union" that the King will read out during his speech. The success of the Dutch royal formula is a fact. They are praised world wide and you notice this when you go anywhere on the planet....



Democracy is the holy grail of each debt slave. Personally I prefer to call it the dictatorship of the majority. If you are so unlucky to live in a country with a 2 party system, it basically means that 49% of the people is always unhappy with the choice of the other 51%.

Petro Wealth


After the 9=11 special, we are now building our story towards the Dutch "State of the Union" which will be read out by the king of the Netherland on Tuesday 21st September. What am I thinking to talk about the petro dollar system as uneducated clown? Well, I grew up on the receiving end of that game for the...



Corruption comes in many forms. In and of itself it is nothing more then a business deal, which can be seen as something positive, as it means that different parties come to an agreement with each other. The difference between a normal business deal and corruption, is that with corruption one side of the bargain is breaking earlier promises. The...

As previously stated, the basis for the value of money is extortion and violence. Because the control of peoples minds has been so successful in the past 80 years, most of western citizens do not recognize this image of reality. Our brain has evolved from a time where we had to take care of finding food and keep ourselves...

When in doubt, zoom out! Before I'm ready to write my next text I first need to make more clear to what it is we are talking about. Last 9=11 special was amazing and I want to thank all participants for showing up, but lovely planet, we need a whole lot more people to make this happen.



Alright, let's keep going, I just needed that little intermezzo of the previous text to explain you the new narrative. With the next special only 1 week away there is a lot to talk about. In this text I will try to explain why governments in western nations can't ever work with decentralized deflationary cryptomoney and how they...



Here we go people, this could be the breakthrough that the stream needs to get some extra attention. These day's censorship has risen to a level where speaking the truth can be seen as an act of rebellion, so 9=11 might just be the day where people might pick up on my clownish version of reality. In the end,...